You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 007 – Ridiculous Skills with Ridiculous Results (Part 2)

Tondemo Skill – 007 – Ridiculous Skills with Ridiculous Results (Part 2)

Chapter 007: Ridiculous Skill with Ridiculous Results (Part 2)


Re – Translated by Gumihou

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It was the fifth day since we set out from the Town of Kiels.

“Let’s make camp here.”

The sun was setting, and like a well-rehearsed performance, we began to make camp the moment Werner-san gave us the signal.

“Alright, I’m going to use the Red Boar’s meat without reservation today.”

“Awesome, we’re looking forward to it.”

The Red Boar, as the name suggested, was a huge boar-like animal with red fur the [Iron Will] had taken down earlier today.

The corpses of creatures like Goblins and some kind of wolf monsters (they later told me those were Grey Wolves) were left where they had been defeated because those things do not have parts that could be sold for money. The party took the time to butcher the Red Boar for its meat, leather and fangs which could all be sold at a good price.

As expected of a team of expert Adventurers, even their dismantling skill was incredibly fast.

The problem was, after taking such a huge animal apart and packing up the most valuable bits, they still had to throw away the half of the cheaper cuts of meat as it would be too troublesome to carry everything with them.

When I heard this, of course, my economical Japanese senses could not bear it. I immediately offered to put some of the meat into my [Item Box], saying that I have some free space after a few days of preparing meals on the go. It was a risk, but one that I was willing to take.

Somehow I ended up agreeing to use the meat for our meals, which was a brilliant plan since I don’t want to use any of my ‘Other World’ status boosting ingredients if I can help it.

Which was how I ended up in a staring contest with a large slab of pork. At first, I considered making steaks. The cuts of meat were quite fatty and gorgeous despite being ‘cheap cuts’, but it would take time to make steaks and I only had one pan so that idea was scrapped from tonight’s menu.

Alright, let’s make that.

‘That’, being my favourite Ginger-Fried Pork or Buta no Shogayaki[1].

First finely slice the Red Boar meat and marinate it with a [Net Super] Shogayaki marinade.

While the magic was happening on that side, I shred the cabbage as finely as I could and portioned it out onto six plates. The little green mounds looked very attractive against the brown wooden plates.

Then, it was time to stir-fry. Even with only one stove and one frying pan, I was able to quickly stir-fry the meat for everyone.

The final touch was the instant consommé cube soup in a cup as usual. Now that the stove was freed up, I can set the kettle boiling while I sliced up some bread, and that’s the carb portion of the meal taken care off.

“Everyone, dinner is ready. The Red Boar is grilled with a special seasoning from my hometown. I do hope that it matches with everyone’s taste.”

I started handing out wooden plates of Ginger-Fried Pork with shredded cabbage, sliced bread and cups of instant consommé soup.

“Ohh, what an appetizing smell.” Welner-san.

“What’s this thing, is so delish—!” Vincent.

“How tasty! I’ve never had anything so delicious before.” Rita.

“I, I never really liked Red Boar meat before, but this is unexpectedly delicious.” Franca.

“This is the first time I’ve eaten kyebbet raw, but it somehow matches very well with savoury meat.” Ramon-san.

Ooh, it’s a storm of praises.

It’s thanks to the Shogayaki marinade from a Certain Company though. All I did was sliced up the meat and stir-fried it.

Really, it’s all thanks to that Certain Company.

Also, cabbages were called kyebbet here, huh. I pondered over this trivial matter as I tried a piece of the Ginger-Fried Pork, humit certainly is delicious, and letting everyone’s praises wash over when an unexpected voice interrupted us.

“Human, give me some of that.”

The creature who spoke just now looked like a divine wolf of the legends. Nothing at all like the awkward wolf monsters that I had seen thus far. This wolf was large with gorgeously white fur and brilliant eyes.

All the Adventurers around me froze in place, not daring to move a muscle.

“Oi, did you not hear me, human?”

Terrified, I offered up my half-eaten plate of Ginger-Fried Pork. The wolf, about the size of a large cow, thrust its muzzle into the plate and swept it clean with one gulp.

“It’s tasty, but not enough. More.”

“F-f- fenrir…”

Welner-san stuttered as cold sweat popped up on his forehead. 

Has a monster capable of frightening a group strong Adventurers like the [Iron Will] into paralysis appeared?

Wh-what should I do? We’re almost at the Kingdom of Feenan too.

“Mu- Mukouda-san, j-just do as it says.”

Was Welner-san’s advice, but there’s no Ginger-Fried Pork left.

However, it spoke just now, so it must be a monster who could understand human speech, right? Right, let’s do as experienced Adventurer Welner-san said, but I have to get the monster to understand something first.

“E-excuse me, that is, I’ll have to make more, w-would you please wait for a while?”

Umu, I’ll wait, but make it quick.”

I quickly got into gear, slicing, marinating and stir-frying Ginger-Fried Pork like my life depended on it and serving it to the Fenrir.

The Ginger-Fried Pork disappeared down his gullet like nothing and it was all ‘More! More! More!’

I made more and more and more and ended up stir-frying seven to eight kilos of Red Boar meat.

[Burp] “Very good, to think that you’re able to satisfy great me with so little meat, I must say you have some skills on you.”

What little meat? That was seven to eight kilos of pure meat, you know?

How much do you normally eat?

Umu, I shall allow you to make a contract with me.”


Contract? What?

“Oi, are you listening? I’m telling you that I am willing to form a Familiar’s Contract with you.”

A Familiar? Wait didn’t I read about this in some web novels? Aren’t they some sort of servant to a Tamer or something?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Why, you ask? Because that’s a monster that speaks human language, you know? Only powerful beasts could do that and did you see how terrified members of the [Iron Will] were?

Having something like that following me around will just… be awful, right?

“Ahem, that is… er, I can’t-”

“Hm? What’s that? Can’t hear you.”

“I just c-”


“No, no, I’m just saying, I-”


“… … … …”

This bastard is not letting me refuse!

“I did not think that this could be possible, but could it be that you are trying to decline a contract with Fenrir, a descendent of the Wind Goddess Ninril-sama? I do not think you would do such an outrageous

thing, am I right? Hmm?”

When Fenrir(?), the monster capable of human speech said this, every member of the [Iron Will] began to signal at me.

…It looks like they are telling me to just accept it…

Do I really need to accept this? I weighted the matter over and finally concluded that I had no choice whatsoever.

The only answer I could give was ‘yes’.

Finally, a reluctant ‘I understand’ was dragged out of me. To which, Fenrir answered with a nod and a satisfied ‘Umu’.

“Come here.”

Ordered by the Fenrir, I approached him.

“Let us begin the Contract Ceremony.” With that, the

Fenrir pressed his forehead to mine and my body suddenly flashed with light.

“With this, the contract is now completed. Nn? You have the [Appraisal] skill, eh? Are you a Summoned Hero?”

O- oi—!

Without thinking, I dashed forward and shoved my hands at the Fenrir’s mouth to make him stop talking.

“Mumble, mumble, mumble, o- oi, what are you trying to do?”

“Th-this is a secret.” I hissed at him.

“Ooh, so it’s like that. Very well, I understand. But, since you have the skill, go ahead and check your status.” The Fenrir spoke in a whisper only I could hear, so he must have understood my urgency, right? Right.

Anyway, since the Fenrir wanted me to do it, I checked my status.

“[Status Open].”


[ Name ] Tsuyoshi Mukoda

[ Age ] 27

[ Occupation ] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell

[ Level] 1

[ Stamina ] 100

[ Magic Power ] 100

[ Attack Power ] 78

[ Defence Power ] 80

[ Agility ] 75

[ Skill ] Appraisal   Item Box   Familiar

Contract Demon: Fenrir

[ Unique Skill ] Net Super


For some reason, my Skills have increased. In addition to the [Appraisal] and [Item Box], I now have [Familiar] as part of my skill. Below that was Contract Demon: Fenrir

Umu, looks like it’s done right.”

“Eh? You can see it?”

“What do you think I am? I am a Retainer of the Wind Goddess herself and therefore have the [Appraisal] skill as well.”

So it worked like that too… wait, if you’re such a great beast, why would you sign a contract with someone like me?

“Alright, now that I am master’s Contract Demon, it is your duty as my master to take care of me. You understand? You have to take very good care of me, your Contract Demon.”

What else is there to understand? What’s this all about ‘taking good care’?

Are you saying that I should take care of you like a pet?

“Well, then, I shall expect three meals a day.”


What’s this about three meals a day? Did you seriously become a Contract Demons for the sake of food?

“Oi, you there. Now that I have made a contract with this guy, there’s no need to shiver like that. I shall not attack you.”

The entire party flinched at being addressed directly by the Fenrir. I had better reassure them now that this creature had somehow became my responsibility.

“Umm, that is, everyone this is Fenrir? He knows human speech so it should be… fine?”

“Ooh, I have nearly forgotten. Now that I have become your Contract Demon, you should give me a name.”

“Eeh, but it’s a bit sudden for you to tell me this… Hm, alright, how about Pochi?”

“Are you making fun of me?”

It looked a bit pissed off when I said ‘Pochi’ but what do you expect? This guy was lured into calling me master because of food, how ridiculous is that? In fact, I’m starting to feel a little stupid for being so afraid just now.

“Hei, don’t get angry. Well, how about Koro?”

Somehow, I managed to piss him off even more. Just what is wrong with this guy?

“Alright, alright, since you’re a Fenrir how about Fer?”

Umu, Fer is it? Sounds good, from now on I am Fer.”

What’s with this self-important attitude?

Anyway, that was how Fer the Fenrir got his name.

Meanwhile, the [Iron Will] party came forward nervously.

Welner-san was the first to recover himself, enough to call out to me despite his fear.


“Ah, Welner-san, are you alright?”

“Aa, aah, we’re fine, but… To- to think that I would have the opportunity to see the Legendary Beast with my own eyes…”

Eh? Legendary? That fellow who was lured in by food?

“Legend has it that the last Fenrir sighting was about 300 years ago. However, there is absolutely no record of a Fenrir making a

Familiar’s Contract with anyone…”


“Well, there are very few of us Fenrirs after all. From what I have heard, there was one Fenrir who had taken up a Familiar’s Contract about 700 years ago. I myself have lived for a thousand years, but this is my first contract.”

I see, I see, so you’ve lived for a thousand years, huh.

“For me to be able to enjoy such delicious food, there’s no disadvantage for me to serve a human for a few decades.”

Aaahhhh—, he said it. He really said it.

He really did become a Contract Demon for the sake of food.

This guy was a so-called Legendary Magical Beast, but was he really alright?



[Gumihou: Honestly, I’m amazed Mukouda can maintain his cool for so long, lol] 


[1] Ginger Fried Pork or Buto no Shogayaki – Shogayaki simply means Ginger Fried, lol


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    I don’t know if it’s just a difference in the Japanese mindset but, these MCs who are so terrified to stand out really just piss me off. Won’t it be bad if I have a super powerful creature guarding me from all the dangers I am worried about ooooohhhh noooo! I can’t talk about anything too out of the ordinary or what? My value will go up? Stop being so pathetically worried all the time and just enjoy your new life. FFS

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      Here, Mukouda doesn’t have a goal aside from ‘I’ll travel about and have a look at this new fangled fantasy world, I guess’.

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