The Feast – 262.2 – Mid-Autumn Festival

Chapter 262 (Part 2): Mid-Autumn Festival


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Vinisha

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With the calculations all made, she smiled and said, “Very well. I shall sing for everyone. This is a folksong that I overheard the servants sand when I was a child. They say it was a popular country song. Though I am not sure which village it came from, the catchy tune stayed with me until now.” With a plausible explanation for the song set, she cleared her throat and breathed in deeply before beginning. 


As I cross the moonlight

Shining from the window to the floor

Am I crossing snow? ”


She sang and sang, until


The moon is round again today

We saw yellow Osmanthus again

Why, oh why is it

Each year on Mid-Autumn

I’ll miss home night after night… ”


Su Nuan Nuan trailed off, suddenly the thought of her home, the 21st century home separated by time and space caused tears to trickle down her cheeks. She didn’t notice the tears until her voice grew too choked to sing. When she finally recovered, she blinked and wiped her eyes, forcing a cheerful smile to say, “The more I sang, the more I thought of my parents. It looks like this song really doesn’t fit the season at all.”

Old Madam Fang said, “It’s my fault as well. I should have realised that as a day for reunion and family gathering, Mid-Autumn Festival would be a day we all yearned to be with our relatives. I have no reason to insist you to sing this song just for our entertainment. However, I must say it’s a very nice song, I wonder from which small village it came from.”

At Su Nuan Nuan’s uncharacteristically melancholic state, Concubine Jing also rushed in to cover for her. “Speaking of which, this one has learned the guqin [3] since young and has learned one Mid-Autumn folksong. If First Madam does not mind me disgracing your outstanding person with my shameful performance, perhaps I could be of some entertainment for everyone.”

With that, she opened her mouth and began to sing without further preamble. Following the little performance, Shi Yurou and the others also offered up little jokes or stories or sang songs to liven up the atmosphere. Eventually, even Su Nuan Nuan’s melancholy diminished.

As the moon reached the middle of the sky, the air grew colder and the group returned to their individual courtyard with great cheer. Back at Spring Breeze Court, Su Nuan Nuan flopped down face first onto her bed, nearly scaring Hong Lian and the rest of the maids out of their wits. They quickly flocked around her anxiously, “Missy, are you well?”

“I’m fine, I’m just very tired.” Su Nuan Nuan closed her eyes and muttered. “I’m not going to bath, no bathing, I just want to sleep now.”

Xiang Yun hesitated for a moment, but then whispered, “But the master is not back yet. Perhaps Missy should wait for a little longer?”

“Not waiting.” Su Nuan Nuan said stubbornly. She squirmed on the bed and kicked off her shoes and yawned twice more before muttering. “I’m too tired now. Even if I waited for him, it’s not like we can talk much before I nod off. Just sleep first. Hong Lian, take down my hair. Luckily we only stuck two beaded hairpins in, how annoying to have to take down all the make-up.”

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun exchanged a look and saw the worry in each other’s eyes. Su Nuan Nuan had always been active and lively, but for some reason after coming back from Liaodong, she had somehow become rather lazy? Not just tonight, it was every night. Aside from that one time she told off Xu Ran Yun, they had never saw her lively self anymore.

The two maids proceeded to carefully help Su Nuan Nuan take down her hair and combed it out properly. Even when they used a slightly damp washcloth to wipe her face, she barely stirred. In fact, she had fallen into a deep sleep. Helpless to do anything else, the maids could only help her out of her outer clothes and roll her back into her blankets, growing even more worried when this did not wake her either. They retreated from the room and was about to discuss the matter when Duan Tingxuan came in. At the sight of their missing hairpins, he said, “What about your madam? Is she asleep?”

“Yes.” Hong Lian answered, and proceeded to say, “Master, ever since Missy came back, she had\s been very tired and listless lately. This one is not sure if Missy had caught a cold or an illness that might be hurting her vitality. Perhaps master could invite a good physician to come and look at our Missy?”

“Surely not? Though she did seem a bit tired, I’m sure she hasn’t been exerting herself too much, ah.” Duan Tingxuan was also deeply surprised by this. Finally, concern took over common sense and he decided that it would be best to have a physician come and take a look at Su Nuan Nuan.

In fact, the very next day, an Imperial Physician came to visit Spring Breeze Court.

Su Nuan Nuan had just freshened herself up when she heard that Duan Tingxuan had invited the Imperial Physician to look at her. Speechless, she said, “Surely there’s no need to be so excessive? A special visit? I’ve just been overly tired, a few days’ rests would cure that. Just like him to make a mountain out of a molehill, is he not afraid of setting tongues wagging?”

However, since the Imperial Physician was already here, naturally she would not object about going for a consultation. Otherwise, their sin of frivolity would be even greater. Su Nuan Nuan dressed herself up properly and came to the main living room. As she extended her wrist to be examined, her mind flew towards the blooming osmanthus flowers from last night.

She thought: Since they bloomed so well this year, I should pick more flowers to make something. Whether it’s for making sweets or brewing wine, or even osmanthus flower cake, it’s all bound to be very delicious.


Author White Pear Flower: Just think, if you’ve really transmigrated, it’s not like you’ve travelled to a foreign land where you can go back home by hopping on a plane. Once you’ve transmigrated, that was it, you can’t go back. No wonder even the strong Nuan Nuan would cry…



[Gumihou: Wuwuwu… who’s crying? You’re crying!]




[2] Wen Ming Yue – There are actually two songs with the same name. One by He Yu Xuan and the other by Yisa Yu. The one sang by Su Nuan Nuan is the first one.

我读过窗前明月光 疑是地上霜

为什么举头望明月 低头思故乡

今夜里又见月儿圆 又见桂花黄



问明月 悄悄问明月


你是否和我一样在远方 故乡在远方

问明月 悄悄问明月





By He Yu Xuan

別無奈 明月被雲覆蓋

不過是 風對它的偏愛

如果說 星星是天空那片海



雲散開 嗚


















問明月 還有多久等待


忽然間 他披著月色入夢來



By Yisa Yu


[3] Guqin – a musical instrument, a type of zither


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