The Feast – 262.1 – Mid-Autumn Festival

The Feast – 262.1 – Mid-Autumn Festival

Chapter 262 (Part 1): Mid-Autumn Festival


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Vinisha

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Feng Xian finally felt the tightness in her chest loosened, forcing a smile she said, “It’s good that madam could think like this…”

She was interrupted by the sound of someone banging at the door. She and Xu Ran Yun exchanged a look, surprised by the unexpected noise. Feng Xian quickly got up, “This one shall go and have a look.” Without further comment, she turned and move towards the screen doors, nearly bumping into Duan Maoming who was stomping his way in.

The second little master glared around the room and shouted, “Just why are the doors closed up in broad daylight? I thought I’d walked into the wrong courtyard.”

Xu Ran Yun was stunned, anger bled into her expression as she slapped the table, “Just which disgraceful creature did that? I’m not even dead yet and they dared to close the doors? Bring that person to me and give them 20 strikes with the plank. This worthless group of slaves with ‘Hearts of Wolves and Lungs of Dogs [1]’ are clearly hoping for my death.”

At this, her son frowned and sat before her to say earnestly, “Mother, your temper has been quite bad lately, just what happened to you? Even Concubine Mother Jiang and third brother had moved to Spring Breeze Court. I heard that you tried to beat her to death just this morning. Mother… can you tell me what happened? This son of yours could barely recognise you.”

“You tell me, isn’t this all just for your sake?”

Xu Ran Yun turned to stare down at Duan Maoming, only to see her son stubbornly say, “If mother is truly thinking of me, then you should be more like First Mother. Be someone who is broad-minded and kind, and don’t go around losing your temper and beating up people. Father said…”

“You, get out of my sight!”

It was rare for this little young master to suppress his temper and speak patiently with his mother. No matter what, she was still his mother, so of course he would not like to see his mother turned into this wretched person who only knew how to spread discontent and grief. At the end of the day, after making everyone unhappy, she also ended up unhappy. Duan Maoming could not bear to see this vicious cycle continue and took it to himself to personally speak to her about it.

Who would have known that he had barely gone through half of his speech when his mother suddenly turned on him and told him to ‘get out’? Duan Maoming was still a child with a childish temper. Unable to bear the loss of face, he stood up abruptly, the chair shoved back with an ear-splitting screech. Duan Maoming’s little face was very fierce as he said, “Very well, I shall get out. After all… this son has said all I want to. Mother, you are on your own now. I’ll just say this first, you had better not court disaster.”

No matter what, he was still just a five-year-old child, even though the expressions he had learned rolled off his tongue like an expert, he had no true understanding of them. Could the term ‘You had better not court disaster’ really used here? No matter what, Xu Ran Yun refused to think badly of her own child.

Just what do they understand at this age after all?

Still, the words sent her world spinning and she nearly choked at the anger burning at her throat. Feeling faint, she barely felt it when Feng Xian rushed to help her to lie down on the bed. When she finally recovered, not only did she not reflect on her own behaviour, but fresh resentment flared up against Su Nuan Nuan and Concubine Jiang.

She kept grinding her teeth and muttering, “I’ll never let you get away with this. You will never get away with this… I’ll make sure you pay…”


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“The osmanthus flowers have bloomed particularly well this year. The air is especially sweet with their fragrance. Last year, I had the kitchen maids brew my favourite Osmanthus Wine, let’s get them to brew more this year.”

It was the Mid-Autumn Festival and the people of the An Ping Estate had gathered at Old Madam Fang’s place to admire the moon and feast on mooncakes. At the Old Madam’s obvious good mood, the people who were gathered in twos and threes in her garden to enjoy the moon-viewing party all heartily agreed with Old Madam Fang’s suggestion. The garden was very well designed, with plenty of side benches and small pavilions for people to sit and admire cleverly placed flowers and other beautiful scenery.

Not far away, Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan were seated together, seemingly engrossed in some serious discussions. Old Madam cheerfully called out, “What are the two of you chatting over there? You can do that just as well in your own courtyard. We are now in a group gathering so you are obliged to share all good news with us so that we may enjoy it as well.”

Duan Tingxuan quickly said, “Grandmother, surely you know that this grandson of yours have been captured by the emperor to work day and night for the imperial courts. When would I have the time to share private talks with my wife? In fact, I am just learning that Su Nuan Nuan had been feeling rather tired lately and is now giving her some words of comfort.”

Old Madam Fang laughed, “Denied! The moon had just shown its face and you’re now thinking about running away? Have you not rested enough all this time? I even spared you from cooking tonight’s banquet. You’ve only made a few mooncakes to show your filial appreciation and yet you’re still cheeky enough to be arrogant about your mediocre achievements? Very well, you may leave to rest. Before that, however, you must entertain me first. I shall be generous. Tell us a good joke, or sing us a song. Once I am happy, I shall be glad to release you.”

Su Nuan Nuan laughed, “What is grandmother saying? Those are special mooncakes packed with extra stuffing. In fact, you even told me how ‘Wonderfully exquisite’ they are and what ‘Gorgeously delicate workmanship’. Just how did they turn into ‘a few mooncakes’ and ‘mediocre achievements’? Just when did my meticulous care turn into so much rubbish?” 

The two of them continued in this vein for a while, causing the others around them to sway with laughter. Duan Tingxuan and Duan Tingye looked up and exchanged a glance. They happened to recall that their father had ordered them to the central court and entertain some noble guests there with poetry and exchange of verses. They were just about to excuse themselves when Concubine Jiang said with a laugh, “When it comes to singing, I must say that First Madam is especially capable at one song. This concubine had heard her hum this same song all day. The tune is quite unique and verses very appropriate for the season. I’ve never heard this song before, and have no idea where it came from, but it has some very lovely melodies.”

Su Nuan Nuan was at first puzzled, but then she recalled the song that Concubine Jiang must have overheard. Su Nuan Nuan had been enjoying the morning air under the veranda, when, infected by the celebrity air of Mid-Autumn, she could not help but burst into song, singing He Yuxuan’s <<Wen Ming Yue>> [2] to herself. She had no idea that Concubine Jiang had been listening to her and had even revealed her singing ability.

As a music master, Concubine Jing was especially excited when she heard that it was a new song she had never encountered before, her eyes brightened and she turned to Nuan Nuan. “If that’s the case, then why don’t Madam treat us to a song and let us broaden our horizons? Aren’t we all family members here? Moreover, with both Elder Madam and Old Madam are here it definitely won’t cause Madam to lose any dignity. Just think of it as indulging Old Madam’s whims.”

Su Nuan Nuan was neither shy nor coy. In her past life, she had been a mic-hogger at karaoke parties. The only misgivings she had was this song was from the 21st century. Would it sound offensive in this society? She was still hesitating when she caught Duan Tingxuan’s bright eyes staring at herself. Those eyes were brimming with expectations and delight.

At this, the doubts in her heart settled. Whatever, so what if it’s a song from the 21st century? It’s not like she’s introducing some weird cutting-edge technology. Also, Duan Tingxuan already knows my true identity, so he can help me with any missteps I made. Moreover, the people here were mostly stuck in the Capital and haven’t travelled extensively, so it should be easy to cover up. Wouldn’t it be even more suspicious if I insisted on not singing and embarrassed Old Madam? 


[Gumihou: It’s so convenient to have a partner in crime, lol!]


[1] Heart of Wolf & Lungs of Dog – Cruel and unscrupulous, which is ironic coming from Xu Ran Yun.


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