Tondemo Isekai – 006 – Ridiculous Skills with Ridiculous Results

Tondemo Isekai – 006 – Ridiculous Skills with Ridiculous Results

Chapter 006: Ridiculous Skill with Ridiculous Results


Re – Translated by Gumihou

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It had been three days since we set out from the Town of Kiels.

To be honest, if we travelled by stagecoach, we would have reached the borders of the Kingdom of Feenan by now. Half a day after that would have reached the Feenan’s border town, Faliel.

However, since we were travelling on foot, we were now approaching the halfway point of our journey. Travelling on foot sure takes up a lot of time, but that was fine since nothing particularly interesting or terrible happened during our journey.

The [Iron Will] party was quite competent in this escort business. Monsters such as Goblins and Wolves were cut down quickly and efficiently each time they popped up. As expected of a C Rank party, monsters of this level could barely be used to test their abilities.

“The sun will be setting soon, let’s stop here for the night.”

At Werner-san’s command, we began our preparations to make camp. Naturally, part of my duty was to prepare the camp dinner.

It was unexpectedly tricky to when it came to menu planning.

Food that was too elaborately prepared or strange to this world’s setting would only invite awkward questions. So, I must do my best to make simple dishes with western a western spin to it.

For tonight’s dinner, I’ve decided on grilled sausages, pot-au-feu and bread.

Everyone seemed to like meat, so there should be no complaints against tonight’s menu.

First, I placed some sliced bacon onto a cold pan and let them sizzle until the lard was rendered but still soft. Next came the vegetables and some cut up sausages. I stir-fried everything until it was lightly brown in places before adding water. When it started to boil, I crumbled a few consommé stock cube and lowered the fire to let it simmer for a while.

“Hm, not bad.”

The pot-au-feu was very balanced and flavourful. Thanks to the saltiness of the bacon and sausages, as well as the sweetness from the vegetables there was no need for me to add other seasonings. Next, I fried up a few whole sausages, two for each person, and a thick slice of bread on the side.

“Dinner is ready.”

I began handing out bowls of pot-au-feu as well as plates of sausages and bread.

“Aahhh, delicious. Mukouda-san’s cooking is as tasty as ever.” Vincent said as he stuffed himself happily.

Rita nodded agreeably, going ‘un, un,’ over a mouth full of food. She swallowed and said, “It really is very delicious. In fact, thanks to the delicious food I feel like my senses are sharper than usual.”

“Ever since I started eating Mukouda-san’s food, I feel even stronger than usual. It’s surprising what good food does to one’s body.” Franca said agreeably.

“Food is important to humans. Good and delicious food naturally depends on the people who make them. It is also a way to promote good feelings among mankind.” Was the profound remark from the taciturn Ramon-san.

Um, it looked like Raman-san really liked the food I make. Thank you for the compliment.

“That’s right, mankind cannot live without food. Of course, if we have the choice, it’s better to eat delicious food than bland or bad tasting food. For us to be able to eat something warm and tasty in the middle of our journey is something to be grateful for.”

The last comment was from Werner-san. For my humble skills to be praised like this, it was kind of embarrassing. This was a win for the Japanese food and condiment industry, it made me proud to be a Japanese.

By the way, Rita and Franca said something about their senses being sharper and feeling stronger than before. I wonder what that was all about?

I’m sure there’s nothing extraordinary about the food I made…

Somehow, a bad feeling was welling up inside me. Nothing they said was bad, but I had better check it…

Right, let’s use [Appraisal] to find out.


[ Name ] Rita

[ Age ] 16

[ Occupation ] Scout

[ Level ] 18

[ Stamina ] 135 (+27)

[ Magic Power ] 64 (+3)

[ Attack Power ] 119

[ Defence Power ] 107

[ Agility ] 138

[ Skill ] Short Sword Techniques, Eavesdrop, Silent Steps



“Hey, what happened to you?”

“Cough, cough, cough, n-nothing. S-soup went down the wrong pipe, cough. I’m fine, I’m f- cough, cough…”

Wh-what was that? What was all that (+27) and (+3)?

Just thinking about it nearly made me explode again.

What is that? What is that thing just now?

I blinked and stared at the pot-au-feu in my hand.


[ Pot-au-feu]

– Pot-au-feu made with different world’s ingredients.

– Temporarily increases stamina by 20% for one hour



Looks like the food really was the reason for them feeling extra strong and sharp.

Hold on, the pot-au-feu was made by me. Was it my cooking that gave them the extra boost or the ingredients? Do different ingredients give different boosts? What kind of boost do sausages give? Or the bread?

Let’s check.



– Different world sausage

– Temporarily increases [Magic Power] by 2% for 10 minutes

[Loaf Bread]

– Different world bread.

– Temporarily increases [Magic Power] by 1% for 10 minutes


Yes, it’s definitely the bread and sausages at fault here. While it seems like a good thing to have excess to food that could boost statuses…

If someone were to discover that I have this kind of skill…

Uwoooh, just thinking about it gave me the chills.

No one can find out about this. Absolutely no one!

Fortunately, only Summoned Heroes have the [Appraisal] skill and Appraisal Tools were rare and valuable relics kept within Temples or Guilds. Anyone who wished to know their own status would have to go to a temple or a guild to have themselves appraised by professionals.

As long as I keep my mouth shut, no one will know the truth, because these boosts were temporary.

That’s right, my lips are locked.

I will never speak about this to anyone, absolutely no one will know this.


[Gumihou: Stay safe Mukouda-san!]


[1] Japanese Style Pot-au-feu, because the Japanese likes to appropriate dishes from other countries and put their spin on them. Lol





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