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The Feast – 261 – Complete Break

Chapter 261: Complete Break


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

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As she began to speak, tears flowed from her eyes. Concubine Jiang shook her head and said in a choked voice, “If I had been alone, I would not have been afraid to give my life to appease her anger. Though I might resent it, I would never have betrayed her. The reason why I would even seek asylum with Madam is because of my Chuan’er. I cannot be parted from Chuan’er. However, if I keep living in that place with my little boy, I’m afraid that he would be sacrificed like a pig or a dog at any time.

My death is unimportant, but what of Chuan’er? The last time she harmed him, Chuan’er was able to preserve his life due to Madam’s great benevolence, but what about the next time, and the next? Am I supposed to just sit and wait for calamity to happen and trust in my boy’s good luck? I have no choice but to thicken my face and bring Chuan’er with me to seek shelter with Madam. Unexpectedly, this had provoked her into feigning madness and attacking me.

If Concubine Lin and second miss had not been by for an unexpected visit, I’m afraid Rong’er and I would have been dead by now. It’s just too cruel and ruthless, even as a lowly servant, I can no longer bear it. From here on, I am determined to break off all ties. Only, this one hopes that Madam will continue to give this mother and child asylum. This servant is willing to repay Madam’s kindness and be your slave for life…”

“Enough of this talk,” Su Nuan Nuan interrupted Concubine Jiang, thinking that this sounded awfully like the beginning of an ‘Injuring Oneself to Gain Enemy’s Trust’ scheme. However, she had a feeling that though possible, it was unlikely that this was Concubine Jiang’s motive. Whatever, let’s just consider it as sheltering Chuan’er’s mother, alright? Moreover, I don’t think I am so gullible as to be tricked by a mere maid.

As she was pondering over this, tears sprang from Concubine Jiang’s eyes again as she spoke gravely, “This morning, I went over to bid farewell to Madam Yun when she suddenly brought up Chuan’er’s stomachache. Now that I think about it, I believe she was testing this maid. Perhaps this maid’s fear and anxiety had been too great and Madam Yun saw through this one’s true thoughts. Though this one never said anything untoward, perhaps the sudden orders to move this one over to Madam’s place aroused Madam Yun’s suspicion.”

Su Nuan Nuan nodded, “If we think of it this way, it’s possible that she was just pretending to be crazy to kill you. Clearly, she wants to tie up loose ends by silencing you. At any rate, she’s still the daughter of an earl, so how could she be so careless with her face? It would be too shameful to just scream and shout about killing people in broad daylight for all the servants to see. It would appear that she was willing to put on an act and lose this face just to achieve her objective.”

At this, Su Nuan Nuan looked sternly at Concubine Jiang, “However, as you yourself had said, she’s still a mistress. Hate her all you like, I will allow it, but know that you must not do anything rash in the future. Keep your temper for the sake of Chuan’er if nothing else. Don’t you wish to see him grow up to be a fine man and marry a good wife in the future? With me around, I can guarantee a safe and peaceful life for both of you. However, this promise is good only so long as you don’t do anything stupid. You understand my meaning?”

“Yes, this one understands.” Concubine Jiang lowered her face to the floor as she answered. Bitter resentment flashed through her eyes, but Su Nuan Nuan did not see it.

The situation at Spring Breeze Court settled down very quickly.

In contrast, Xu Ran Yun continued to scream and cry on the floor of the main living room before exhausting herself and shutting herself up in her own room. Once she was gone, the maids closed up the main doors and had a secret meeting among themselves. They dared not gather in large groups but milled around in little groups of two or three. They were all very worried, and no one could blame them. Now that their mistress had become like this it was unlikely she would ever gain the master’s favour ever again. This was a devastating blow, as maids, how could they not be alarmed for their well-being?

Within her bedroom, Xu Ran Yun laid sprawled on her bed. Only Feng Xian was there to carefully wait on her. A long while later, after her mistress had calmed down and was asking for a drink, Feng Xian quickly rushed to pour a little cooled tea into a cup and brought it carefully to her mistress. Softly, she said, “What happened with Madam just now? Madam nearly scared this one’s heart out, ah.”

Xu Ran Yun drank her tea first, eyes flashing with killing intent as she said mildly, “This matter happened too suddenly. I believe that cheap whore must have seen through the truth behind that brat’s stomach trouble. Have you not noticed how close she had become with the First Madam? I believe it started just before the last New Year. I had my suspicions at that time, but nothing definite. She had served me since young and had been quite loyal and devoted.

At first, I thought she must be flattering that woman to ensure that her son was treated well to find an opportunity to backstab her later. This is all fine with me, after all, she had always been perfectly deferential and respectful. However, things are different this time. To think that she intends to move herself and Chuan’er into Spring Breeze Court. If she had any shred of suspicion against the First Madam, how could she make such a drastic move?

There is only one answer. She saw through our performance and was certain that I was the one who had harmed Chuan’er. Because of this, she spared no effort to get out of this place and sought the First Madam’s protection. I did not have to question her much to find out the truth. I can see it very clearly, she believes that I am the true culprit…”

Feng Xian was so shocked that her hand rose unconsciously to cover her mouth. She trembled and said, “How… how could this be? If she knows, why… why didn’t she say anything to the master? Madam, surely you’re just… overthinking it?”

“She knows, but she has no proof. Otherwise, do you think she would swallow all her resentment down like this?” Xu Ran Yun laughed coldly, but then continued, “Just what kind of person is she? She’s someone who has been by my side for over a dozen years. My temper, my methods, my limits, even my food and how I breathe are things she understands all too well. You tell me, if I were to let her live aren’t I just making trouble for myself?

It’s better to take advantage of this moment to just get rid of her. Using the excuse that she had angered me to madness and accidentally strike her to death, I could then later find a way to force that little brat to accompany her down the Yellow River [1]. This is the only way to tie up loose ends. Unfortunately, things did not go my way. Thanks to the arrival of Concubine Lin and second young miss, she was able to escape with her life. It is all very unfortunate but never mind that. Now that she is beyond my reach, I am beyond her claws too. For the moment, I can rest easy for a while.”

Feng Xian never imagined her mistress would actually ignore her image and faked insanity. To think that her crazy conduct earlier hid such a deep scheme shocked this maid silly. It took her a long while to recover. When she did she said softly, “But, Madam, if you do this… the master would… I’m afraid…” she paused, not daring to continue her sentence. She was really afraid of triggering her mistress into an angry fit again.

Sure enough, Xu Ran Yun’s high pitched voice shrieked, “Afraid of what? Afraid that he’ll ignore me and abandon me? You think that the lord would pay attention to me if I play nicely with the others? Have you no eyes? The Lord had long since lost his soul to that woman.” She laughed coldly and sneered, “Heheh, but so what? So what? I am not the only one suffering. There are lots of beautiful women in this inner court. The gorgeous, devastatingly beautiful Xue Zhi Lan, the outstanding cold beauty Concubine Jing are all thrown aside, cast away to face an empty bedroom night after night. You tell me, whether I am crazy or not, do you think the Lord would care?”

Feng Xian fell into a daze but later gathered herself to sigh, “Madam, you should not lose heart. No matter what, you should still think of little master and little mistress’ fate. The First Madam has no children of her own, there is still the matter of inheritance. Who could say what might happen in the future?”

Xu Ran Yun sighed as well. She eventually said, “Let’s worry about that when the time comes. It is still some years ahead. As long as we conceal our strength and bid our time, who knows, I might still have an opportunity to have all my wishes fulfilled.”


[Gumihou: Tsk, tsk, that’s why polygamy is a dangerous game to play]


[1] Yellow River – The river of death or the underworld


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