Tondemo Skill – 178 – Arrived at the City of Neihoff

Chapter 178: Arrived at the City of Neihoff


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So, we’ve finally reached the City of Neihoff.

Probably due to the shiny golden A-rank guild card, even with Fer and all the others, we all managed to get into the city easily enough.

Right now, we’re heading towards the Adventurers Guild.

Though this place was a smaller in terms of scale compared to the City of Doran, the streets were pretty busy.

The City of Neihoff was famous for its pottery, as evident by the number of pottery shops lining the streets.

I’m really looking forward to this place.

“Oh, that’s the Adventurer Guild, right?”

Thus, we made our way into the Neihoff’s Adventurer’s Guild. Since we were earlier than expected, there were no one manning the window counter. So, I had to approach one of the ladies who looked like life’s sole purpose was to irritate her to death.

I am pretty sure that Ugor-san had contacted the Neihoff Adventurer’s Guild in advance about us coming over.

“Excuse me, my name is Mukouda…” I said as I showed her my A-rank guild card.

At the sight of the card, the sullen lady said, “A moment please,” and just left, leaving me alone with Fer and the rest.

Looks like Ugor-san probably did inform the guild about our presence.

A little while later, an old man who looked like he was in his seventies with his white hair and long white beard came rushing in. He really shouldn’t be running around at that age.

“Huff, huff, huff. Are you Mukouda-san? I’ve heard about you from Ugor of Doran. This old man is the Master of this Adventurer’s Guild, Yuran at your service. Pleasure to meet you and your Fenrir as well as your other contract creatures as well.”

Looks like Yoran-san could tell that Fer was a Fenrir in just a single glance.

His ability must be quite high for him to be able to do such a thing.

Well, I guess he’s the Guild Master for a reason.

“Pleasured to meet you as well”

“Well then, let us speak in my room.”

We all trailed after Yoran-san towards the back of the building.


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We ended up going to the second floor of the Adventurer’s Guild where Guild Master Yoran was staying. Tea was served and we were encouraged to relax ourselves.

Next to me were Dora-chan and Sui, who had came out of the bag to sit next to me. Fer had stretched himself out in one of the corners of the room and was now snoozing peacefully enough.

“Alright then, let’s start talking. It was about the two pending high ranking mission requests, right?


Well, the ones who would be completing the missions are Fer and the rest.

“I am truly grateful to have you here. Truth be told, of the two pending missions, one of them is…”

According to Yoran-san, a Cyclops had appeared about a month ago at the quarry, in which clay the main material used in pottery making, was being mined. Because of the monster appearance, all mining operations had stopped.

Ever since it had first appeared, three people working at the quarry had already been killed.

It would not have been too bad if the Cyclops had left after that, but it was still loitering about the quarry. Possibly it stuck around after having tasted human flesh and was hoping for more.

They have a second quarry a little further away where clay could be obtained, which was how they had been able to keep up with the demand with all the pottery workshops in town. However, with one of their mines down, complaints had poured in from all the workshops as the supply of clay thinned out.

If they don’t solve the problem soon, it would be quite problematic. As a city that depended on pottery as its main source of income, it would be very bad for them if the main material for pottery became something hard to obtain.


“As for the second matter…”

From what we heard, there seemed to be an explosive increase of a type of mobile carnivorous plant called the Evil Plant wondering about in the forest west of this city. 

Anyway, the sudden increase in number of these plants was making it dangerous for regular Adventurers to get close to the forest. Apparently, beginner level Adventurers were often sent to this forest to forage firewood for the workshop’s furnaces, so there was an urgent request for an immediate solution.

I guess a Cyclops is a One Eyed Giant, right?

According to Yoran-san, this thing was an A rank monster.

As for the Evil Plants, they’re only C rank monsters. However, due to their large numbers, it was reasonable to expect that some of the plants might have evolved into high-ranking species. By the way, higher ranking species of Evil Plants are called Giant Evil Plants, and were twice as large as the regular Evil Plant.

Hmm, everyone should be able to take care these monsters easily but just in case, I’ll check with them one more time.

“Have you all heard? We’ll have to take down a Cyclops and a lot of Evil Plants, is everyone alright with that?”

“Who do you think you’re talking to? Of course it’s fine!” Fer immediately replied.

“Cyclops? Those dimwits stand no chance against me. Of course, the same goes for the Evil Plants”

“Sui thinks it’s fine too~”

Both Dora-chan and Sui answered me telepathically.

Alright, everyone seems to be alright with it. So…

“Which one should we take on first, Yoran-san?”

“The Evil Plant infestation in the West Forest takes priority. The Cyclops issue is bad, but we have another mine so it could wait for the moment.”

“So this West Forest, how far is it from the city?”

“Around 3 hours on foot”

Hmm, 3 hours on foot… Fer can cover that distance in no time. If that’s the case, let’s hurry up and complete both missions. Once all the missions are done, we can take our time sightseeing around the city.

“Fer, do you mind if we set out tomorrow?”

“Umu, no problem.”

“Dora-chan and Sui, what about you two?”

“Of course I’m good for it!”

“Sui is good too~”

Well then, it’s decided. Let’s go tomorrow.

“Alright, we’ll take care of the Evil Plants at the West Forest tomorrow”

“Ho-, you’re setting out so soon? It’ll definitely help us if you could finish the mission quickly.”

Oh right, I have something I want to ask him.

“Uhm, I have something I wish to know.”

“What is it?”

“Is it possible to rent a house with a large stable or compound while we’re staying in town? Do you think there will be anything that fits this criterion?”

At the question, Yoran-san glanced over at Fer.

“A house that can accommodate a Fenrir?”

“Yes. I would like a house where I can stay with my contract monsters.”

While contract monster friendly inns were available, most of the stables meant for contract beasts were too small and narrow for Fer.

As my number one breadwinner, Fer deserves better. Thanks to him, my pockets are warmed with money. I’m rich enough to play around for the rest of my life, even if it’s a bit expensive, I believe that it’s all worth it.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since we left Doran. Since money was not an issue with us, there’s no reason to be stingy.

“If it’s an inn, I can introduce you to a few which are friendly with the Adventurer’s Guild. Renting a house is quite expensive, are you sure about this?”

“Yes, I am sure about it.”

“If that’s the case, I believe that it would be better if you visit the Merchant’s Guild for a recommendation. Now, please wait a bit while I write an introduction letter for you.”

A short while later, we left Yoran-san’s room with his introduction letter.

“Take this to the Merchant’s Guild counter and I’m sure they will fix you up in a good place with a fair price.”

“Thank you very much!”

After getting directions for the Merchant’s Guild, we left the Adventurer’s Guild behind us.


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