Tondemo Skill – 004 – Hiring Adventurers for Escort Mission

Chapter 004: Hiring Adventurers for Escort Mission


Re – Translated by Gumihou

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The next day—

Alright, let’s go make the mission request at the Adventurer’s Guild.

The building that housed the Adventurer’s Guild was a fairly large structure facing the main street. Even in this early hours, there were quite a lot Adventurers crowding around the waiting area, presumably waiting for missions or waiting to be paid.

In a rather cliché, yet unnecessary development, I felt the eyes of every Adventurer turning to eye my frail form, as though assessing a potential rival to the business.

Never mind, let’s just pretend I didn’t notice them. Also, I’m a client, you know? Maybe once I reached the counter, they’ll leave me alone when they know that I’m here as a customer. Hopefully.

After lining up for a while it was finally my turn.

“Excuse me, I would like to put up a mission request.”

“I see, a mission request. What nature of request would it be?”

“An escort mission to the Kingdom of Feenan. I don’t have a carriage, so we will be travelling on foot… This is the first time I place a mission request at the Adventurer’s Guild, therefore I’d like to know what the rates are for this kind of mission.”

“On foot, I see. As this is an escort mission, you are advised to hire Adventurers at C Rank level or higher. Walking to Feenan would take a lot longer than a carriage, so the fee has to be at least 7 gold coins.”

7 gold coins! Just the thought of spending this amount of coins on travelling pierce my flesh like nothing else. Before I could properly process the pain, the receptionist lady added, “However, as you might have known, the stagecoach has been temporarily suspended so requests for this kind of escort mission has increased a lot. My advice is to put up at least 8 gold coins to attract a good team to protect you on your journey.”

Naturally, if there were a lot of similar requests, an Adventurer would choose the one with more lucrative rewards.

8 gold coins, hmm, uuggghhhh…

 It’s painful, but I don’t think I have many choices at this point.

“I understand, 8 gold coins for the escort mission. Also, please add that I will provide for all the meals during our travel.”

From the impression I had gotten from the receptionist. Even 8 gold coins would barely attract the attention of these Adventurers, which was why I had decided to throw in the free meals.

I don’t hate cooking, moreover, I have a convenient skill that could get me really cheap ingredients in this world, so footing the bill for all the meals was still possible.

“I understand, I shall see that the matter is properly carried out.”

After handing over the 8 gold coins, I left the Adventurer’s Guild with a much lighter purse than before.


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The next day, a message from the Adventurer’s Guild came to the inn where I was staying. When I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, I was surprised to find that my mission request had been accepted by a party of Adventurers.

It was rather unexpected to have the mission accepted so quickly, but I was very grateful since I seriously want to get out of this place soon.

The party who had accepted my mission was called the [Iron Will]. It had a nice, strong ring to it. 

“I am Werner, the leader of [Iron Will]. Good to meet you.”

“My name is Mukouda, good to meet you too, please take care of me.”

Family names appeared to be something that only the nobilities seemed to have, therefore, in order not to attract attention, I dare not say my full name. I just followed the customs of this foreign country and gave them my given name.

Werner-san looked like a man in his 30s, about 190cm tall, and very solidly built. He carried a large shield on his back and had a sword strapped to his waist. There were lots of scars on his thick arms, and he had an air of a seasoned Adventurer.

The other members Werner-san’s party were Vincent, a swordsman dressed in leather armour with a long sword hanging from his waist; Rita, a young girl who was supposed to be a scout, had a breastplate on and a small dagger tucked to the side in a tool belt; Ramon, an old man with long grey hair and a bitter face, the wizard’s robe gave away his occupation; and finally, Franca, who was dressed in white nun’s habit and looked to be in her 20s, possibly a healer type (by the way, her boobs were super huge).

All in all, it looked like a very balanced party.

Since they were hired through the Adventurer’s Guild, they probably have a good chance of succeeding in their mission. Therefore, I shall happily entrust my safety to these professionals.

After speaking with Werner-san, it was decided that the departure time would by 7 am tomorrow, and that we would meet up in front of the Adventurer’s Guild before setting out together.

Since everything was settled so nicely, it was now time for me to gather the necessary tools and ingredients to provide for the three meals a day that I had promised these good Adventurers. Oh, and I also need to shop for necessary items needed for a long journey on foot.

Well, since it was still early, I decided to do a little shopping before going back to the inn.

First of all, I would need a travelling cloak.

Not only would it be useful to keep out the cold while walking, I can also wrap myself up in the cloak when sleeping on the ground. This was something I’ve seen the Adventurers who escorted the stagecoach from Reijseger do when they rested at night, so I just borrowed the idea.

Next was kitchenware and tableware from the general store. I chose some cheap and sturdy looking plates, bowls, cups, forks and spoons. While looking through the pseudo European goods in the store, I came across a great thing.

It’s a Magical cooking Stove. The fire came from some kind of magical hocus pocus thing, but it functions much like a regular gas stove would.

They even have the single burner and double burner type. However, both were incredibly expensive…

Wait, now that I think about it, can’t I just buy a portable gas stove from the [Net Super]? In fact, I might even be able to get a portable stove and butane gas combo set for cheap…

I took a closer look at the Magical Cooking Stove, and I must say that it did not look too different from the standard portable stove. If I tell the Adventurers that my [Net Super] portable stove was a Magic Stove, they probably wouldn’t look too closely at it. Speaking of which, I could probably also get frying pan, spatula, cooking knives, chopping board and most of the ingredients from [Net Super].

Yes, once I’ve ascertained all the similar (or similar enough) looking things in this world I could get from a modern online supermarket, I hurried back to the inn.

Right, let’s start shopping! I opened the Net Super and bought all the kitchen related stuff. Next, I opened up the option for food ingredients. Since I have to prepare food for five Adventurers and myself, I bought a whole bunch of stuff.

Potatoes, carrots, onions and tomatoes, as well as cheese, ham sausages and eggs. All western style ingredients. I also bought prepared food that I could serve right away so that I won’t have to do too much work. After thinking about it for a moment, I decided to stock up on seasoning and several different kinds of stock cubes as well.

Even though I bought a lot of things, I had only use a total of 2 gold coins.

The remaining money I have left was 8 gold, 5 silver and a handful copper and iron coins. My money pouch was getting poorer and poorer, however, I could only endure this situation until I reached the Kingdom of Feenan and register with the Merchant’s Guild to sell some things for money.

Once I have some security money, I will make my move depending on the situation.

I must do my best for the sake of securing a safe and peaceful life.


[Gumihou: Yes, work hard for a secure life!]


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