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The Feast – 258.1 – Tiring

Chapter 258 (Part 1): Tiring


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

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Duan Tingxuan fell silent. After a long time, he smiled bitterly and said, “Surely there’s no need for you to say that to me? You made so much sense that I cannot refute a single word of your logic. Only… Nuan Nuan, I know you do not like to involve yourself in inner court battles. As a husband, I am ashamed to have failed to give a peaceful way to live your life, I… aih! I am too incapable.”

“There’s no need to beat yourself up like this. Everything has to be backed by evidence, otherwise world order would collapse.” Su Nuan Nuan looked at her husband. The self-blame on his face made her heart softened. She grasped his hand and said, “Now that I have become your wife, I too shall bear some of the responsibilities and won’t just leave everything to you. Having inherited this life, I’ve enjoyed all it has to offer and will not shy away from all the bad things that came with being a noble wife either.

Now that I am here to stay, I am willing to compromise with the other wives on a lot of things except for your person. You belong to me, the others can have more of everything else, money, clothes, jewellery, anything they could think of. However, if they dare to do something that goes against the human conscience and try to entrap or frame me through cruel methods, I shall not tolerate it. I have told you this before on the day Chuan’er nearly died, I hate these kind people most.”

“I am with you on this point, my thoughts are the same.” Duan Tingxuan sighed again and muttered. “According to the saying, ‘A Couple for One Night, a Hundred Day’s Grace [1]’. As the man who married them, it is I who have failed to honour my side of the promise, I am in the wrong. Nevertheless, I shall speak to them about this as well, if they do not wish to remain with the estate anymore, I shall think of a way for them to live a good life outside. If they still wish to remain within these walls, then as you’ve said, they shall have to live a widow’s life. I will do my best to fulfil whatever desires they might have, but will inform them that if they try any kind of nonsense in the future, I will not support them if you catch them in the act.”

Su Nuan Nuan smiled, “It’s good if we can make them understand this. However, I don’t think they will leave. If they leave, their children would have to remain within the estate, right? What mother would willingly leave their own child? At any rate, this is an awkward issue, we’ll have to take each day as it comes and deal with whatever problem that presents itself. Let’s talk about Concubine Jiang’s matter again. In the past, I was really afraid that she would behave too extremely and do something stupid, so I did my best to speak to her and reassure her.

I plan to have her and Chuan’er move to my place within the next two days. If she could leave Xu Ran Yun’s side, even if that person tried to do anything drastic, they would have lost their opportunity. Naturally, the main reason for doing this is to protect Chuan’er. However, isn’t this the same as protecting Madam Yun? To be honest, if not for Ming’er, I could care less whether she lives or dies. However, even with Ming’er, if she dares to cross the line, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Duan Tingxuan nodded, “You’re right, let’s do as you’ve planned. Just make up some excuse and have Concubine Jiang and Chuan’er move here.” He fell silent for a moment. Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Now that I’ve eaten both meat and potatoes, I must say that they’re very delicious. Though this Liaodong inspired stew appeared crude and uncultivated, it is very fragrant and tasty. I have certainly overlooked the possibilities of that place. As for the runner beans, I have one complaint. Look, the strings are still in there, no matter how you pick at it, it’s difficult to get rid of them.”

The couple proceeded to throw away all sense of manners and appearance and continued to eat. Their inner foodie freed to feast upon this single dish, ignoring the rest of the side dishes. In the end, all the potatoes were eaten, the rib bones picked clean, and half of the runner beans gone. After their satisfying feast, the couple got up and supported each other as they took a walk around the courtyard to digest their food.

Since the servant girls were having their dinner in their rooms, none of them noticed their masters leaving the dining room. Thus, the couple was left to their own devices as they strolled around the garden. This suited them quite well as they did not wish to be surrounded by people either.

Su Nuan Nuan and Duan Tingxuan spoke quietly with each other for some time when the little marquis commented, “I have a feeling that you’re eating more than usual. Normally, you’d stop at two pieces of rib bones, but tonight you ate four pieces and even took a few bites of the one in my hand. I’ve only had three pieces myself. Though we call them ‘bones’, the ribs were very large and meaty. If you continue to eat like this, you might turn into a big fatty like the crown prince.”

“Heheh! No need for you to worry about me getting fat. I can eat whatever I like and will not get fat. This is the heaven blessed constitution of this body, you probably won’t be able to find one even among a thousand women. The only problem is, this body can’t get pregnant, because it can’t process nutrients very well. I can’t get fat, but I can’t nurture life properly either. Fortunately, you already have plenty of sons and daughters so I don’t have to worry about bearing an heir or whatever. The only thing my belly needs to nurture is good food and drink.”

Duan Tingxuan smiled, “Please don’t see this as a good thing. Now that we are… ahem, I don’t believe that with my great seed sowing effort, we won’t see results. Though I have a few sons and daughters, I still wish to have a child with you, ah. Aih! Just look at your bulging tummy, how nice if it there is a child in there? However, I know that it’s only runner beans, potatoes and salted pork rib…”

As the couple chatted along, they heard a voice calling from outside the courtyard. It turned out that Duan Tingye had gotten the letter from Shi Yurou and had rushed back to the Capital. Looks like the branch house master had hurried over here the moment he were done with their meals.

“That stinky brat, looks like he’s really fallen into the money pit. In the past, every time we met, he’d look at me as though he’s spotted at a poisonous snake and tried his best to stay out of my way, even deliberately avoiding me if he could. But now? The moment he heard that I’m back, he couldn’t wait to come and bother me. Whatever, let’s go in and hear what he has to say, shall we?”

Husband and wife made their way into the central building. In a short while, Duan Tingye appeared. First, he complained that Su Nuan Nuan had made the Salted Pork Rib with Potatoes and Runner Beans in kitchen, letting everyone learned the ‘secret recipe’. He had barely aired his grievances when Su Nuan Nuan turned around to attack him. [2]

“You dare treat me like your personal cook? Am I here just to make money for you? How dare you stick your nose into my domain and command my actions?!”

Second Master Duan was scolded to the point that he dared not raise his head. Realising that he had greatly offended this great elder sister-in-law of his, he was so cowed that he dared not even whisper an apology.


[Gumihou: Hahaha, poor Duan Tingye, he’s greed for money is growing…]


[1] A Couple for One Night, a Hundred Day’s Grace – A couple one night, a couple forever. However, it seems that this only applies to women…

[2] The rest is all described, but I think a dialogue is more dramatic and exciting!


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