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Tondemo Skill – 001 – Caught Up in a Hero Summoning Spell

Chapter 001: Caught Up in a Hero Summoning Spell


Translated by Gumihou

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My name is Mukouda Tsuyoshi, by the way, I am 27 years old single man.

I live in a typical provincial city in Japan as an insignificant salaryman.

In answer to the question of why I am currently residing in a fantasy world that looked like it had been styled after the Medieval European RPG games complete with swords and magic. It had to do with a [Hero Summoning] ritual that I was somehow caught up in.

On my free time, I like to read lightnovels online and have read too many stories set in similar settings. However, I never thought that I’d one day be sucked into this kind of world for real.

Furthermore, I did not arrive in this world as a ‘Hero’, but just as someone who was summoned in by accident… what a joke this ended up being…

Anyway, the kingdom who performed this [Hero Summoning] ritual is called the Kingdom of Reijseger [1]. 

The original number of Heroes the ritual was supposed to summon was up to three people only, but for some reason, a fourth person had appeared. Because of this unusual situation, the important looking people around us looked rather confused.

However, the most confused people here were the four of us. We had been unexpectedly summoned into this entirely different world so how could we not be confused?

Moreover, these people kept calling us Hero-sama, Hero-sama the moment we appeared.

As someone who often read lightnovels to kill time, I was the first to realized that we have been summoned into a different world. The clues were all there. The first clue being the lusty ‘Hero-sama~’ from all around.

Honestly, my expectations in this world rose a little when I realized this.

Sadly, all my little expectations soon came crashing down.

Naturally, the first thing [Summoned Heroes] must go through was the [Status Appraisal] Ceremony.

These important-looking people brought out something grand-looking that could only be a famed ‘magic tool’ and began the Appraisal Ceremony.

After the appraisal, the status of the three other people who came with me (I think they were all high school students based on the uniforms they wore), had [Heroes from Another World] in their Occupation Status. As for me, the magical device helpfully displayed my ‘Occupation’ as [Guy Caught up in the Summoning Spell].

As a further insult, the high school student heroes had Stamina and Magic Power of about 700 to 800 points per person. My Stamina and Magic Power were ar 100 points each, just a little bit above the average nobody here.

While I was a little bit excited to see that I was could use magic, it was so far below the average of the other three Heroes that it was practically not worth mentioning.

The biggest disparity, however, was the number of skills these three could perform compared to this poor salaryman.

The only skills we have in common were [Appraisal] and [Item Box]. In addition to these, the others had things like [Holy Sword Technique], [Holy Spear Technique] and [Sacred Magic] listed as their skills, which, from the shocked faces of those important-looking people around us. I take it that this was probably something quite extraordinary.

To add insult to injury, they could also use Elemental Magical such as Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Thunder and Ice.

It’s all cheat level skills.

Just for comparison purposes, let me tell you my skill. Brace yourselves, it’s called… [Net Super].

…wait, wait, what the heck?

Yes, I had the same reaction when I first saw it.

While I was pretty sure I know what [Net Super] was, I had a feeling that I would have to depend a lot on other people to survive here.

Nevertheless, a skill was a skill!

Anyway, I could still learn other skills in the future. I could use magic after all.

Unfortunately, the people from this other world had no idea what this skill was for and even the three fellow Japanese who came to this world with me began to laugh thanks to this ‘unique’ skill. Because there was no obvious combat use for it, I was immediately treated as useless.

Nevertheless, since I came through the same [Hero Summoning] spell, I was granted an audience with the king. Which was kind of exciting since even though we have an emperor in Japan, we rarely get to see him in person. The King of Reijseger was, how should I describe him? Was a rather shady sort?

His Royal Majesty, King Iwaku, made several declarations from his throne. Kind of like the NPC who gave the opening dialogue in an RPG game, so I’m going to think of his speech that way:

– The Demon King has attacked Reijseger, again and again, clearly intending to take control of this country

– Somehow our country was able to keep the demons at bay all this while, even so, there is no telling when our border defences would fall to the demons

– If this situation continues our people will continue to suffer

– It is under such desperate situation that we finally decide to risk casting a [Hero Summoning] spell and call forth Heroes and beg you all to help save this Kingdom

– Unfortunately, while the method to send you back to your original world was not within the records handed down from our ancestors, we know that the Demon King has been alive for a long time and is exceptionally skilled with magic. I’m sure, once you’ve taken him down, you may discover a hint on how to get back to your original home

Well, as expected. This king fellow was way too suspicious. Leaving everything else aside, no way to send us back? Are you joking with me?

Also, where are your suffering people? If this is really a crisis, why is there no sense of despair among your people?

However, the most suspicious thing in the room was the king himself. A fat uncle wearing a mantle made of luxurious fur, embroidered with gold threads and dripping with jewels. The many rings on your fingers were so sparkly that my eyes hurt.

As for the two people beside you, the queen and the princess, were just as flashy as the king. Wearing not only rings but earrings, necklaces, bracelets, head ornaments and brooches that were so large that they looked like costume jewellery. The flashy dresses completed the look of utter luxury and extravagance that offended this poor salaryman’s sense of budget.

If the royal family were truly concerned about their people, would they be flaunting their riches like this?

After turning over the matter quietly in my mind, I concluded that this had to be one of those low-class transmigration lightnovel stories where a summoning spell was cast, just for the sake of pulling heroes into their world as tools for expanding territory. In other words, these so-called Heroes would probably be brainwashed by the leaders of this country and be made use of by them.

Personally, I, Mokuda, have no intention of working with a black company [2] /country like this. Furthermore, since I am not particularly brave or courageous, I might be treated like a servant by these suspicious leaders or even be executed!

Whatever, let’s try our best to get out of this place now.

“Excuse me, since I am not a Hero, I might get in the way of the true Heroes here. Please accept my sincere apologies for my incompetence, in order not to make trouble for everyone, I shall do my best to find other employment by myself. However, I would be ever so grateful to the Great Kingdom of Reijseger if you would be so kind as to furnish me with two or three months’ worth of living expenses as I would probably need at least that much time to secure a job on my own.”

The next thing I knew, I was shut out of the castle and was now roaming the streets of the Royal Capital with a small leather bag in my hands. I have no idea what the 20 gold coins I received from them were worth, but at the very least, they were generous enough to give me gold coins.

Anyway, let’s find out what the currency value of this world was as soon as possible. After that, I should find a way to get out of this country post-haste.

If I had to judge a country by its leaders, the king was not giving me any good vibes. This country might fall into chaos soon, so staying here was out of the question.

Right, let’s get out of this place as soon as possible.


[Gumihou: Fufufu, a sensible character is always a good thing. Work hard and stay out of trouble!]


[1] Reijseger – pronounced as rei-se-here

[2] Black Company – A corrupted company that overworked their employees for little pay. Employees were sometimes overworked to the point of committing suicide

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