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The Feast – 250.2 – Back to the Mansion

Chapter 250 (Part 2): Back to the Mansion


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi

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Liu Min was also quietly observing the antics of Duan Tingxuan’s wives and concubines. She thought to herself: Sure enough, now that Duan Tingxuan and Su Meng Nuan are back, will the main branch go through some upheavals again? Excellent, what I am most afraid of is for them to resign themselves to their fate. I must go back and have a good discussion with Tingye and Yurou and motivate them a bit. These two have no concept of ambition at all. How could they be blinded by silver and let the position as heir slip their hands? What a disgrace! Do you think I’d really let all my years of scheming be wasted just like that?

As everyone entertained their own thoughts, the atmosphere within the hall grew colder. Just then, the voice of a young maid cheerfully called out, “First madam, you’ve arrived!”

“En, I have arrived.”

Su Nuan Nuan’s voice reached them like the chiming of silver bells. Even before they laid eyes on her, the occupants of the hall straightened up. “Here, some appreciation gifts from me. Fruit flavoured sweets, have them as snacks later, alright?”

Her voice was replaced by strident footsteps. The two door maids happily thank her as she breezed past them into the hall. At the sight of the full hall, she stepped forward and smiled, “This granddaughter-in-law greets old madam…”

Before she could finish her greeting, Old Madam Fang interrupted, “Hold the greeting. What kind of sweets did you just give them? After gallivanting around for so many days, you still have the time to make new things? Quick, bring some for me. If they are good, I shall overlook the fact that both you and Xuan’er had been gone for so long.”

“Be at ease, old madam. The lord and I have been away too long and it is our great sin for making old madam worry over us. In order to escape punishment, this granddaughter-in-law has busied herself one whole day at an inn outside the Capital making all kinds of sweets. Old madam, please take a look and see if my bribe satisfies you. If not, please punish this unfilial granddaughter-in-law.”

This sentence immediately cheered up the whole room. Madam Yang pointed fiercely and Su Nuan Nuan and scolded her cheerfully. “You shameful creature, what’s all this talk about a bribe? What kind of person did you take old madam for?”

Su Nuan Nuan quickly said, “Madam, please don’t worry. This daughter-in-law has always acted fairly and will not short change madam. There are also some souvenirs for Madam Min, second sister-in-law, Concubine Lin, second sister, Sister Yun and Sister Lan. In short, anyone who can speak in my defence before old madam will all be given consideration. Oh yes, when I left Jiang Nan, I had been in too much of a hurry to buy anything there. Lucky for us, I did not actually purchase anything there as I only found out after we left Jiang Nan that second brother often does business there.

It wasn’t until I reached the Liaodong Peninsular that I was able to get some special local souvenirs that could not be found anywhere. These souvenirs had all been sent to your rooms, so you can enjoy your gifts at your leisure later. Well? I’ve said all I wanted to say, anyone who does not plead my case for me please don’t blame me for being petty when I snatch those things back later.”

At this, the others laughed. Liu Min pointed mock sternly at her and said, “Old madam, just look at this creature. After leaving us for just a little while, she has grown incredibly impertinent. That’s all I’m going to say, if I say anymore the souvenirs that had been delivered to my hands will fly away. Who am I going to cry to when that happens?”

Old Madam Fang was very pleased with Su Nuan Nuan’s natural and unrestrained manner. In fact, the more she looked at this bright and cheerful granddaughter-in-law, the more she liked her. With a hearty laugh, she said, “She certainly knows how to buy people’s favour. I had already planned out her punishment, but in the end, she anticipated it and stopped my lips with these good things. She even thought to recruit all of you to her side. Enough, I don’t wish to become the bad person here.” She waved a magnanimous hand at Su Nuan Nuan. “Come, sit next to me. Let me have a look at you, have you become thinner?”

“Old madam, this granddaughter-in-law of yours is in good health.” Su Nuan Nuan’s steps were light as she came over to sit next to Old Madam Fang. She leaned over and addressed Duan Xinqi who was seated on the other side of the old lady. “Second sister has become even more beautiful lately. Well? I heard that you’re now engaged to some remarkable person. This is good, this sister-in-law of yours will make sure that your wedding matters are all properly arranged. You must leave our gates in a very grand way.”

To the second miss of the Duan family, Su Nuan Nuan was not just a mere sister-in-law. She was the great benefactress who rescued her out of a miserable life. In the past, she had seen Su Nuan Nuan nearly every day, either at the North Court or at Su Nuan Nuan’s own Spring Breeze Court. However, when Su Nuan Nuan left for her trip with the little marquis for several months, the second miss suddenly found herself at a loose end. It was as though every corner she went reminded her of how this sister-in-law of hers had helped her, or did some good deed for someone else.

It was then, that she truly realized how wonderful Su Nuan Nuan was. However, now that this sister-in-law was finally back, the second miss seemed to have turned into a shy quail that ducked her head with a red face as soon as she was addressed.

Old Madam Fang smiled, “You stop teasing this little girl now. Not everyone is as wild and outgoing as you. Speaking of which, you seemed to have thinned down too much, is your face narrower than before?”

Su Nuan Nuan quickly grabbed old madam’s arm and said, “Old madam, I am in fact, quite well. If I have thinned down it’s because I missed you all too much. Look at my face, this is evidence of how much I missed everyone!”

“Pei! Enough with your clever flattery. If you’ve really missed me, why didn’t you come back earlier?” Old Madam Fang pretended to be angry.

Su Nuan Nuan grinned, “No choice, no choice. It’s been two years since mother and father have gone to Niu Tou Mountain, I have missed them so. Moreover, I was really worried that they might have been mistreated and urged the lord to investigate matters. It is all this terrible granddaughter-in-law’s fault, so old madam should not blame our lord, ah. He’s your grandson after all, and he was even more eager than me to come back, but matters over there was just too complicated.”

“Well now, considering how you’ve finally managed to grow some more consideration for your husband, I shall forgive you this time. There’s no point to punishing you, especially since you’ve bribed all the good people here to your side.” Old Madam Fang scolded with a laugh. In fact, she was very pleased with Su Nuan Nuan having mended her relationship with her grandson.

Under this harmonious atmosphere, the voice of a young maid called out, “The Branch Lady is here.”


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