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The Feast – 236.2 – Taotie

Chapter 236 (Part 2): Taotie

Toatie – A ferocious mythological animal, the fifth son of the dragon king. It’s famous for being super gluttonous, so gluttonous that it ended up eating itself…

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Translated by Gumihou

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There’s no doubt that An Le Lodge held the record as the most luxurious inn within Lin Qing prefecture. The steps leading to the third floor was set outside the building, and instead of a steep incline, it sloped up gently, winding around the building and stretching out into a wide veranda that looked over a bustling scene of busy human lives. From the topmost floor, one could see the lively port, market places and lines of shops. Beyond the port were miles of river and little fishing boats sailing majestically into the distant green hills.

Dusk was just falling, and lanterns being hung up on shop fronts and on boats. Su Nuan Nuan slowly made her way up the wide stairs, taking her time as the city below her lit up before her very eyes. It looked like the Milky Way was forming just below her, bright little dots of lights following the river as faithfully as a lover’s tale and disappearing into mystical darkness beyond. The sight was so magical that, for a moment, Su Nuan Nuan was mesmerized into absolute stillness.

At first, she had thought that this trip would not last beyond one month or two, regardless of the outcome of Duan Tingxuan’s mission. That she would soon be back at the marquis household and what passes as normal life here. However, the mission grew trickier and their little trip had been unexpectedly stretched out into so many months. Once they reached Niu Tou Mountain, it would be Mid-autumn then, wouldn’t it?

Poor Hong Lian, and here I’ve promised to see her married by autumn. It looked like she would have to have a winter wedding instead. As for that Xiang Yun and that Shuang Xi, matters between those two should have been settled by now. Second miss must be married now, right? Though I am not at the mansion, surely no one would dare to mess with her wedding business? Old madam really liked that girl, so she would surely block anyone who tries to mess with second sister’s wedding arrangement, ba?

As for that Xu Ran Yun, without the authority as the Household Manager, surely she won’t be able to get up to much mischief? Concubine Jing had always been low-profile and intelligent, surely she could hold her own and not be bullied into giving up her Household Manager authority? After all, before leaving for this trip, I’ve also spoken to old madam and elder madam to look after her…

And that Concubine Jiang, after cautioning her last time, she had been extra careful with her words around Chuan’er. Surely that hasn’t changed? The poor little guy deserves better. There’s also Xu Ran Yun, though that woman looked gentle and agreeable on the surface, but I somehow had a feeling that her mind is deeper than the ocean. Luckily both Fan’er and Sen’er take after Duan Tingxuan in terms of temper, and is nothing like her…

As Su Nuan Nuan watch the lights blinked into existence, her mind drifted slowly back to the An Ping Mansion. Who knew how long she stood there, growing uncharacteristically melancholic when a stiff breeze chilled her wits back into her body. She smiled bitterly to herself, “I must be homesick. Though it is said that it is almost impossible to leave a large estate once someone moves in, that is my home now, and there are people I’m close to in there. Wu, after meeting Su Meng Nuan’s parents at Niu Tou Mountain and reassure them a bit, we should hurry back to the Capital. After being away for so long, I’ve lost all pleasure of sightseeing.”

With that, she turned, and made her way towards the Heaven Character Room, she was about to push the door open when a loud voice cried out, “My lord heir, surely you can’t be so shameless? You’ve already taken away such a large piece of pork belly, and we have already agreed that these two pigeon eggs are mine.”

That… was that the voice of Manager Li? He sure has guts, daring to challenge Duan Tingxuan for food, is he tired of living?

Su Nuan Nuan stood outside, feeling amused and helpless: Had she accidentally stumbled into some weird twilight zone? Then, Long Pingzhang’s urgent voice cried, “Wei, wei! Don’t be too excessive, I picked out this piece of pork stomach just for Xiu’er, how dare you snatch it out of my hand? Are you even men? Where are your faces?”

Chu Xiu’s faint voice said, “Enough, Brother A-Niu, I don’t need to eat it.”

“Stupid, if you don’t eat it, it’ll all be gone soon.” Long Pingzhang’s voice somehow became even more urgent. “I’m going to pick out more for you, whoever tries to challenge me will be stabbed, you hear? Humph! Humph! Don’t think that I am merely a scholar who knew nothing of martial arts, I’ve actually learnt some fancy boxing when I was younger…”

Whatever was said next was lost to Su Nuan Nuan’s ear. She was in the middle of a most terrible shock: What do you mean it’s almost gone? That’s a thirty catty (15 kg) wine jar, ah. After stewing a whole jar of food, I had the kitchen staff sent it up while I went to the toilet to freshen up, that was just how many minutes ago? It’s all gone just like that? Are these scoundrels trying to stuff themselves to death?

Suddenly, first madam pushed opened the doors and stormed in. The first thing she saw was Duan Tingxuan, leaning over the table with his chopsticks extended to grab at a pigeon’s egg from Manager Li’s chopsticks. Manager Li looked like he was about to cry, but what could he do against the little marquis’ superior chopstick skills?

At the sight of Su Nuan Nuan, Duan Tingxuan quickly plucked the pigeon egg and stuffed it whole into his mouth. She watched in bemused horror as the man swallowed, the egg passing down his long throat like a snake swallowing its food…

She had not quite recovered when Duan Tingxuan rushed over to pull Su Nuan Nuan by the hand. “Wife, come quickly. I’ve reserved a plate of food for you. If I hadn’t done this, those scoundrels would have snatched everything up.”

Li Qiushan and Long Pingzhang glared at him and howled together, “You’re the biggest food snatcher here, how dare you accuse us?!”

Su Nuan Nuan craned her neck to look into the jar. All the meat, eggs and seafood she had spent half an afternoon stewing were pretty much gone, leaving only a few pieces of unidentifiable things at the bottom of the jar. The four of them had eaten up nearly everything, well, five people actually. Si Ping, having temporarily lost his mind and forgotten his place as a slave had also managed to snatch a few pieces of meat for himself…

“You people… you… are you actually people? Or are you all actually Taotie beasts?”

Su Nuan Nuan was nearly in tears at the sight of those few pitiful things left in the jar. When Duan Tingxuan, that shameless, greedy, Taotie incarnate opened his mouth, she hissed at him and pointed a finger outside, “You… all of you, go outside now and run. Digest all that food, don’t ruin the reputation of An Le Lodge with news of people dying from overeating. Especially since the deceased would include the heir of Marquis of An Ping and a Jiang Nan Imperial Censor. Do you really want to be the joke of the year?”

At her sudden roar, everyone paused in their movements. Li Qiushan finally grabbed his belly and moaned, “Ah, now that madam mentioned it, my stomach… it’s really overstuffed. I shall excuse myself first…” Shuffling out like a pregnant woman, he led the way out, followed by Long Pingzhang and Duan Tingxuan. Even Si Ping trotted after them, unwilling to be left behind with the Hedong Lioness.


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