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The Feast – 224.2 – EQ Too Low

Chapter 224 (Part 2): EQ Too Low


Translated by Gumihou

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Su Nuan Nuan continued to explain, but when she noticed the ‘Really can’t understand nothin’ look on her husband’s face, she sighed and waved her hand dismissively, “Never mind, it’s not important. If you don’t understand, you don’t understand. Our generation gap is too big for me to explain this trope to you.”

A sharp spitting sound was heard in the direction of the person being interrogated, and she turned around in shock. Wei, has this Ultimate Foodie Lu lost his mind? You still dare to provoke your potential tormentor by spitting onto his face? Are you not afraid of waking up his beastly side? Shouldn’t you be doing your best to look pathetic and placate him instead?

As if to prove that he had not given in to his beastly side for now; alas, how could he when sister-in-law was still right next to him? Su Dong Lou merely stood up, took out his handkerchief and calmly wiped his face before saying to Su Nuan Nuan, “Sister-in-law, he refuses to volunteer information. So, what should we do to him?”

“Why ask me, ah? I’m not a professional interrogator.” Su Nuan Nuan was baffled by this question. Both Duan Tingxuan and Su Dong Lou laughed out loud and together said, “When it comes to dealing with His Excellency Lu, you have plenty of tools to torture him with.”

“What are you going on about, ah?” Su Nuan Nuan glared at her husband, narrowing her eyes to indicate that he had better give an explanation now or prepare to be kicked in the shins.

“Silly Nuan Nuan, have you really forgotten? To this fellow, the lure of delicious food is greater than any torture. Don’t forget, he already knew our real identity, but for the sake of gourmet food, had left us alone. This is the why we can bid our time and seize an opportunity for victory.”

“You really think I’d just give in like that?” Lu Feng Yu roared out in grief and indignation. Ever since tide of fortunes had turned against him, he had done his ultimate best to maintain his cool. However, even that was limited. He had finally snapped. Unable to take it anymore, he pushed himself out of his chair and charged towards Su Nuan Nuan.

He made it halfway when Su Dong Lou opened his arms and scooped the agitated man up in a tight embrace. The way Su Dong Lou hold Lu Feng Yu might look tender and intimate, but there was no escaping the steel bands of muscle and bone that held him down. No matter how hard Lu Feng Yu flailed and struggle, he could not get loose.

With a villainous laugh, Su Dong Lou said, “What are you trying to do? Get a taste of my sister-in-law’s tofu? You had better just give it up and treat me to a bite of your tender tofu instead.”

“Wei!” Duan Tingxuan was so pissed off that veins were throbbing on his forehead. He had already given this rough fellow a warning once, to think that this bastard Dong Lou still hasn’t learned his lesson and was talking nonsense about tofu this and tofu that in front of his precious Nuan Nuan. How could he stain Nuan Nuan’s ears with such vulgar jokes?

Su Dong Lou finally caught on and was about to apologize when Su Nuan Nuan snickered, “Tender tofu? Dong Lou, are you sure? Compared to you, His Excellency Lu is more suitable to be called a hard tofu, or at least a firm tofu. You are in fact a ‘Young Calf Nibbling on Old Grass [5]’ you know? Heheh”

“Nuan Nuan…”

Black lines covered Duan Tingxuan’s head as he stared at his beloved wife: I know that you’re a worldly woman, but can you please not simply spew out crude jokes like this so carelessly? Please?

Su Nuan Nuan merely stuck her tongue out at him, but then immediately regained her faux dignity as she stuck her hand onto her waist and sniffed, “What? Are you blaming me? Clearly Dong Lou is the one with the dirty mouth, alright? If you want to blame someone, blame him.”

In a flash, the entire pot of black deeds was pushed onto Su Dong Lou’s head.

Su Dong Lou, “… …”

Duan Tingxuan, “… …”

Lu Feng Yu, “Hahaha! Good, well said… ugh….”

Su Dong Lou had just punched him lightly in the stomach, but the pain was enough to make him curl up like a cooked prawn. Clearly, the phrase ‘A Loose Tongue Causes Trouble’ was incredibly true.


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“When it comes to deer meat in summer, muntjacs are better than roe [6] as they are much tenderer and therefore more delicious. Tenderness is vital when it comes to roasted meats.”

There was a cheerful bonfire going on right in front of the bamboo hut. A whole skinned muntjac deer was being roasted on a makeshift spit. Su Nuan Nuan was, of course, in charge of the roasting. The slightly charred meat was glistening with oil that was slowly dripping onto the bonfire, causing it to hiss and spit up little puffs of smoke. Anyone with eyes and ears would feel their mouth watering from this sensory assault.

Then, when she judged the meat about done, Su Nuan Nuan cast handfuls of spices and seasoning onto the deer. The fat caused most of the seasoning to stick onto the charred surface and the resulting aroma that enveloped the area reached greater heights.

As if to contest the strong aroma that meat could achieve, a bubbling pot of soup emitted its own thick, meaty scent into the air. Half a dozen pieces of snake meat bobbed within the liquid. The soup had already turned into a savoury milky white from long cooking, and looked as hearty as actual meat. Si Ping was in charge of watching over the cooking fires. Now and then he would look over at the tree where Lu Feng Yu was kept under.

Foodie Lu had been starving for the past two days, although he was able to maintain a calm and dignified expression, his more honest stomach had already given up the ghost. Even from here, Si Ping could hear it grumbling and whimpering. It was a big contrast against Lu Feng Yu’s too calm face.

Lu Feng Yu was so weak from starvation that they had not bothered to tie him up. He barely had the strength to stand, let alone run away from two powerful martial artists. When the aroma of both snake broth and roasting deer reached him, he nearly collapsed from the sensory assault.

“Alright, Si Ping, time to put those wild vegetables in, otherwise the soup would be too greasy. I will also be making a dandelion and broadleaf holly salad on the side. You prepare the seasoning for me. Once it’s all done, we can have dinner. There’s a nice breeze going on now, so we can eat inside the bamboo hut. Make sure to keep the door open to catch the breeze.”


Author White Pear Flower: I’m feeling kind of sorry for Lu Feng Yu, hahaha.


Gumihou: I must confess, I’m more interested in Nuan Nuan’s snake soup, lol. Sorry Foodie Lu.]


[4] With heaven against me, battles are lost before my people attack – It’s actually a variation of a quote purportedly be Xiang Yu the Conqueror (232-202 BC, a warlord defeated by the first Han Emperor. It should be ‘With heaven against me, battles are lost even before my troops are released’. Basically, defeated even before one could fully show one’s power due to circumstances outside their control

[5] Young Calf Nibbling on Old Grass – A reverse of the original idiom, ‘Old Cow Nibbling on Tender Grass’ which meant an older man preying on young girls or boys. Since Lu Feng Yu is almost ten years older than Su Dong Lou, Su Nuan Nuan gave the idiom in reverse.

[6] Different types of deer


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