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The Feast – 224.1 – EQ Too Low

Chapter 224 (Part 1): EQ Too Low


Translated by Gumihou

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“Speak, what do you intend to do?” The thing that bothered Duan Tingxuan most now was the question of his good friend’s unexpectedly bent nature. Therefore, the moment he saw Su Dong Lou, he straightforwardly opened up this can of worms.

As this question also concerned Lu Feng Yu’s fate, no, rather than concerned, he was actually more academically curious than concerned. Though he had discerned Su Dong Lou’s less than clean thoughts, he had been treating it as one of the many things that could be potentially exploited in order to further His Lordship’s ambition.

To be honest, he had no clear idea how far this abomination went and had never given thought to how to would relate to himself since he had no intention of fulfilling whatever dirty things swimming around Su Dong Lou’s head. Therefore, when Duan Tingxuan began to fire questions at this abominable man, Lu Feng Yu pricked up his ears. Never mind that no matter what the answer was, it would probably do him no good to know now or later.

“What about you? Now that you know my true feelings, what do you think of them?” Su Dong Lou avoided Duan Tingxuan’s question and instead turned his attention to Lu Feng Yu. His smile was cold, “You’ve always loved yourself more than anyone else, acting as though you are above us mere mortals. How did you even force yourself to be in my presence after knowing my feelings for you? Have you pressed down your real thoughts and intentions for the sake of making use of my skills to assist King Xiangyang? Or, have you somehow became touched by my regard for you?”

Lu Feng Yu gave a sharp mocking laugh before sneering, “You are too shameless. But, that is nothing to me. After all, I am not a good fellow myself. You’re right, you have guessed it correctly. I have every intention of making use of your regard for me to assist in His Lordship’s great cause. Once His Lordship’s great ambition has been achieved, I have over a hundred ways to dispose of you quietly. When that time comes, you’ll realise the price of entertaining filthy thoughts over me.”

Su Dong Lou sank into a deep silence. Suddenly, a powerful ‘Ha!’ escaped him and he slow clapped, “Wonderful, that’s absolutely perfect. And here I thought you might actually have feelings for me too. Though I might be an uncultured man of Jianghu who lives by the bloody sword, there is still some humanity left in me. Even I am reluctant to ravage a man who might have cultivated feelings for me. However, there’s no need to be solicitous to a treacherous snake like you. Why should I restrain myself with the likes of you?”

With that, he turned to Duan Tingxuan, he chuckled and cheerfully said, “Didn’t you say you want him to suffer a fate worse than death? I believe I’ve already told you to just leave everything to me. Well? Won’t you give a brother some face? This fellow is rather a rare piece of tail, there probably isn’t another one like him in the whole world.

Why don’t you let me play with him for a few years, ba? After all, there’s no need to treat a black-bellied fellow like him so courteously. Once I’ve had my fill of his charms, he’d probably be more dead than alive. By then, whether he dies from sickness or starvation, it’ll all be heaven’s retribution.”

Duan Tingxuan glared at this rough Jianghu man and said coldly, “You wretched thing, how could you say all this in front of Nuan Nuan? Have you no shame?”

Su Dong Lou blinked. Then, he quickly turned to Nuan Nuan, made a deep bow and said apologetically, “This younger brother is too impudent, would sister-in-law please pardon me.”

Su Nuan Nuan ignored him. Instead, she looked over at the deathly pale Lu Feng Yu. Though logically she knew that this person had it coming, there was still some pity in her heart about his fate. She really couldn’t bear seeing someone be talked down in such a way. In a low voice, she said, “Isn’t this… a little too cruel? And you, you’re too much of a scumbag.”

“Cruel? Just think of all the people who had died in his hands, sister-in-law.” Su Dong Lou sneered. “Surely this is still miles better than death by a thousand cuts? Moreover, if I happened to be in a good mood, I might even make him enjoy it.”

“Wei!” Su Nuan Nuan pulled Su Dong Lou aside and whispered. “So, your intention towards him isn’t pure at all?”

“Hahaha…” Su Dong Lou laughed mockingly. “How could I? Sister-in-law looks down on me too much.”

“Just remember, these are the words that came out of your mouth.” Su Nuan Nuan pointed a finger at Su Dong Lou. “Hmph, don’t say that this sister-in-law of yours didn’t warn you in advance. I have seen too many situations like this. Words are weapons that cut deeply, once spoken out, even if you regretted it. There’s no taking it back.”

“Just where did sister-in-law see ‘situations like this?'”

Su Dong Lou’s line of questioning choked off the rest of her words: Just where had she seen ‘situations like this? Naturally it was in lightnovels, ah. Especially the ones written by that writer called Misty Rain Peach Flower [1]. This writer was best known for her dog blood drama where she would first mistreat the shou [2] before tormenting the gong [3] through similar kind of psychological abuse. However, could she ever say such a thing out loud to Su Dong Lou? Could she ever?

In the end, Su Nuan Nuan could only wave her hands and stepped back from the situation. She knew she could not make Su Dong Lou change his mind. In this era, nobody would care what kind of ending a person like Lu Feng Yu gets. No matter how brilliant this Ultimate Super Foodie Lu was, his EQ was too low. Even if you want to treat him like this, you’re better off not saying it out loud. In the end, he’s a man who knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. A calculative man who would forsake all kinds of things for the sake of living. After all, what is pride, arrogance and face against the wheels of fate?


Duan Tingxuan suddenly signalled for silence. Everyone immediately realised that the three Lao Shan brothers have arrived. Lu Feng Yu was about to shout a warning when Su Dong Lou’s lighting quick hand pinched his throat. The pain caused him to go silent.

Just then, the sound of two men chatting loudly together approached the hut. They opened the door, but before they could properly register the scene in the room, Duan Tingxuan suddenly dashed forward from his hidden location near the ceiling. With a kick, two of the Lao Shan brothers were sent sprawling out.

As for what happened next. There was really no need to explain. Ever since Lu Feng Yu set forward to assist King Xiangyang, he had exhaustively calculated every possible odds that he could think of. Even in his dreams he would never imagine that he would be reduced to such a miserable state. He could only stare blankly as two of Lao Shan brothers were cut down even before they could display even half of their abilities. In the face of this ultimate defeat, he could only sigh and muttered, “With heaven against me, battles are lost even before my people attack [4].”

“You of all people should know that under such circumstances, there’s no point struggling anymore. So, why don’t you give us what we want? You may mitigate some of your sins by volunteering information to us.”

Su Dong Lou placed his hands on the arms of the chair that Lu Feng Yu was sitting on. He loomed over the thin, feeble scholar like a vulture, leaning his face close to the other. He had long wished to look at this face at a close proximity, so close that the two of them were practically breathing into each other’s faces. To be able to be so near and take his time looking at this smooth face with its brilliant, provocative eyes was like a dream come true.

“What the heck? Is this a chair-don?” Su Nuan Nuan blinked, thinking that this Su Dong Lou was really getting too impatient…

Beside her, Duan Tingxuan blurted out, “A chair-don? What’s a chair-don?”

“Oh, it’s that thing that Su Dong Lou’s doing now. Normally, it’s done by cornering people against the wall and trapping them between your arms. The usual name is kabe-don, or wall-don, but since he’s trapping that fellow in a chair, so of course it’s a chair-don.”

[Gumihou: … lol, lol, I believe most of you know what is kabedon, but here’s a pic of salt and pepper shaker kabedon!]


[1] Hahaha, me thinks this is White Peach Flower’s self-promotion. Lol!

[2] Shou, or the Bottom in a gay relationship

[3] Gong, or the Top in a gay relationship


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