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The Feast – 222.2 – Lure a Snake from Its Hole

Chapter 222 (Part 2): Lure a Snake From Its Hole


Translated by Gumihou

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The series of movements was too swift and rapid, even an expert like Su Dong Lou was unable to react in time. Under these circumstances, he dared not act too rashly and could only shout sternly, “Feng Gu, just what are you doing? Don’t be reckless.”

Feng Gu’s expression was cold as she said, “Ever since the three Lao Shan Brothers began living here, they spent months shooting down every bird within five miles of this place. For three years not a single bird dared to approach. How then the sound of a cuckoo’s call suddenly appeared? Needless to say it has to be a pre-arranged signal. Since my master and Master Su are both credible people. That left only this woman as the only suspicious person here, isn’t it right?”

“That is all… highly unreliable hypothesis. Why… why don’t you put down your sword first, we can talk about this.” Su Dong Lou was really anxious now, but he dared not appear too anxious or excited. He could only gently persuade Lu Feng Yu and get him to give the orders. This foodie already knew Su Nuan Nuan’s true identity, but had never acted against her yet. The only person who could save her from Feng Gu’s sword was Lu Feng Yu now.

“Master Su did not appear shocked, could it be that you already knew who she really is? Have the two of you worked together in order to lure the master out of the house in order to investigate the location of those important people?” Perhaps women really were born sensitive against lies and deceit, Feng Gu immediately became suspicious of Su Dong Lou.

“Enough of this nonsense. This… this Ms. Wang is still of use to… to Teacher Lu. You better not act too wilfully.” At this, Su Dong Lou turned to Lu Feng Yu and hissed, “You better say something, ah. Or are you really going to let Feng Gu kill Ms. Wang?”

Lu Feng Yu looked like he was struggling with something within him, but then he suddenly calmed down. With a determined expression he said, “Ms. Wang, if I were to ask you to be my wife, would you agree?”


Both Su Nuan Nuan and Su Dong Lou shouted out together. Even in their dreams these two never thought that Lu Feng Yu would actually play this card at this very moment. Su Dong Lou could not help but howl, “Just what are you talking about?”

“If she refuses to become my woman, why should I bother protecting her?” Though reluctance was clear in his eyes, his face and voice remained expressionless. Su Dong Lou’s heart went cold as ice. He had miscalculated. How could he have forgotten that this son of a dog was a shameless, deceitful bastard who bites the hand that feeds him as soon as it no longer serves him well?

“Hahaha…” Feng Gu laughed out loud, she looked contemptuously down at Su Nuan Nuan and sneered, “Our master wishes to have you as his wife, what is your decision?”

“Pei! Enough with your grand dreams.” Su Nuan Nuan was anxious and angry at the same time. She was angry that after all the time spent scheming and plotting against Lu Feng Yu, they would all stumble at the very last minute. To think that even with the combined efforts of herself, Duan Tingxuan and Su Dong Lou, that slippery, venomous snake still managed to squeeze through all their carefully set up nets.

For Lu Feng Yu to openly ask for her hand at such a time even after knowing her identity, he must have decided to kill her if his wishes weren’t met. Humph, no need to feign civility with this snake anymore. She will spend whatever time she had left to scream all the abuse she could against this scoundrel before she was killed.

“What a chaste and honourable woman you are.” Feng Gu sneered, but her sword left Su Nuan Nuan’s neck all the same. She said, “Looks like master also knows that this woman’s identity is too odd. Well then, this subordinate shall let you keep your life for the now. I shall enjoy torturing you. It’s not too late to kill you after extracting some useful things from that impertinent mouth of yours.”

With that, she sheathed her flexible sword and withdraw a long red rope from her sleeves.

She was in the middle of unwinding the rope when Lu Feng Yu cried out, “Dong Lou, quick!”

Su Dong Lou had already eaten a loss earlier for reacting too slowly, so how could he be late the second time? Just as Lu Feng Yu shouted for him to move, he was already beside Su Nuan Nuan, and in a blink of an eye, pulled her out of danger.

Lu Feng Yu hurried down the steps and shouted at Feng Gu, “You absolute disgrace! How could you act so disrespectfully towards Ms. Wang?”

Su Dong Lou, “… …”

Su Nuan Nuan, “… …”

Just what is going on? Wasn’t he being all cold and aloof just now? Just what’s with that 180 degree change? Clearly, mere humans like themselves could not hope to understand the mind of a venomous snake, ah.

The two of them wore identical 囧囧 faces as they stared stupidly at Lu Feng Yu. As for Miss Feng Gu, after being stunned by her master’s scolding, recovered enough to say, “Master, have you just tricked this subject to save this woman?”

“So what if I have? Have you forgotten that you are my subject?” Lu Feng Yu once more showed a ruthless expression, but this time, it was aimed at Feng Gu.

The last line seemed to choke the life out of this beautiful woman, tears fell from her eyes as she said stubbornly, “Though I might only be master’s subordinate, I cannot just stand aside and watch you be taken in for the sake of a bit of food. If master already knows that this woman is bad news, why do you still protect her?”

“As you’ve said, she is a woman. Moreover, she’s a woman who has no martial arts, so what kind of trouble could she make?” Lu Feng Yu waved his hand dismissively at Feng Gu’s concerns. His sharp eyes glanced around once before settling back onto Feng Gu, “Send out a signal to the three Lao Shan Brothers. Get them to shift those people away.”

At this, Su Dong Lou and Su Nuan Nuan suddenly felt their hearts racing again.

Who would have imagined that this Lu Feng Yu could be so sharp? Though he had verbally dismissed Feng Gu’s concerns, he realized that he was still in danger, and took the precaution to get Feng Gu to contact the three brothers. If they could not net the brothers all at once, nothing would stop them from alerting the people hidden in the Range to shift away or contact King Xiangyang for reinforcements.

If any of those things were to happen, they would not be able to guarantee the outcome of their mission. This was clearly a final miscalculation that could potentially ruin all their plans!


Author White Pear Flower: The poor snake has clearly been lured out of its nest. Who feels sorry for him?


[Gumihou: Even with Su Nuan Nuan, Duan Tingxuan and Su Dong Lou putting their heads together to outthink Lu Feng Yu… 0.0 That guy still manages to leave an escape route for himself somehow. What a slippery snake!]



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Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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