The Feast – 222.1 – Lure a Snake from Its Hole

Chapter 222 (Part 1): Lure a Snake From Its Hole


Translated by Gumihou

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“What I meant to say is, let’s not bring too many people with us when we enter the mountain range. We’ll attract less attention with just a small escort. After all, with me around there’s no need for you to fear that Duan Tingxuan. If you’re that worried about him, why don’t you send him away on some sort of errand? We can then take his wife with us to the mountains as insurance. You can use the excuse that you can’t live without her cooking to explain why we’re bringing her.

As long as that Duan Tingxuan is afraid of exposing his identity, he would have to stay in character and do your bidding. Even if he comes after us later, what could he do? We have his woman in our hands. With her as a hostage, he would not dare to do anything rash. What do you think of this plan?”

Su Dong Lou offered his opinion sincerely enough, and Lu Feng Yu’s eyes actually lit up at the suggestion. He nodded and said, “You’re right, additionally in a situation where a single man and a lone woman are secluded together for ten days or two weeks… Mmm, I don’t believe that with my obvious charm and gentle persuasion, a young woman like her would not be moved. En, let’s do as you suggested. We can also conceal our movements this way.”

Su Dong Lou heaved a sigh of relief. Inwardly, of course. He sneered coldly to himself. Normally men transformed into idiots when their brains are invaded by lusty worms. Though this Lu Feng Yu’s brain had been infected by foodie worms instead of the normal variety, his intelligence seemed to have suffered a similar steep decline. The idea of being alone with Su Nuan Nuan was enough to push all other thoughts out of his head. He had to admit, this guy really loves his gourmet food.

Thus decided, Lu Feng Yu went over to convey his concerns over the issue that had been brewing around Immortal’s Range to King Xiangyang. As expected, King Xiangyang immediately grew anxious and commanded him to investigate the matter at once. He also decreed that the hidden persons within the Range should not be disturbed, and that it would be best if they remained where they are.

Following this, Lu Feng Yu found some excuse to send Duan Tingxuan out of the house on an errand. Thus, the moment Duan Tingxuan set out to collect rent from various villages in the direction away from Immortal’s Range, a small group consisted of himself, Su Dong Lou, Su Nuan Nuan as well as the maids, Lu Qi and Hong Luo set out for Suzhou.

This time, they took the river path, and with the wind and water in their favour, they soon reached Suzhou. When their boat docked, Lu Feng Yu especially brought Su Nuan Nuan with him to one of the famous local restaurants. Su Dong Lou studied this venomous snake’s little gestures of polite flirtation with a sneer in his heart. Possibly Lu Qi and Hong Lou too felt that having a master who ignored beauties and favoured cooks an embarrassment as well, neither had a good expression on their faces.

After the meal, they hired a carriage, and managed to reach the foot of Immortal’s Range just before noon. They stopped at Feng Gu’s tea stall again. This time, instead of the cold, aloof look she had given to Su Dong Lou the last time he was here, she welcomed their little group with passionate enthusiasm.

From the way her eyes kept sticking to Lu Feng Yu’s person, Su Dong Lou privately sighed again. He thought: Has this woman lost her heart to this foodie too? Like a flower falling into the relentless waters of a rapid stream, her heart was quickly swept up by this fellow. No wonder despite Su Dong Lou’s obvious heroic charm, this woman never bothered to give him a second look.

As he pondered over this, the little party enjoyed a little spot of tea and snacks. Once the break was over, they waited for Feng Gu to pack up the stall before setting out for the bamboo hut. Feng Gu led them up the same mountain path that Su Dong Lou had traversed the last time.

Their trip this time was a little slower, since neither Lu Feng Yu nor Su Nuan Nuan were martial artists, and could only move at normal people pace. Luckily, the path was not too difficult to hike and they soon reach the clearing where the Su Dong Lou had killed the fake Long Pingzhang.

Once they entered the hut, both Lu Feng Yu and Su Nuan Nuan immediately sat down. Su Nuan Nuan grumbled, “If I had known that we’re only hiking into a forest, I would not have followed master here. Aside from getting tired hiking up that stupid trail, what do you expect me to cook in the middle of a mountain forest?”

Lu Feng Yu laughed, “Mountain shoots and wild mushrooms, wild chickens and fat rabbits, what’s not to like? Also, there are fresh fish swimming in the creeks, plenty of delicious things to be had in this valley.” Then, he turned to Feng Gu, “When will they return?”

“Since it’s close to noon, they will soon return with food for two.” Feng Gu gave an indifferent smile, but her eyes were practically drilling holes into Su Nuan Nuan’s head. A fine trace of killing intent escaped her. Her target suddenly stood up, “This hut is too stifling, I’m going out for some fresh air.”

“Good, I shall go with sister.” Feng Gu’s smile was incredibly stiff and fake.

Su Dong Lou laughed heartily, “Surely there’s no need for you to play nanny? It’s not like Ms. Wang is going to go far. You better stay here and update the situation in this place to me and Teacher Lu. That Ms. Wang is too bold with her words, I don’t care if you two got into a quarrel, but she’s not someone trained in martial arts.”

He deliberately said this last part to remind Lu Feng Yu to protect his precious cook. As expected, the foodie immediately picked up on the hint and frowned at Feng Gu, “You better not cause trouble for Ms. Wang. She’ll only be exploring the area around this house. Now, I have some questions for you. Just how many strangers have appeared around this area? Did they manage to get close to the crucial area?”

“Master be at ease, this mountain range is incredibly huge and complicated to traverse. There’s no way anyone could find anything through furtive searches. If they could actually locate the Matron Qiong’s hidden house, then, this subject deserves death for such offence. In fact, master really did not need to personally come. What if there is a tail behind you? What if someone wishes to ‘Lure a Snake from Its Hole? The risk is just not worth it.”

Lu Feng Yu smiled, “How could I not have considered this? Be at ease, I am just here to check things out. When the three Lao Shan Brothers get here, I will question them about the situation in this place before taking my leave immediately. There’s no reason for me to stay here and be the victim of someone’s schemes.”

Feng Gu clapped her hands, “What a wise and clever person master is, this subordinate is clearly worrying over nothing.”

She had hardly finished speaking when the sound of a cuckoo’s call came three times and Feng Gu’s face changed. She stood up and said, “Not good, someone is here again. And they made contact with one of the people here.” She dashed out of the house, at the same time a light flashed around her waist and a red flexible sword spring into being. Without blinking, she leapt towards Su Nuan Nuan and held the sword to the woman’s throat.



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