The Feast – 220.2 – The Plan

The Feast – 220.2 – The Plan

Chapter 220 (Part 2): The Plan


Translated by Gumihou

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By the way, to think you actually dared to say this in front of Duan Tingxuan, you really are looking to die in a bad way, ah. That guy valued Su Meng Nuan more than his own life, ah. You’re lucky he didn’t just stab you to death immediately. En, it’s possible that he’s planning to make your life even more miserable than death in the future. In this regard, that man’s heart was even smaller than the eye of a needle, ah. His pettiness knew no bounds. For you to laugh so happily after poking a stick at such a great walking disaster and sealing your own terrible fate, I must salute your gall.

Naturally, these were all thoughts rolling about inside his heart. Things he could never voice out, not at this moment anyway.

When Lu Feng Yu had laughed his fill, he patted his clothes into place and straightened up, “Enough, let’s not tarry anymore. I still have things to do at the palace, so I shall take my leave first. When you have time, do come over to my place for a pot of tea. I’m starting to think that tea is better than wine in many ways. That day when I drank with you till midnight, my head really ached the next day.”

As Lu Feng Yu spoke, he made his leisurely way out of the room, leaving Su Dong Lou to stare after his disappearing back. Suddenly, the fellow turned around and stomped back in, a vexed expression on his face. “What an idiot, ah. This is clearly my own study. I’ve always been so brilliant, so, why did I shame myself this way in front of you? Where am I supposed to go after leaving my own study?”

He continued to grumble as he tugged at Su Dong Lou’s arm, kicking ineffectually at his ankles, muttering, “You’re doing this deliberately, right? How could you not say anything and just let me make a fool of myself?”

“Don’t fuss, take care not to play with fire.”

Just how much strength does a feeble scholar have?

As the Master of Mingyu House allowed himself to be kicked by Lu Feng Yu, blood rushed to pool around his nether regions. He swallowed twice and quickly gripped Lu Feng Yu’s grasping hands warningly. To his surprise, the other only laughed, “Oh, you’re hungry, too. En, I heard you swallowing just now. Well, fine, I suppose, I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you, and now you’ve just embarrassed yourself before me. We’re even. Someone come and tell Ms. Wang to prepare some good dishes. I wish to have the Master of Mingyu House here for lunch.”

Su Dong Lou… really did not understand anything anymore… he was just swallowing some saliva in his own mouth. In what way is that embarrassing? Clearly, the mind of a venomous snake is different from an ordinary human’s.


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“This past month you’ve been getting on really well with Lu Feng Yu, ah. I can see that he wholeheartedly trusts you. Well? Did you manage to find out what King Xiangyang’s trump card is?”

It was another midnight meet up. When Su Dong Lou flickered in, Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan were already waiting for him at the table. Before he was able to sit down, Duan Tingxuan had already thrown this question at him.

“At least let me wet my throat first.” Su Dong Lou rolled his eyes at Duan Tingxuan, before pouring himself a cup of tea. After downing the tea, his frown smoothed out and he smiled, “This Jujube and Longan [2] Tea brewed by sister-in-law is too delicious. No wonder our Imperial Historian could not shake you out of his mind.”

“You horrible person. It’s clear that you’re trying to incite more hate on poor Scholar Lu. Why? Do you really hate him that much? Trying to borrow Tingxuan’s strength to get rid of this enemy of yours?” Su Nuan Nuan laughed lightly as she cheerfully exposed someone else’s ill intentions.

Su Dong Lou shook his head, “Let’s talk about that person later. I have something else I wish to consult with you two.”

“I guess you must have something of importance to convey, otherwise why would you run over here in the middle of the night.” Duan Tingxuan barked a laughed before continuing. “Well, speak. Is it something to do with King Xiangyang’s trump card?”

“I’m starting to believe that this trump card of King Xiangyang is all made up. I’ve counted up the soldiers and guards in all of his palaces. The total only amounted to 5,000 strong. What can he do with that paltry number? As far as I can tell, whatever his trump card is, it has nothing to do with military strength.”

Duan Tingxuan nodded, “I have also guessed as much. That leaves the Immortal’s Range…”

Su Dong Lou cut in quickly, “That is what I wish to speak with you two about. Lu Feng Yu mentioned this to me before. He intends to bring me to Immortal’s Range when the ‘time is right’. However, until now nothing has happened yet. I was just thinking, perhaps it is time for us to ‘Beat the Grass and Startle the Snake [3]’?”

“Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake?” Duan Tingxuan muttered to himself before nodding. “I supposed it’s time. Let us shake the grass a little and spook the snake into moving. As long as we could lure Lu Feng Yu into Immortal’s Range. We could take control of him, and through force and bribery, make him spit out the secrets of Immortal’s Range.”

“Being such an important place, there have to be guards installed around Immortal’s Range. However, that should be no problem with our level of martial arts. As long as it’s not a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses, a few Jianghu fighters are mere insignificant pests.” Su Dong Lou smugly waved his hands.

Su Nuan Nuan said coolly, “Don’t be so happy yet. Though Lu Feng Yu may trust you, he still knows our true identity. For what reason would he allow us to come too?”

“Ahem, ahem… that is… in short…” Su Dong Lou was suddenly all a stutter.

Duan Tingxuan snorted, “Just speak your mind. Just when did such a noble and dignified Master of Mingyu House mince his words like a new bride?”

“What right have you to f*cking pressure me like this?” Su Dong Lou said crossly. Then, he smirked and lowered his voice, “When the time comes, don’t say that I deliberately humiliate you. After all, you should know what that Lu Feng Yu covets most. He’s a man who would ‘Love the Crows for the House [4]’, and has his eyes on a certain cook…”

Before he could finish, Duan Tingxuan slammed his fist onto the table and snarled, “That bastard actually dared to say this even to you? Heheh! He really can’t wait to die. Humph! I’ll grant his wish. No, I’ll make it so that he wishes for death instead.”

“Leave that to me, no need to waste your time over it. I shall ensure that he’ll spend the rest of his living days wishing for death.” Su Dong Lou immediately soothed his friend’s ruffled feathers with this promise.

Then, he continued, “As I was saying. You should find a way to get accused of being a lecher and give him a reason to kick you out. Then, he could bring sister-in-law to Immortal’s Range to, ahem, make her feel better and get over her sad feelings of betrayal… Wei! Stop that, just listen to me first…”

This last bit was said through gritted teeth as he was busy trying to pry Duan Tingxuan’s hands away from his neck…



[Gumihou: Oh my! Su Dong Lou, you sure like to poke at this nest of wasps!]



[2] Longan – a type of tropical fruit


[3] Beat the Grass and Startle the Snake – To alert the enemy to one’s movements. But in this case, it’s to spook the enemy into action.


[4] Love the Crows for the House – Love me, love my dog. In this case, love the food, love the cook.

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