The Feast – 219 – Identity Exposed

Chapter 219: Identity Exposed


Translated by Gumihou

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“I like this thought.” Su Nuan Nuan smiled approvingly. Then she said, “Enough, don’t dwell on it too much. Lord Long had already passed away. While it is right for you to be sad, since his death is clearly a painful thing for you. You must cherish the friends you have now even more. In the first place, you should not have treated Dong Lou the way you did tonight. While I understand that you’re angry, you’ve also hurt Dong Lou’s feelings.”

“I understand.” Now that they found out that the Long Pingzhang that had been assassinated was a fake, Duan Tingxuan finally understood just how unfair his treatment towards Su Dong Lou had been. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became and finally, he slammed a fist onto the table and snarled, “It’s all that Lu Feng Yu’s fault. If it weren’t for him, Dong Lou and I would not have nearly come to blows like this. Humph! Once this is all over, watch how I take care of him.”

“Poor Teacher Lu, to think that he’d ‘Get Shot Lying Down [1]’,” Su Nuan Nuan couldn’t help but took pity on the injustice heaped on Lu Feng Yu’s not-so-innocent head.

Her husband self-righteously declared, “What do you mean get shot lying down? Wasn’t he the source of all our problems?”

“While it’s true that he did make problems for you, but you should consider his position. Isn’t it his job to make trouble for you? Moreover, aren’t you and Dong Lou busily digging holes to trap the poor man and force him to do your bidding?”

[Gumihou: Well said, Nuan Nuan. I really hate it when protagonists use ‘Justice’ to justify their actions while condemning others. It was the same ‘It’s only right!’ feeling that ancient men get when it comes to having extra wives and concubines. Humph! No sympathy from Gumihou! ┌П┐(►˛◄’!)] 

Su Nuan Nuan made it clear that she was not going to support him just because they were married, she’d rather help outsiders than assist relatives. For a moment, the little marquis was left speechless by this ‘betrayal’. Finally, he blinked and rolled his eyes. With a cold sniff he said, “Who cares about his position? Anyway, his position is clearly King Xiangyang’s top strategist, he’s the Dog Head Advisor [2]. Even if I don’t especially deal with him, the imperial ministers won’t leave him alone.”

“Alright, alright, must you argue over such trivial matters? Have you forgotten your status and transformed into a commoner?” Su Nuan Nuan yawned, patting her mouth a few times. “Go to sleep, ba. We still have to get up early tomorrow. Now that Dong Lou is about to break the paper window between us and Lu Feng Yu, I shall have to put in a little more effort to make something extra delicious. To prevent that foodie from thinking us too dangerous to be kept around and cut us off immediately.”

“I think that’s highly unlikely.” When Duan Tingxuan thought of that Ultimate Foodie who was so obsessed with delicious food that he’d actually attempt to snatch other people’s wife he sneered. However, the corner of his lips soon turned up and he grinned evilly to himself as he squirmed into bed to hug his wife to sleep.


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“So… it’s really them?”

Within the study, there was only Lu Feng Yu and Su Dong Lou. Even Lu Qi and Hong Lou had been dismissed. When Su Dong Lou ‘revealed’ Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan’s identity, there was not a shred of surprise or shock. His only reaction was to utter this line with a bitter smile.

Su Dong Lou quietly made a fist pump inside his heart. From this guy’s reaction, it’s clear that he really had known the real identity of his favourite cook. He had merely been concealing this fact from everyone. However, he was still curious how this guy had seen through Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan’s disguise? Had the couple inadvertently revealed themselves somehow? But, that can’t be, he knew just how careful these two had been, ah.

Unable to conceal his curiosity, he voiced out this very question. Lu Feng Yu laughed coldly, “You remember that chilli pepper thing? A few months ago I received a secret missive saying that Duan Tingye had sent people over to Jiang Nan to find out the whereabouts of this thing. When I saw that very thing in that couple’s hands… well, you tell me. Are there really so many coincidences in this world? If it really is a coincidence, then just how did a cook like Ms. Wang who had lived most of her life at the Capital understood an ingredient like the chilli so well?

That Hot & Spicy Beef Sauce and various dippings were things I’ve never even heard of or tasted in my entire life. However, she created them very easily. This kind of legendary skill was only possessed by a certain little marquis heir’s wife. The chances of two people having such skill are shockingly low. Therefore, even when I asked you to investigate their background, I was already quite sure who those two were.”

“If that’s the case, then why did Teacher not report them to His Lordship?” Su Dong Lou was shocked. Wearing a look of indignation, he snapped, “When I first found out, I was fairly sure, but still not 100% sure about their real identity, which is why I didn’t say anything to you. But to think that you actually knew who they are all this while. What can I say? It’s definitely them.

Though they tried to trick me by pulling the ‘Cicada Sheds Its Carapace [3]’ trick, and even have people impersonate themselves at Niu Tou Mountain, I still managed to see through their disguises. Moreover, things are still in our favour. Jiang Nan is our territory, as long as we report the matter to His Lordship. Heheh, as soon as he gives the order I can have people surround the entire place, even if they grew wings, they won’t be able to escape. Considering how stubborn and wily they are, I won’t be surprised if this confrontation end in their deaths.”

Su Dong Lou deliberately gave more emphasis to ‘end in their deaths’. As expected, Lu Feng Yu was immediately triggered. His entire body trembled, and he said urgently, “We cannot, we absolutely cannot be so reckless.”

“Why not?” Su Dong Lou said, expressionlessly, but inwardly, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. He thought: Yes, this is good, this is very good. Sister-in-law’s cooking is really amazing. It really has controlled this fellow to the point that he could not bear to have those two killed immediately. If that’s the case, we really do have a chance to get around him.

He was still busy thinking, listening with half an ear as Lu Feng Yu said sincerely, “Brother Su, I shall tell you the truth, since you are practically my brother. Though we are assisting His Lordship to achieve his great ambition, His Lordship could sometimes be… ahem, ahem, a little impulsive. At times he lacked forethought. That Duan Tingxuan is the emperor’s most trusted aide. Can you imagine what would happen if he were to die on Jiang Nan soil?

No matter how he died, no matter how solid an alibi we gave His Lordship, the emperor will never let his guard down on his younger brother ever again. Our plans are not properly in place yet, the emperor is at a good age and the crown prince still in excellent health. The time has not yet come for our plans to be put into action.

Under these circumstances, we must bide our time and strike the moment either the emperor or crown prince met with a mishap. Meanwhile, we should use this time to secretly raise our own army and cultivate our own officials within the imperial court. When the time comes, Jiang Nan would be in the best position to take over the highest seat.

By then, who cares about the Marquis of An Ping or Chan Ping or whatever other Ping? When the time comes, we could eradicate the entire house with just a few words. Additionally, once we’ve achieved the ultimate goal, who cares whether Duan Tingxuan is still alive or dead by then? If he’s still alive, His Lordship could still make use of his skills for the good of the country.”

“I think, I’m a little muddled by your words.” Su Dong Lou blinked at him. “So, you’re saying that Duan Tingxuan must not die? Not only must he not die, but we have to protect them, and see to it that they get out of Jiang Nan safely?”


Lu Feng Yu was also shocked. After carefully considering the nonsense out of his mouth, he felt that most of it did not quite add up, ah. Even a martial man like Su Dong Lou could see through his bluster. Would he really have to tell the other guy that he wanted to preserve the lives of these spies for the sake of gourmet food?

No, never. He still has to maintain his cool and elegant image, a high minded scholar who would have nothing to do with the material world. He could never allow himself to be seen as a greedy foodie.


Author White Pear Flower: Don’t struggle anymore, everyone already knows what kind of foodie you are, Ultimate Super Foodie Lu.


“That is… hahaha, naturally it depends on the situation…” Lu Feng Yu could only laugh loudly at this.

Suddenly, he sat down and scooted closer to Su Dong Lou to whisper into his ear. “As long as those two can’t find out anything in Jiang Nan, it’s best for us to let them go back to the Capital with this impression. After all, it’s not like we gain anything from killing them. We’d only gain the suspicion of the emperor, which is the last thing we want.

However, if they do find something, we must act. Still, it’s best that their blood is not spilled on Jiang Nan soil. Even if we have to destroy their corpses and sink their remains into the sea or fake a different scene of death, it’s better than letting them be caught dead here. In short, their life and death depend on the value of the clue in their hands. If anything of great value falls into their hand, then I’m afraid they can no longer remain in the land of the living.”


[Gumihou: Lu Feng Yu, you are very clever. Too clever for your own good…]


[1] Get Shot Lying Down – Internet slang for getting implicated just from proximity alone

[2] Dog Head Advisor – A bad advisor, generally translates as ‘inept’ bad, but I guess Duan Tingxuan is using the ‘evil’ bad this time.

[3] Cicada Sheds Its Carapace – Crafty escape plan



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