The Feast – 218.2 – Perplexed After 0 Thought

Chapter 218 (Part 2): Perplexed After 0 Thought [1]


Translated by Gumihou

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“Can you please not be so childish? To think that the great Leader of Six Martial Circles like Su Dong Lou with many bold titles after your name, is actually such a petty man. You’ve really disappointed me, ah.”

At Su Nuan Nuan’s glare, Su Dong Lou harrumphed and said, “Very well, the third point. I have a feeling that Lu Feng Yu already know who the two of you are, but his attitude is very odd. Today, he used the excuse of being drunk to especially inform me not to tell anyone once I’ve found evidence of your true identity. He wants me to inform him first, and let him decide what to do with you two.”

Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan exchanged a glance. This was the most important news they have heard thus far, however, the two of them could not think of how Lu Feng Yu had seen through their excellent acting. In fact, they could have sworn that their interaction with Lu Feng Yu had never changed, it did not look like he was testing them nor did they detect any additional surveillance.

What should they do? Should they stay or flee?

This was the uppermost thoughts that had been plaguing the couple all this while. Duan Tingxuan turned to Su Dong Lou and said, “The thing you wish to discuss with me, is it about whether Nuan Nuan and I should stay or leave? Though you say that Lu Feng Yu knows our identity, his attitude never did change…”

Su Dong Lou shook his head, “I am merely conveying the information to you. As for the matter I wish to discuss… En, what I meant to discuss is… I might be able to use this knowledge to add another handful of wood to fire up the trust Lu Feng Yu has for me.”

“You mean, by confirming our identities to him?” Duan Tingxuan proved himself to be an intelligent man by immediately catching on to Su Dong Lou’s plan.

Su Dong Lou nodded, before saying firmly, “Though I have no idea why, the fact remains that Lu Feng Yu still allows the two of you to maintain your positions despite knowing your identities. As you’ve said, his attitude had not change a bit. Therefore, I have a feeling that he must believe that winning is still within his reach. The only reason why he would allow you to stay on is to eat more of sister-in-law’s cooking for as long as he can before having you two arrested.” At this, he suddenly shook his head with a smile, “If that’s really the case, I’m afraid he would be recorded in the annals of history as the first person to attribute his downfall to delicious foods.”

Even under such tensed situation, Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan had to chuckle at Su Dong Lou’s words. Duan Tingxuan said, “Take another risk? Very well, let’s do it. Once you confirmed our true identity to Lu Feng Yu, he’ll definitely trust you completely. Though Nuan Nuan and I will be in danger, it will be no different than before. In fact, with you to coordinate matters in the centre, we would also be able to prepare ourselves better.”

“That’s right, that’s what I believe as well.” Su Dong Lou nodded gravely. “From what I have heard from Lu Feng Yu, he knows exactly what’s hidden within Immortal’s Range and its importance to King Xiangyang’s schemes. In fact, it is most likely King Xiangyang’s most powerful trump card. If we try to pry it from the King’s mouth, he’d most likely take the secret to his grave.

But, Lu Feng Yu is different. Though he’s cunning and wily, he’s physically weak and a coward at heart. If we could find a way to control him, between gourmet food and plain torture, we’d be able to apply both gentle methods and force to get him to spill King Xiangyang’s secrets. With that, we can break King Xiangyang’s rebellion even before it is able to rise up.”

“Your analysis is sound, let’s do it this way.” Duan Tingxuan was also getting excited. He punched his right fist into his left hand and snarled, “After enduring for the past few months, we’ve finally managed to see the end. Blast this mother’s thing.” At the thought of ending his life as a spy, the little marquis was so excited that foul words actually burst out from his mouth.

Su Dong Lou could not stay long, and left as silently as he had arrived. After all that excitement, Duan Tingxuan could not sleep. He stood at the window, looking out into the darkness. From behind, Su Nuan Nuan said, “What are you doing? Are you thinking about Lord Long?”


The little marquis turned around and gently folded his wife into his arms. As though he could absorb strength just by embracing his wife. He said softly, “When I heard from Dong Lou that Pingzhang hadn’t died, I was so happy that I nearly leaped through the roof. The reason why I was so angry at him is because, although I might have understood that Dong Lou did what was necessary, my heart really can’t bear it.”

Su Nuan Nuan said gently, “This is why when Dong Lou received the mission from Lu Feng Yu, he made the decision not to inform you. He knew that there was no point trying to discuss what to do and the information would just make you suffer needlessly. That is why he decided to just shoulder everything for you. You are in fact, very lucky with your friends. Lord Long being one of them, and Dong Lou too.”

“That’s true.” Duan Tingxuan sighed, then laughed bitterly. “It’s too bad that Pingzhang had passed on. For some reason, I have to keep telling myself this, because I keep feeling as though I’d see him appear in front of my eyes one day. However, it’s all just wishful thinking on my part. He’s already dead, it’s just too bad he died without tasting your delicious cuisines…”

“Are you saying that Lord Long is also a foodie?” Su Nuan Nuan interrupted, lifting her head to stare incredulously at her husband.

“Oh, not quite.” Duan Tingxuan shrugged. He smiled, “But, I dare say even a non-foodie could really appreciate your delicious cooking.”


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