The Feast – 216.2 – Absolute Trust

Chapter 216 (Part 2): Absolute Trust


Translated by Gumihou

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Su Dong Lou’s heart gave a little leap. He had just been speaking carelessly, not really expecting an answer from Lu Feng Yu. To think that he’d be given an answer so straightforwardly. Looking at the genuine smile on the other’s face, Su Dong Lou sighed a long sigh.

“What is it?” Lu Feng Yu smiled. Curiosity dancing in those clear eyes. Now that he completely trusted Su Dong Lou, all the resentment and grudges in the past had been wiped off in his mind. His current goal now was to carefully beguile the other party over, which was why he allowed more animation on his facial expression. His face, which had been attractive in a remote, celestial way before was now more intimate and engaging to all five senses.

“I sighed because being trusted is a very wonderful feeling.” Su Dong Lou said sincerely, his eyes darting to the side, not daring to look straight at Lu Feng Yu. Summer was blisteringly hot in Jiang Nan, and this guy had decided to run around outside dressed in the thinnest white cotton trousers and white jacket with open slits up the sides and sleeves.

Doesn’t he know the word shame or taboo?

If the whole of Jiang Nan did not know of his status, someone would have thrust their hands through those slits and grope that white clad bottom or stroke those tender white arms already. But, who in their right mind would seek death that way?

Lu Feng Yu laughed out loud, but said nothing. He merely ate a few more pieces of snacks and just let this complaint flop dead between them.

He was in a truly cheerful mood. After all the snacks had been eaten, he said to Su Dong Lou, “Be patient for a few more days. When the time is right, I shall personally bring you over to Immortal’s Range to see our trump card. Unfortunately, now is not the time. As long as the whereabouts of Duan Tingxuan and his wife are unclear, I dare not make a move.”

Su Dong Lou quickly said, “Just leave it to me. No matter if they’re at Niu Tou Mountain, hiding in your kitchen or even lurking about the Jianghu area. I shall find out within half a month.”

When Lu Feng Yu smiled, the apples of his cheeks plump up, causing his peach blossom eyes to curve into little crescents [1]. “Then, I shall put all my trust on Brother Su. Well, it’s time for me to go. Do come over to my place tonight, I shall get Ms. Wang to make a few good dishes to celebrate your heroic deed.”

Su Dong Lou licked his lips and swallowed a couple of times: Wait, are you inviting me over to your place? At night? You want me to stay over? Whatever, whatever, just what kind of situation are you in now? Get rid of all those worms in your head. Be patient. As this guy mentioned before, ‘A Good Meal is Worth Waiting For’ Heheh! Once I pulled this mission off, with Tingxuan as my backer, what can’t I get my hands on in the future?


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That night, he came over to Lu Feng Yu’s house as invited. Su Nuan Nuan had covered the entire dining table with rich, sumptuous feast. The two toasted each other, and, for the first time, Lu Feng Yu expressed himself openly before Su Dong Lou. They ate and drank happily. When the food was finally gone, it was already past midnight.

Knowing that he was more than three-quarters drunk, Lu Feng Yu waved for people to put the dining room back to rights as he got up to send the guest out himself. He pulled at Su Dong Lou as he wobbled to the front door saying, “It’s rare that I am able to drink to my heart’s content. Listen, don’t go just yet. Just pick any room here and sleep in it, what do you think? Let’s drink again tomorrow. Ms. Wang is so amazing, I… I really hate that she’s not my wife, aih!”

“You must be drunk, what nonsense are you speaking?”

Goosebumps rose all over Su Dong Lou’s body at this guy’s nonsensical words. He quickly called for Lu Qi and Hong Lian, and ordered them to escort Lu Feng Yu to his room. While waiting for them, Feng Yu suddenly collapsed, his hand still clutching at Su Dong Lou’s sleeves, yanking the Jianghu man down on top of him. ( ꒪Д꒪)

The Master of Mingyu House, who had always been calm in the face of calamities, felt a sudden [Shua!] through his body. It was as though he had been struck by powerful lightning, his entire body felt all tingly. He was just about to struggle and push the other man away when Lu Feng Yu’s breath brushed his ears, “You must investigate those couple’s background properly. Only… once you have news, you must report to me first. This matter is between you and me only. As for His Lordship’s side, I shall speak to him on your behalf in the future, understand?”

Is he speaking from the heart or was this just the wine talking? Su Dong Lou stared down at Lu Feng Yu’s dazed and flushed face. It was obvious that the man had drunk too much, but those eyes… those brilliant dark eyes were incredibly pure as they beseeched him.

He nodded foolishly. At this, Lu Feng Yu’s lips curled into a faint smile. The man pushed himself into a standing position and gave Su Dong Lou a little shove, “Enough, if you really must go, I can’t make you stay. Just get out already. I… I need to go back and sleep.”

At this point, Lu Qi and Hong Lian appeared to escort Lu Feng Yu to his room. Su Dong Lou made his way out of the courtyard, travelled down one of the many small alleys within the palace to a corner door. He woke the matron guarding the door and went out.

The gatekeeper, knowing that Su Dong Lou was an important guest of His Lordship, dared not complain as she obediently opened the door for him. Odd job workers like her had no right to judge what men of his status do within the prince’s compound.

It was only after he had left, and the gate firmly closed back up, that she dared to mutter angrily to herself, “What the heck is with these people running about all night long like night cats. Humph, how do you expect us to get a good rest like this?” the muttering continued for almost 15 minutes until the candlelight was blown out, and she was fast asleep.


Author White Pear Flower: Life is not easy for Master Su, ah. His feelings had been brewing to this point, everyone, please encourage him a bit, ba. Hohohohoho


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