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The Feast – 210.2 – Fishing

Chapter 210 (Part 2): Fishing


Translated by Gumihou

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Yang’shi was surprised, but she immediately caught on, understooding that Concubine Jiang must have come to some sort of realization.

Concubine Jiang certainly had been mulling over some serious decisions in her mind: If Xu Ran Yun continued with her current behaviour, it would benefit no one, least of all herself. In the past, she had attached herself wholly to this mistress of hers, devoting all of her loyalty and support to Xu Ran Yun. However, ever since Su Nuan Nuan had called her over and given her those pearls of wisdom, she no longer suffers from the blinding rage and hatred against this first madam. A clear-eyed calmness came over her, and she could sense that Xu Ran Yun no longer treated her with the same warmth and intimacy as before.

At times, she swore she could even feel the scrape of hidden knives in their conversations, but she could never be sure whether it was real, or just herself being overly sensitive. However, regardless of her feelings, the fact of the matter was that Xu Ran Yun was becoming too unstable as a backer, and that it would be prudent for her to find a more dependable mountain to lean on. After all, she still has Duan Maochuan to think of.

She sat with Concubine Jing for a good hour, plenty of time for messages and rumours to fly about, before politely making her excuses and taking her leave. Concubine Jiang made her way slowly back to Autumn Rain Pavilion. She had just entered the gate, when she saw Madam Yang’s personal dowry maid, Matron Zhou Ming came out. Xu Ran Yun herself sent the maid all the way to the top of the steps. Concubine Jiang immediately saluted Matron Zhou Ming. The woman was courteous enough to speak a few words to her, even praising Duan Maochuan once, before taking her leave.

“Where have you been? Why are you only back now?”

Xu Ran Yun gave Concubine Jiang a stern glare. The dissatisfaction she had felt from Matron Zhou Ming’s message finally have an outlet to vent. If not for a thread of reason still holding her back, she would have started yelling at this former maid of hers right out in the open.

“This one sat for a while with Sister Jing.” Concubine Jiang’s voice trembled as she answered. Her eyes flashed quickly over Xu Ran Yun, and she smiled ingratiatingly, “Since the weather is getting warmer, madam should take a walk around the garden more often. It’s not good to be shut up in the house all the time.”

“I am not half as blessed or popular as you are. You are allowed to try and make connections with the people in the mansion, but you should remember your place and not forget where you come from.” Xu Ran Yun sneered coldly. Then, she ignored the trembling Concubine Jiang to glare at Duan Maochuan.

No matter how she tried to conceal it, the hatred and resentment she felt against that boy welled up from her heart to flash briefly across her face. She thought viciously: If that little beast had just died back then, would she have fallen to this current position? But that brat just refused to die. And now? Even a lowly nobody like Concubine Jing dared to climb over her head. It’s all because that little brat had refused to die, destroying her schemes just like that.

However, she still had enough sense to know what was important and did not expose her true feelings. Finally, she turned around and went back into her room. Duan Maochuan held his mother’s hand tightly. Only after the door to their room shut behind them that he finally breathed a sigh of relief. “No wonder second brother did not like to stay at second mother’s place. Second mother is getting scarier and scarier, I like first mother because she is nice. Even third mother is fiercer than first mother.”

“Enough, what does a little brat like you know anyway?” Concubine Jiang, who had just missed Xu Ran Yun’s hateful glare, merely just advised her little boy to be more careful.

Just then, a maid came to inform that second miss and Concubine Lin had sent someone over to invite Chuan’er to their place for some painting lessons and snacks. Duan Maochuan gave a whoop of joy and ran out without even changing his clothes. Concubine Jiang quickly said, “He Hua, go and follow after third little master. Your Sister Yang had been out all day and is a bit tired now. Let her rest.”

The maid acknowledged the order and ran after the boy. Yang’shi smiled, “I am not so old that I can’t keep up with the little master. Surely there’s no need for madam concubine to be so courteous?”

Concubine Jiang smiled, “I’m not being overly courteous with you. To be honest, I have something I really wish to discuss with you. Second miss’s invitation came at just the right time. Now that she is engaged, I believed the marriage date would be determined once the lord and first madam comes back. I believed that first madam really doted on second young miss. In the past, we might not have bother ourselves with any of this, but that was then, this is now. I think, it would be good for us to prepare a good gift for her upcoming wedding.

These days, the third young master and second young miss have taken a lot of trouble to make time for little Chuan’er. While they may have acted under first madam’s orders, their friendliness is still the genuine thing. Come, help me think of a suitable present. I don’t have a lot to my name, and could only try to give something that’s unique, but not too expensive. That’s not easy to find, which is why I want to consult with you. We can set our money aside first and have someone look for something suitable. It’s better to take our time and plan for it now than to scramble for something half-hearted later.”

Yang’shi nodded, “This is a very good thought. Very well, I shall get your brother to keep an eye out for something good outside.”

As both discussed the matter of the gift, Concubine Jiang’s personal confidant and maid, Rong’er also participated in the discussion. About an hour later, a few options presented themselves, now it was up to Concubine Jiang to make the final decision after thinking over the matter.

Just then, Yang’shi lowered her voice to say, “Now that the master and first madam is not around, things are quiet. However, once they are back, madam concubine must be alert. We must not let anything happen to Chuan’er.”

Concubine Jiang looked up in fright, “What is sister talking about? Didn’t you say that first madam is a good woman? Wasn’t it you who said she would never harm anyone?”


Author White Pear Flower: This is only a work of fiction from White Pear Flower’s imagination. It has nothing to do with real person, country nor is it meant to violate any international laws.


[Gumihou: Haha, how do you like to be back at the An Ping Estate? Although we’re here without Nuan Nuan… also, what are you talking about, Elder Sister Yang?!]


[1] K’un the Great – a giant legendary fish that could transform into a giant bird called P’eng


[2] Jiang Ziya – He’s a character from a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) novel called Shenmo.

There’s actually a trailer for this Jiang Ziya animation, check it out! There’s a scene where he catches a fish, but then released it. So, I guess he’s famous for his fishing skills?



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