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The Feast – 210.1 – Fishing

Chapter 210 (Part 1): Fishing


Translated by Gumihou

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Duan Tingxuan smirked, “The more I think about it, the more I believe you’re correct about this guy’s obsession with gourmet food. After all, clever people tended to be greedy, otherwise we won’t have the saying ‘A Victim of One’s Own Ingenuity’. Heheh, he’s a fisherman trying to lure us and Su Dong Lou into his nets. To think that he’d actually try to catch us without even the offer of a proper bait.

On our side, we shall attempt to eat all of his bait, and then gobble him for lunch. Now that we knew our own positions, we’ll just have to see who is better at scheming. Whether this fisherman manages to catch us big fishes in his net, or we pull this fisherman into the water and feast on him.”

“Why are we the fishes and he the fisherman? You’re just blowing up the other guy’s ambition and destroying your own prestige.” Su Nuan Nuan glared at her husband, clearly unwilling to be a floppy fish.

Duan Tingxuan chuckled sinisterly, “So what if we’re fishes? Do you think in this world there are only grass carps, catfish and helpless silver carps? Have you never heard of the legend of a carp transforming into a dragon? Also, there’s that legendary fish in the north, K’un the Great [1]. A great fish of several thousand li (500m) in length. Aren’t these fishes greater than a mere fisherman?”

“That depends on the fisherman. If it’s someone like Jiang Ziya [2], even the Great K’un will become grilled fish in the end.” Su Nuan Nuan’s attitude was basically arguing for argument’s sake.

Before this newly acknowledged love, the little marquis was naturally indulgent and said lightly, “To compare that Lu Feng Yu with the Great Master Jiang, aren’t you thinking too highly of him?”

“Speaking of which, I had a feeling that Su Dong Lou’s attitude towards that guy was a little weird today.” Said Su Nuan Nuan, thinking back to the interactions between the Lu Feng Yu and Su Dong Lou

A sudden apprehension crept into her heart. She had no idea whether what she was suspecting was real, or whether a lifetime worth of light novels had ruined her brain, as Duan Tingxuan liked to say. For some reason, she had the impression that Su Dong Lou’s attitude was similar to those overbearing men taking liberties with their female targets. For example, what was all that obnoxious talk about saliva? Even Lu Feng Yu had run out of the room to retch in disgust.

Duan Tingxuan did not seem as bothered, he merely smirked with his eyes narrowed into amused crescents, “No need to be so overly concerned. That Dong Lou is a man of Jianghu and therefore is a little rough with his words. If you overthink everything he says, you’ll just end up with a headache. Enough, we still have to scheme against Lu Feng Yu in the morning, we should rest as long as we’re able to.”

Su Nuan Nuan made some small sound of agreement and laid down. The little marquis slid his arms around her waist, tucking her close to him. Both soon fell into a deep sleep.


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In the end, King Xiangyang and his party spent a whole month at Jin Ling.

At the end of the month, he stirred himself to move towards Hangzhou. Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan were quite anxious about investigating Suzhou’s Immortal’s Range, but Lu Feng Yu never gave them the chance to leave. In the end, they could only worry in secret and continued to observe Lu Feng Yu’s attitude. The moment they get a whiff that the enemy has a concrete reason to capture them, they would immediately fly the coop.

For now, they could only stay put, because running away would expose Su Dong Lou’s position; their own fake identities would collapse and King Xiangyang would be spooked into concealing his movements. They had to wait for the King to make his move. Once he began his rebellion, he would most definitely call upon Mingyu House to aid him. As long as they could get word out to Jiang Nan’s various military and official outposts, King Xiangyang would have nowhere to hide.

With such a great winning potential, the couple could only sit on their hands and wait for the fish to bite.


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In a flash, it was the Dragon Boat Festival again.

While things were heating up slowly at King Xiangyang’s imperial palace, the An Ping Estate was unusually quiet. Especially compared to last year.

“The lord and madam had been gone so long, but we don’t even have a single news from them. No one seems to know where they are or what they’re doing, or even when they’ll be back.”

It was Yang’shi who sighed, as she and Concubine Jiang left the North Court with Duan Maochuan in tow. The trees and grasses were all a bright jewel green now, with the occasional burst of colourful flowers competing for attention.

Concubine Jiang smiled, “You’re only sighing now because old madam had been reminiscing over first madam. But, to be honest, without first madam in the estate, it had gotten a lot less lively.”

“Exactly! Old madam has really been spoilt by first madam’s cooking. Luckily we still have the An Le Restaurant, otherwise, she would probably never allow first madam to ever leave the estate.”

“Concubine mother, will first mother not return for a long time?” Duan Maochuan suddenly chimed up. Then, he stuck his finger back into his mouth, saliva dripping from the corner of his lips as he continued. “Chuan’er really misses first mother.”

Concubine Jiang went rigid for a moment, but then quickly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Chuan’er. When your first mother comes back, she’s sure to bring lots of delicious things with her.”

Duan Maochuan immediately grinned up at his mother. Perhaps he had somehow sensed his mother’s secret distress, added, “Not only me. But, my brothers all misses her too.”

Yang’shi sighed, “That’s right, ah. The little masters all have a good relationship with first madam. Everyone can see how well first madam treats them. Children are incredibly sensitive creatures, especially the ones that took after Madam Yun and Madam Lan. It’s not easy to buy their favours just like that.”

A little frown creased up Concubine Jiang’s forehead. She said to Duan Maochuan, “You said that all your brothers misses first mother, but aren’t their mothers with them? And you, are you saying I don’t love you enough?”

Duan Maochuan giggled, “Concubine mother and first mother treats us differently. My brothers all said the same. But first brother and fourth brother are shrewd and they’d never say so in front of their mother. Second brother is different, he actually said this in front of second mother and was beaten up by her.”

Concubine Jiang and Yang’shi exchanged a significant look. Privately, they both thought that this Xu Ran Yun was being too reckless. No secret could be kept forever, once the fact that you beat up your child reached old madam and elder madam’s ears, what would the senior ladies think of you? In the end, you’re just a secondary wife. Are you still trying to rise up to the official wife’s position?

Concubine Jiang commented, “Since we have nothing to do, let’s go and visit Concubine Jing for a bit.”


[Gumihou: Haha, how do you like being back at the An Ping Estate? Although we’re here without Nuan Nuan…let’s see what’s been happening here ~]


[1] K’un the Great – a giant legendary fish that could transform into a giant bird called P’eng


[2] Jiang Ziya – He’s a character from a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) novel called Shenmo.

There’s actually a trailer for this Jiang Ziya animation, check it out! There’s a scene where he catches a fish, but then released it. So, I guess he’s famous for his fishing skills?



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