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The Feast – 207 – Emotionally Stirred

Chapter 207: Emotionally Stirred


Translated by Gumihou

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“So, that mountain ridge is called the Immortal’s Range?” Duan Tingxuan made a little bow with his hands clasped together in a pleading gesture, looking up at Su Dong Lou from the corners of his eyes. At Su Dong Lou’s slow blink of acknowledgement, he began to inform Su Dong Lou of the conclusion that he and Su Nuan Nuan had come upon with regards to the white rock riddle.

Then he added, “I thought of getting you to send someone to check it out. However, now that King Xiangyang himself has made a move, it appears that he’s being extremely vigilant. It’s better not to ‘Beat the Grass and Startle the Snake [1]’ for now. Let’s wait until we’re back. I’ll think of a way to personally check it out.”

Su Dong Lou blinked again to indicate that he understood. Now that the crucial exchange of information was over, he faked anger and gave Duan Tingxuan a push, waved his sleeves and snapped, “What a useless thing, whatever, humph! Since you’ve already made up your minds, I can’t be bothered anymore.”

He was about to leave when he spotted Lu Feng Yu hurrying up to them. The treacherous snake sneered, “I heard that Master Lu had come over and actually hurried over to entertain you. Why are you leaving so quickly? If you’re really looking for me, why are you now standing by the kitchen?”

Su Dong Lou harrumphed coldly, “My most excellent cook had been transferred over here thanks to your flowery words in front of His Lordship. I just happened to be hungry and came to get something to eat, are you actually going to deny me?”

His candid words caused Lu Feng Yu some momentary shock, but then the man recovered his poise to beam at him. “Now that you mention it, of course I’m not going to deny you anything. I shall, of course, make amends for Master Lu. Since Master Lu is feeling hungry, how about coming over to my place and have a little snack. No, better yet, we shall eat and drink our fill tonight. You might as well stay over at my place and we shall drink until we’re drunk. How about it?”

“What an excellent proposal.” Su Dong Lou laughed heartily. Duan Tingxuan, who was on his way back to the kitchen nearly tripped over nothing. He gave the two laughing men a furtive glare, thinking: What is Dong Lou thinking? Is he really going to drink until he’s drunk?


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As both Lu Feng Yu and Su Dong Lou were only ‘having snacks’, they did not bother to make use of the formal dining hall. Instead, they had the food brought out to the little reception pavilion in the garden. The maids brought serving items and snacks of all kinds to this reception and served everything there. Once the tea was poured, Lu Feng Yu sent everyone away and pointed at one of the small cakes, saying, “Try this one, Ms. Wang said that this is one of An Le Restaurant’s Sponge Cakes. It’s very light and airy, fragrant too. She had heard that someone actually managed to steal the recipe, but was unable to fully recreate the item, which is why the texture is a little lacking.”

Su Dong Lou ate two, and could not help himself as he snapped, “These things should all belong to me in the first place. To think that not only am I not able to eat any of it, you actually have the cheek to show off.”

Lu Feng Yu laughed heartily, “This is nothing. Brother Lu, you are the leader of the six provinces, a young man of great potential. As for me? I am the military adviser, the mastermind behind His Lordship. We are the best combination of literary and martial arts to assist Our Lordship in his ambition.

However, it is only when we are in a harmonious relationship that His Lordship could leave his name in the annals of history. Therefore, my cook is also your cook. Why should we split hairs like this? In the future, if little brother ever feels like it, just come over any time you like.”

“That sounds more like reasonable talk. How odd, just when did you develop human feelings?” Su Dong Lou sneered, suspicion bubbling in his heart. Had this fellow taken some wrong medicine or something? Why is he suddenly talking so candidly like this? Have I managed to pass some sort of test? No, that cannot be, ah. He had been suspicious of me for over a year already, why would he suddenly trust me all of a sudden? Without even a mission or a test to prove my loyalty?

He was still pondering over this matter when Lu Feng Yu delicately picked up a small mooncake and bit off a small piece. He closed his eyes in ecstasy and whispered, “This is the Ham Moon Cake [2] made by Ms. Wang. I really did not know that mooncakes could be made with ham and be so delicious. It’s so unique and aromatic, it makes me want to eat at least a dozen every day or my body will start to feel uncomfortable.”

Su Dong Lou’s eyes glazed over as he became caught up with Lu Feng Yu’s half drunken mutterings. There was something mesmerizing about this celestial like man’s dreamy way of speaking, the words that entered his ears seemed to stir his heart, giving birth to a strange kind of fascination.

He quickly shook his head, as though trying to shake the thoughts that had formed inside his head. He had just managed to settle his heart when Lu Feng Yu’s eyes opened. His voice was soft and indifferent as he said, “Those couple from the Capital, did you investigate their background?”

“What need do I have to investigate a cook’s background? Their cousin has been working at my estate for some years now.” Su Dong Lou’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he laughed brightly. “What? The fact that they are from the Capital and that Ms. Wang is a good cook concerns you? If you’re so worried, you can just hand them back to me. Now that I do not have ready access to Ms. Wang’s cooking, I’ve eaten much less. Did you not noticed how much I’ve thinned down?”

“Pei! You look down on me too much, why should I let go of the meat in my mouth?” Lu Feng Yu rolled his eye disdainfully at Su Dong Lou. Then, he sat up, and faced this sworn enemy before him and said softly, “However, returning to our main point. One cannot harbour evil intentions against others, but must always guard against evil. Everything has to be taken into consideration.

If His Lordship is to achieve his goals, we must not let our guard down. Brother Su, your connections are vast and you have many capable people under you. It’s best to send someone to check out these two people’s origins. If there is really nothing suspicious, it’ll be our boon. If you find anything suspicious, you would have rendered a great service to Our Lordship. From thereon, you may replace that idiot Liu Qiang [3] as His Lordships right arm.”

Su Dong Lou’s eyes suddenly flashed as he scanned over Lu Feng Yu’s person a few times. Finally, he sneered, “Cannot harbour evil against others? If someone else were to say this, I could probably still accept it, but for you to say such a thing, well, how unexpected. Why? Has Teacher Lu finally decided that I am trustworthy enough to assist Our Lordship?”

“We’ve already tested you enough, it’s about time.” Lu Feng Yu waved his hand carelessly. Then, he flopped forward and reached his hand directly into Su Dong Lou’s plate, picked out a small cake and popped it into his mouth. He mumbled around the cake, “The most important thing is that you are better than that Liu Qiang by a hundredfold, whether in terms of martial arts or connections. The only thing you lost to him is seniority. You got into the party too late. However, this is no big deal. Some things need not be said. However, if I were you, I’d take a bit more care with my movements.

Heheh, nevertheless with a man of character like myself on your side, Brother Su need not worry too much. Rather than say why I suddenly believe you, rather it’s more like I have already done all my investigations and understood your character well. I know that you will not abandon an opportunity to gain riches and honour, and therefore decided to express my true feelings and intentions.”

“In other words, I should thank Teacher Lu for letting go of your suspicion of me?” Su Dong Lou’s voice was heavy with sarcasm.

When Lu Feng Yu leaned over to filch his snack again, he couldn’t help slapping the man on the shoulder, “Enough with that, why don’t you eat your own snacks? You’ve only given me these two plates and you still want to tax me for it? Is this how you treat your guests? Have I ever been this stingy with you?”


[Gumihou: What is Lu Feng Yu thinking? Ufufufufu… ]


[1] Beat the Grass & Startle the Snake – Alert the enemy with careless movements


[2] Ham Moon Cake – I actually found an English site for this recipe!


[3] Liu Qiang – the poor sap tasked to kidnap Su Nuan Nuan way back at Chapter 116



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Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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