The Feast – 204.2 – Big Discovery

Chapter 204 (Part 2): Big Discovery


Translated by Gumihou

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Since Su Nuan Nuan was the nosy type, her gossip radar perked up at the noise, she began pulling her husband along and forcing her way into the crowd. After finally managing to break through, they found there was an old woman lying on the floor, beside her were two horse carriages, the driver of each carriage were both busily accusing the other of running down the woman, each insisting they had nothing to do with the matter.

This caused the fire in Su Nuan Nuan’s heart to flare up and without saying a word, she stepped forward to help the groaning old woman up. Then, she glared up at the two quarrelling parties and snapped, “Shut up. Since there is no way to tell who is in the wrong, you two may share the blame. Pay up.” Neither really cared about the old woman, they just don’t want to shoulder the blame of knocking down someone.

However, Su Nuan Nuan has already stepped in and arbitrarily decided that there were ‘no good guys here’, and have already mentally assigned 30 slaps of the board to both carriage drivers.

The two characters were shocked by Su Nuan Nuan’s high handed behaviour, and could not help but be angry. They began questioning Su Nuan Nuan, “Who’s this old woman to you anyway?”

Su Nuan Nuan sneered, “I don’t know her at all, however, I’m the type who could not leave things alone when there’s an injustice done right in front of me. The two of you only know how to quarrel, not bothering with this poor old woman here. By the time you two finally manage to settle your case, who knows what would have happened to this poor old woman?

Naturally, the one who caused the accident should pay, but both of you can share the blame for now and pay for her medical fee. Go somewhere else to carry on your argument, the one who is not at fault may receive the rest of the money from the one in the wrong.” She had already noticed the redness seeping through the old woman’s trousers, who knows whether she was cut by sharp stones when fallen? However, that kind of skin injury is nothing. Su Nuan Nuan was more worried about possible bone fractures.

The peanut gallery felt that Su Nuan Nuan’s way of doing things was extremely efficient and enthusiastically applauded her. All seemed to agree that her way of doing things was very good, and there were calls for the quarrelsome pair to take their argument to the government to be judged. Since the two carriage drivers were unwilling to seek trouble, and seeing the crowd getting rowdier by the minute, they decided that discretionary was the better part of valour. Otherwise, if they pushed the matter further, they might well be beaten up by this overly enthusiastic crowd.

After all, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. They muttered this phrase to themselves as they reached for their money pouches and withdrew five silver taels each for the old woman. Finally, both got onto their respective carriages and drove off.

From how swiftly they handed over the money, Su Nuan Nuan concluded that these two characters probably had no idea who actually ran over the old woman. After stuffing the silver taels into the old woman’s pockets, she helped the woman up, and tried to ask her some questions. When all the woman did was shook her head at every question, she finally figured out that this woman was in fact a mute. This unfortunate woman must have been very angry or hurt, but no matter how she had felt, not being able to voice any of it out must have been frustrating. If Nosy Nuan Nuan had not butted in, today would have been a most unfortunate day for her.

Since there were no pharmacies nearby, Duan Tingxuan carried the old woman on his back for two streets before they finally found a small family pharmacy. Luckily, the woman only suffered from superficial wounds. Though she could not speak, she made her gratitude very clear by bowing deeply at the couple to convey her thanks. Nuan Nuan noticed that she had some difficulty walking and asked where she lived. As a kind-hearted person, she was determined not to do a half-assed job of being a good person, and decided to escort the old woman home.

Sure enough, barely a half an hour walk later, they arrived at the old woman’s house. It was situated at the end of a deep and narrow alley. From the red roofing and white walls, they could tell that it belonged to a fairly well to do family. Chinese peonies bloomed around the wooden gate, giving it a very warm and delightful ambiance.

They bang on the knocker ring at the door, and in a flash, it was opened by a pretty young married woman in her thirties. Seeing the injured old woman, she gasped in shock. After listening to Su Nuan Nuan’s explanation, the married woman kept bowing and thanking the husband and wife pair. She insisted that both should at least come in for some tea. Su Nuan Nuan had no intention of going inside. However, just as married woman stepped away from the door, some random seedlings growing in the corner of the neat little yard caught her eye.

It was peppers! Their distinctively shaped leaves and little pointed fruits could not be more obvious!

Her heart immediately grew hot with excitement.

Duan Tingxuan, who had taken the hint from Su Nuan Nuan to decline the invitation was saying, “No need for thanks, it was just a chance encounter. Of course we must help, but I’m afraid we have some urgent business we need to tend to…”

That was when Su Nuan Nuan suddenly chimed up, “Oh, surely there’s no harm is there? No matter how much in a hurry we are, we still have time for a little tea and chat.”

The little marquis nearly choked. He looked over his beloved in a puzzled manner: Just what is Nuan Nuan thinking now? Surely she’s the type of heroine who prefers to sink into obscurity once the good deed is done, right?

The woman was surprised too, but then her smile bloomed prettier than the peonies and she quickly invited both in. When the little marquis trailed in, half embarrassed, she had to resist the urge to giggle. She caught Su Nuan Nuan’s eye and they both shared a look that only kindred spirits could. It was then, that the little marquis knew that the man of this house’s days were probably just as difficult as his.

Upon entering the house and drinking their hostess’ tea, Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan finally learned of the married woman’s family situation: The old woman was this married woman’s mother-in-law. However, because her husband worked on board a cargo ship, seven or eight months out of a year, there would only be the two of them together in the house.

Though the old woman was a mute, she was very hardworking. Aside from helping her daughter-in-law manage the housework, she would often stroll about the market place on her own. Today, her daughter-in-law woke up early again to weave cloth for a rush order and did not even have time for lunch.

This had been happening for a few days already and the old lady could no longer stand it anymore. Seeing her daughter-in-law in such poor condition, she decided to go to the market to buy some good meat and eggs. She planned on cooking something delicious and nutritious for this good daughter-in-law when the unexpected accident happened.

Su Nuan Nuan urged both women to be more careful in the future, and the married woman nodded. Firmly promising that she would not let her mother-in-law go to the market without her.

Now that all the necessary small talk was over, Su Nuan Nuan pretended to cast her eyes about, before pointing dramatically at the corner of the little yard and exclaimed, “Those seedlings, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen them before. What are they, ah? Could you show me?”


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