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The Feast – 197 – Bestow

Chapter 197: Bestow


Translated by Gumihou

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Lu Feng Yu looked at Su Nuan Nuan in shock. Duan Tingxuan pulled her by the arm and whispered reproachfully, “How dare you speak so in front of a master? What does the life or death of other people to do with us? Have you forgotten how they snatched credit for your hard work? They all brought it on their own heads.”

“I can’t bear to see it and just have to speak up. While at Mingyu estate, I spoke the same way with the master. If this master is angry, you may send me back, I really don’t like this place with all its scheming and backstabbing.” Su Nuan Nuan glared at Duan Tingxuan, and suddenly kicked his shin, snapping, “Are you a man or not, ah? Bowing and scraping all day, why did I marry a spineless good-for-nothing like you?”

Duan Tingxuan was angry and anxious, but he looked like he still dare not go against this arrogant wife of his. Instead, he turned to smile ingratiatingly at Lu Feng Yu, “Master, please don’t lower yourself to the likes of her. My wife has a terrible temper, but a good heart. Look, not only did she not blame those who tried to take credit, she even spoke for them.”

“Very well.”

Lu Feng Yu lifted a cup of wine and pursed his lips into a smile, his eyes curved into crescents as he said, “My estate is full of plots and machinations. Fighting and scheming as well as tyranny is the norm. We lack a benevolent and righteous person here, with Ms. Wang filling the gap, I am very happy, ah.” With a laugh, he ate another piece of Moon Rises Above Heaven’s Mountain, and said, “However, Ms. Wang’s cooking skills are second to none, your ability to create new dishes is really refreshing.”

“What new dish?” Su Nuan Nuan pursed her lips. “This used to be one of An Le Restaurant’s most recommended dish. More than a few restaurants already imitated it. It’s not that difficult.” At this, she suddenly narrowed her eyes at Lu Feng Yu, “Although I am not sure what master is suspicious about, don’t think that I am so simple that I can’t tell that master is plotting something. If you think that we’re suspicious, you might as well send us back to Mingyu Estate. I’m going to say it again, I really don’t like to come here. My Ba Zi [1] and this place are just incompatible.”

“As a cook, you still have such high considerations? Even I haven’t calculated my Ba Zi with this estate, and you have the cheek to say that yours is incompatible?” Lu Feng Yu shook his head indulgently. “Enough, I am not at all suspicious of you. However, a word for you, don’t bother thinking about going back to Mingyu Estate. Now that Su Dong Lou have sent you two to my place, don’t even think about going back. All you have to do is concentrate on this master’s meals. Eventually, you will find that I am no worse than Su Dong Lou.”

With that, he turned to the beautiful maid who had called Su Nuan Nuan over to say, “Lu Qi, I am very happy with today’s meal. Bestow two silver taels to Ms. Wang.”

“Yes.” Lu Qi answered.

Two silver tael reward was not low, in a regular noble house, a di young master or young miss would normally be given a monthly allowance of two silver taels only.

Su Nuan Nuan’s face relaxed into something close to friendliness. As befitting of a commoner cook, no matter how arrogant, there was no way she would be indifferent towards two silver taels. Even her speech and conduct was much friendlier than before. She said neutrally, “It’s good that master likes my cooking. However, I must inform master that we people from the Capital enjoy innovative dishes, and our ‘signature dish’ is always the latest innovations. Because of this, I too, enjoy refining my skills by creating new dishes.

I’m not willing to just make stuff that other people makes. If master is overly suspicious of me because of this little habit of mine, and is resentful of my temper, master can just hire any restaurant cook to make those standard dishes. You don’t need a suspicious cook like me in your kitchen.”

Duan Tingxuan’s heart tightened. He hadn’t expected Su Nuan Nuan to push forward this way, he quickly laughed ingratiatingly and said, “Master, she has always been this straightforward. Because of this, we have offended quite a lot of people…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Feng Yu’s laughter sparkled through the room, “No problem. No problem. As long as Ms. Wang continue to provide all kinds of delicious and innovative dishes, you will find that I, your master, is an incredibly warm and kind person.”

Duan Tingxuan, “… …”

Su Nuan Nuan, “… …”

As husband and wife disappeared from the door, Lu Feng Yu stroked his chin. He lifted his wine cup for another sip and ate another piece of meatball. A couple of chews later a smile curled the corners of his lips. Whatever, he didn’t care anymore. Even if these two really were Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan, I still want to eat more of their delicious foods before turning against them. It’s all beautifully innovative and delicious dishes, ah. It’s just too amazing.

Lu Feng Yu had no idea of the wise saying ‘No Zhuo No Die’ [2]. The only thing in his mind now was filled Bright Moon Rising Above Heaven’s Mountain and Gold Silver Fusion. He had already set foot down the road to his ultimate doom.

The Gold Silver Fusion is actually that Meat Stuffed Fish, and was actually quite simple to make. Discarded ribbon fish bones are crushed into powder and sprinkled onto freshly fried meatballs. The gentle flavour of fish enhances the taste of the meatball, which was enhanced by crushed lily bulbs, finely sliced Chinese cabbage, garlic chives and seasoning. The taste was really not bad.

Once she returned to the kitchen, Su Nuan Nuan settled down to have her lunch. She had just finished her second cup of tea when Ms. Rong, Mrs. Zhang and Xiao Yun trooped in. Su Nuan Nuan gave them a cool look. Mrs. Zhang and Xiao Yun looked away. Ms. Rong flashed her a hateful look, but it was fleeting.

Su Nuan Nuan sneered. She lowered her cup to the table and spoke to Mrs. Liu and the rest, “Alright, our duties for the day is done. Our next job is the evening meal. Aside from those on duty, the rest can go back and rest. Come back later to start the fires for the evening meal around the Shen hour (3-5pm).”

With that, she stood up. Before she could leave though, Ms. Rong sneered, “Who gave you the right to boss people around? You think that you don’t have to follow the rules of this kitchen just because you’ve shown some skills? Have you forgotten already? The person in charge of this kitchen is me. You’ve been here barely a day and you want to laze around. While it’s true that starting fires around Shen hour is still in time for dinner, what about sweet soups or bird nest soups? This is the time to simmer them, who knows when the master wants it?”

“Sister Rong, the sweet soups are all simmered. It’s now chilling in the pot. It can be served to the master any time.” Mrs. Liu spoke up, she really didn’t want Ms. Rong and Ms. Wang to get into a punch up. It would be difficult for her to mediate later.

“Then go stew the bird nest.” Ms. Rong said sternly. “Are my words just empty wind after having just seen this woman display her talents once?”

“Why are you so angry?” Su Nuan Nuan hehe-ed. “Rather than herding us around, how about you roll up your trouser leg to see whether you’ve injured yourself earlier. After kneeling on the stone floor and holding roof tiles over your head, you must have broken skin at least, right? Tsk, tsk, just thinking about it pains me.”


Lu Feng Yu’s place has no attached kitchen. Only one main kitchen, separated from the main estate by a wall, unlike Mingyu Estate where the main estate was furnished with own personal small kitchen that was quite nearby. Therefore none of the people in the kitchen knew that Ms. Rong had been punished.

After Su Nuan Nuan spoke, they all looked at Ms. Rong oddly, those who were standing too close to her began to edge away…


[Gumihou: Nooo… poor Lu Feng Yu… Why am I always rooting for the villains? First Duan Tingye and his wife and now this poor and gorgeous Lu Feng Yu]


[1] Ba Zi or eight characters –Feng Shui calculations to determine two person’s compatibility, or the compatibility of people and places. It takes into consideration name, date of birth and place of birth etc


[2] No Zhuo No Die – An internet slang for ‘If you don’t do anything against others, you won’t suffer the consequences




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