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泡儿油糕 – Puffy Oil Cake

Puffy Oil Cake 泡儿油糕 – (Pào er yóu gāo)


Special Points of the Puffy Oil Cake

from Tesegu


It’s a basically a fluffy sponge cake made with sugar, lard, walnuts, sesame seeds and rose petals. It has a brittle surface, a tender texture and a sweet after taste. It’s made with lard and hot water dough. Through the whole mixing, kneading and stuffing and frying process, the ratio of oil, water and flour is very important. Moreover, one should also pay attention to the oil temperature and flame level in order to successfully achieve the cotton like texture that is so incredibly light that it might float away at the slightest touch. The inside should be sweet, the outside crunchy yet fluffy. A favourite among visitors and locals alike




Makes 30 pcs



Pork Fat


Rock Sugar










Granulated Sugar


Brown Sugar






Sesame Seeds


Sesame Oil/Lard




Cooking Wine




Method (Has picture instructions, but no instructions on amount):



[Tip 1: Cut the pork fat into pieces about the size of a black bean and boil it at about 1:1 pork fat and water to render the fat. It should be done when the pork fat are all brown and crisp.]


  1. In a large wok, heat up lard (175ml) and water (400ml)


  1. Pour the flour into the boiling lard and water (water can’t be too much)


[Tesegu Tip: Stir with chopsticks for about 10 min]


  1. Mix until it’s a sticky dough


  1. Set aside and cool


  1. To make stuffing: Crush the peanuts, walnuts and sesame seeds


[Tip 2: For the filling, you can just make it according to your own taste]


  1. Next, stir in granulated sugar, brown sugar and lard into the filling


  1. Knead the dough. Remember to wet your hands because cooked flour is difficult to handle.


[Tesegu: You might have to add cold water. Knead until the dough is snow white. Makes 30 pcs)


  1. Form into pockets of dough and stuff with sweet filling


  1. Press flat


  1. Fry
[Tesegu Tip: Use whatever leftover lard you have to fry the Cake. Add more oil if not enough]


  1. Eat one to check if you’re successful



Note: Another difficult to follow recipe, hahahaha… Your cooking instincts has to be amazing before you make this.




For picture instructions, go to: xiachufang


For measurements, approximate and guesswork only, go to tesegu


The recipe from Tesegu, is all text and a bit difficult to follow. The one from xiachufang has picture instructions and an ingredient list, but no amount listed at all. Guess will have to add amount until your ancestor or instinct tells you to stop


This recipe is mentioned in The Feast, Chapter 174.


Have fun cooking and eating!






Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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