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The Feast – 153 – Life Threatening

Chapter 153: Life Threatening


Translated by Gumihou

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Feng Xian quickly accepted the mission, when Xu Ran Yun did not have any other instructions, she quickly backed out of the room.

Things were perfectly calm in the morning. After lunch, Xu Ran Yun was just about head to her room for a rest when she hears Concubine Jiang’s impatient voice from outside, “Is the madam in?” Her heart gave a sudden flip, and she quickly sat up straight. “Is that Wan Fang? Come in.” Wan Fang was Concubine Jiang’s name. Since she was Xu Ran Yun’s dowry maid, Xu Ran Yun would often call her by her given name when no one else is around.

Shortly after that, the door opened abruptly, and Concubine Jiang rushed in. Her face was clearly anxious and frightened. After a quick greeting she said, “Madam, Little Chuan had a stomachache just after lunch, not an hour later he’s already suffered diarrhoea twice. Would madam please send for a physician?”

Xu Ran Yun frowned so hard that a line appeared on her forehead. She said seriously, “Is that so? Feng Xian, go to the second gate and get the servant to fetch Housekeeper Zhang. Ask him to fetch Physician Liao.” though they were all part of the An Ping household, not every servant could call for the physician. The physician they usually send for was Physician Liao, a reasonably famous Capital physician.

Feng Xian raised her head, and saw the madam narrowed her eyes meaningfully at her. Her heart went [Thump!]. Curses, is madam really planning to launch her plan now? Isn’t it too… sudden?

She was still thinking, but her feet had already started moving. She rushed out the door to make the arrangements. After a brief thanks to Xu Ran Yun, Concubine Jiang immediately rushed back to look after Duan Maochuan. Feng Xian soon returned to Xu Ran Yun’s room, and reported in a soft voice. “Everything has been arranged.”

Xu Ran Yun stayed silent for a long time. Finally she spoke, “Go send a bowl of Sweet Ginger Soup to soothe Little Chuan’s stomach.”

Feng Xian’s hand trembled. She raised her eyes and saw her mistress gave her a little nod. She understood immediately and said in a small voice, “Yes. This one understands.”

Then, she left.


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Concubine Jiang was so anxious that she was basically like a cat on a hot tin roof as she stared down at Duan Maochuan with tears in her eyes. She kept repeating her questions, “You really haven’t eaten anything bad? If you really haven’t then why is your stomach hurting? You’ve never had diarrhoea since you were two years old. You little devil, please tell mother, just what have you eaten?”

At her anxious urging, Duan Maochuan grew even more frightened and dared not mention that he had had Snow Cream at Spring Breeze Court. He kept insisting that he had not eaten anything bad. While the two of them circled each other over this, they heard a maid called out ‘Sister Feng Xian’. Concubine Jiang leapt to her feet and pulled the curtain aside. She managed to force a smile on her face and said, “Please excuse me, but why is Miss Feng Xian here in person?”

Feng Xian said, “Madam knew that Little Chuan must have had a chilled stomach, and sent me over with some Sweet Ginger Soup to warm him up.”

Concubine Jiang immediately grew wary, “A chilled stomach? Where has miss heard this from? I was just asking Little Chuan whether he’d eaten anything bad, and he kept denying it.”

Feng Xian panicked for a moment, before making herself smile, “I was just guessing. It is winter after all, aside from a chilled stomach, what else could it be? Therefore, our madam asked me to bring the Sweet Ginger Soup over. I’ve even added a few pieces of ginseng. After suffering from diarrhoea, Little Chuan must be feeling a little weak. Though I can’t guarantee great improvement, it should help recover a little of his strength.”

Concubine Jiang was so grateful that she nearly fall over herself with thanks as she accepted the bowl of Sweet Ginger Soup and quickly fed it to Duan Maochuan.

Feng Xian’s face betrayed her true feelings for a moment as the boy drank down the soup. Now that this bowl of Ginger Soup has been drunk, Duan Maochuan’s little life would be difficult to preserve. However, who would actually dare to go against madam’s instructions? First madam was basically like an unmovable mountain. If they don’t get rid of her, neither she nor her mistress would ever be able to get out of her shadow. No, they have no other choice.

“Madam concubine, Physician Liao is here.”

Her thoughts were interrupted by Rong’er. Feng Xian quickly erased the look of pity on her face and smiled, “Oh, that is quick. Looks like Little Chuan should be fine now that the physician is here. Well, send him in, I shall stay and observe, and bring the good news back to madam.”

Rong’er gave her a wary look, but quickly lowered her gaze to say. “Concubine Lin caught a bit of cold and Physician Liao had been called to see her. He was just leaving when Housekeeper Jiang bumped into him and brought him over.” The three women made their way past the screen but did not enter the room. Not long after, they heard movements inside followed by silence. The physician must be taking Duan Maochuan’s pulse.

Though Concubine Jiang was anxious, she did not forget her manners. After all, it can’t be any major sickness. Though Duan Maochuan had never complained of a stomachache these past two years, it’s not like it was some incurable disease. Also, there was no news of a plague going on anywhere within the Capital, so she was fairly sure that it was something that could be cured with just a few bowls of medicine.

“How is he?” the person sitting by Duan Maochuan, his nursemaid Yang’shi, asked the moment it looked like the physician was done with his check ups. Physician Liao shook his head, “This child had eaten a large amount of cold food, mixed with a little of other things. In other words… his condition now is quite severe. I shall give you a prescription first. Take it first and wait for any changes in his condition. However, I advise you to quickly ask for a much better qualified physician, otherwise if his condition changes for the worse, it might be too late.”


Concubine Jiang listed to the side, nearly collapsing to the floor. No longer able to keep her poise, she dashed into the room, her voice shrill as she said, “You… what did you say? What do you mean by great danger? Why do you say ‘it might be too late’?”

Physician Liao quickly stood up and bowed to Concubine Jiang before saying gravely, “The child is very ill. May this one know what cold thing madam might have fed the child?”

Concubine Jiang immediately said, “I… I never, ah…”

Suddenly, Duan Maochuan called out weakly, “Mother, it hurts… my stomach hurts… I have to go…” before he could finish, an audible [pu] was heard. Unable to get up, he had pooped on the bed.

“You naughty child. What thing have you eaten? You tell mother now, ah.”

Concubine Jiang was really in a panic. Outside, she heard a chorus of voices announcing, “Madam Yun has arrived.” Soon after, Xu Ran Yun pushed past the curtain flaps and entered the room. In a serious voice, she said, “Why is Feng Xian taking so long here… Physician Liao, you’re already here? How is Little Chuan? I just sent a bowl of Sweet Ginger Soup with one slice of ginseng over, does he need any other medicine? Just give us the prescription.”

Physician Liao quickly gave his greetings and said seriously, “Madam’s actions are swift and appropriate, however, the child’s body is overly chilled. This old one could only do his best, only… what this one meant to suggest is, as a respected aristocratic family, perhaps madam might consider sending for an imperial physician specializing in internal body conditions. Though the child’s condition might not deteriorate further, it’s still best to be cautious.”

“So serious?” Xu Ran Yun’s expression changed. After a short contemplation, she gave an order to Cui Bing, “Run over to Spring Breeze Court, if the lord is there, ask him to send for the imperial physician. Make sure he knows that Physician Liao has been, and mention also that this matter cannot tary. If the lord is not there, send people to the government office. If we still can’t find him… that’s right, go to the Accounting Office first, get them to write a message. If we cannot find the lord, we will have to send message along with An Ping House’ token for an imperial physician.”

Cui Bing quickly accepted the mission and ran off. After this, Xu Ran Yun came over to comfort Concubine Jiang, “Don’t worry yet. The children of this household are all preciously taken care off. How could we let such a small thing ruin our composure? The more you panic, the more frightened Little Chuan would be. And that won’t be good for his health.”

“Madam… I… I’m so scared. I’m really… I really can’t think right now, please don’t go away. This one can hardly breathe from the shock…”


Author White Pear Flower: Poor Little Chuan, this is really quite a disaster, ah.


[Gumihou: Oh no, Duan Maochuan!]


Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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