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The Feast – 141 – Take A Stab

Chapter 141: Take A Stab


Translated by Gumihou

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“Good man, just between ourselves we already have 60,000 taels. That means the public fund must have at least gotten about 100,000 taels to 200,000 taels, right? How many days has it been, ah? Tingye, you’re sure you haven’t miscalculated?”

Duan Tingxuan really could not believe his ears. Duan Tingye grinned, “Of course I didn’t miscalculate. Even if I did, it’s most likely an underestimate rather than overestimate. Brother, since we have so much money now, please consider how we might invest it in the future. I think merely saving money is not very cost-effective, but I’m still not sure what to do with the money. Even if I build more cake shops and restaurants, I won’t be able to use up all that money. Not only that, more money would come rolling in with the shops.”

The hidden message behind this remark was received by Duan Tingxuan. As long as Su Nuan Nuan was around, there was no need for them to worry about their cake shop or restaurant going under. He said sternly, “You’re right, this is a major consideration. Let’s talk about it again after the new year, I should a few free days by then, and we’ll have a clearer idea of what the accounts are like. Some of the backlog cases at court should have been cleared up by then as well. We should also discuss this with father. By the way, the ships we’ve invested in have been gone for about half a year, right? They should be back soon, have you heard anything from them?”

Duan Tingye answered, “Most of them are back, I had planned to personally oversee the goods at Jiang Nan, but because of the new business here, I couldn’t leave. But, the report said the ships brought in quite a bit of Sappanwood[1], pepper, and other spices. They also brought in Japanese swords, clocks and other expensive items from the West. I have a feeling that these goods would flood the Capital by next year and and prices would fall. No news yet from the ships that haven’t arrived. Why did brother want to know? Haven’t you always been uninterested in business?”

There was a slightly guarded tone when he reached the end of his sentence. Though he himself might not be aware, but Duan Tingxuan immediately picked it up. However, he merely gave a little smile and said, “Of course I have my own reasons for asking. Be at ease, it has nothing to do with the business. It might have something to do with the emperor and the imperial court, but it’s definitely not something that you should interfere with. All you have to do is prepare the money for our travel, and who knows, there might even a new business opportunity for you later.”

“Are you involved in some kind of secret mission?” Duan Tingye grew excited. He clearly wanted to ask more questions, but was glared at by Duan Tingxuan, “When the time comes, I will give you all the necessary information. Until then, I suggest you don’t ask anymore.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.” Duan Tingxuan flushed slightly. He was about to take his leave when Su Nuan Nuan beamed, “I’d like second brother to help me with something. Could you find out if anyone someone brings anything that looks like a red fruit called chilli? If you manage to get hold of it, I will give you a few more good recipes similar to the Steamed Lion Head.”

“For real, sister-in-law?” Duan Tingye’s eyes lit up. In fact, the most popular item at the restaurants now was the Steamed Lion Head. The Steamed Lion Head was actually just 4 large meatball in a bowl, but for some reason it tasted exquisitely delicious, and that broth, so clear yet so rich was incredibly mesmerizing. Everyone, from rich officials to the regular commoners all adored this dish. Aside from just eating it at the restaurants, a lot of scholars working at the Capital would bring it home as gifts for their family. It was also a popular greeting gift. Aside from being delicious, it was also known as the extremely auspicious Four Lucky Globes.

“Of course it’s for real.” Su Nuan Nuan stood up and went to a table. She made a quick sketch of a chilli. Then, she ordered a maid to bring in some rouge to colour in her chilli, before handing the drawing to Duan Tingye. “It should look something like this. Though it’s mostly in red, you might find some in green or yellow. Surely there’s no need for me to give you more details? I really don’t have any green paint or dye with me now.”

“Of course, of course, most leaves and vegetables are green anyway, right? I understand, I will send people out to investigate this.” Duan Tingye carefully tucked this important piece of paper into his shirt. Then, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked, “Where did sister-in-law see this thing anyway? I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.”

“The things that your sister-in-law knows goes beyond this. Have you ever heard of the Steamed Lion Head before this? Or that Birthday Cake? The depth of person’s gift cannot be simply measured. For example, this chilli, the whole of Xia might not know about it, but because it is an edible item, your sister-in-law will know it in a flash.”

Duan Tingxuan used his authoritative voice and half baked arguments to squashed down his brother. When Duan Tingye nodded obediently, he smiled and said generously, “Since it’s getting late, how about having dinner here?”

“Oh, no need, no need, Yurou is waiting for me at home. Brother should know my wife’s attitude, she gets jealous at a drop of a hat. If I come home late, she might think that I’d used seeing you as an excuse to tease the maids.” Duan Tingye’s perfectly sincere ‘self-deprecation’ seemed to piss off the little marquis. Duan Tingxuan turned purple with anger and sent his brother out immediately without even an illusion of courtesy.

“Why can’t you at least see him out? In the past, didn’t you at least show some semblance of manners even if you don’t like him?” Su Nuan Nuan looked at him suspiciously, to which Duan Tingxuan snapped moodily, “See him out? It’s good enough that I did not kick him out, still want me to personally walk him to the door?”

“What’s with that attitude? It’s not like the second brother said anything weird. Isn’t he just making fun of himself being so scared of his wife?” Su Nuan Nuan smiled, “Don’t tell me you’re offended by this?”

“He said it just to provoke me.” Duan Tingxuan’s face had gone beyond purple and was now black. “Didn’t you hear it? That guy was mocking me for having many wives and concubines, AND he was implying that we lack harmony in our relationship. Especially since you refused eat vinegar on my behalf. He only has that one wife and the pair of them are like a pair of colluding villains. He is just making fun of my current struggle.”

The more the little marquis spoke, the more angry he became. He swept his hand across the table, send his teacup smashing to the floor. In his eyes, it was like seeing his brother dying in pieces, it made him feel much better.

“It’s fine if you’re angry with your brother, but why take it out on my teacups?” Su Nuan Nuan quickly called Cong’er over to sweep the pieces away. When Cong’er had carried off the pieces, she said in a low voice, “But I must say, I do feel that thought second brother spoke to you like this, he didn’t sound half as slimy or offensive as before.”

Duan Tingxuan rolled his eyes, “That’s just your imagination. Su Nuan Nuan, you must have your ears checked. I feel that this current Tingye is even more offensive than before.”

“Hey, don’t just judge people just over that one stray line. What happened to your brilliant lord heir’s mind?” Su Nuan Nuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Are you telling me that you haven’t realized it? Have you seriously not noticed how he never hide his emotions around you anymore? Everything out of his mouth is perfectly sincere.”

“Wu! Is that so?” Duan Tingxuan stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Could it be possible that this guy really had let go if the heir position? He treats you like the goddess of culinary delights and is now flattering you in hopes that you’ll bestow him with recipes. It looks like he really has sank low enough to worship money.”


Author White Pear Flower: Second Young Master Duan is too naughty!!


[Gumihou: Fufufu, Second Young Master Duan is so fun!!!]


[1] Sappanwood – Valued for its medicinal, edible and dye. The seeds could be used as a sedative.


Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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  1. sinkingship

    Hm. I wonder if that really was Duan Tingye taking a dig at Duan Tingxuan or is DTX just reading too much into it? As a reader, I didn’t get the impression that DTY was being intentionally malicious but… hard to say for sure I guess.

    1. Gumihou

      I think it’s just Duan Tingxuan being sensitive…

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