The Feast – 136 – Gratitude

The Feast – 136 – Gratitude

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  1. sinkingship

    Calling himself a good husband, his face is really like a city wall isn’t it? And he’s delusional to boot. Hmph.

    I think Su Nuan Nuan made the right call by pleading for those people’s lives. I get that it goes against the “propriety” of the society she’s living in but since her social status makes it so she can decide their lives on a whim anyway and she’s already established herself as a willful and capricious character in the eyes of anyone who would bother to reprimand her over it… doesn’t that mean that there aren’t any easily foreseeable losses or troubles that could arise? That being established I feel like a good 99.9% of people in the world would choose to save another person’s life when there isn’t any cost to themselves, so MC really shouldn’t be questioning herself about it imo.

    1. Gumihou

      I think it’s good to question a decision, the key is to stick to your guns!

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