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卷尖 – Rolled Tips

Rolled Tips  卷尖 (Juǎn jiān)




Makes 2 rolls



Pork Belly


Chicken Egg







To taste

Spring Onions


5 Spice Powder

To taste

Sesame Oil

To taste

Soy Sauce

To taste



Tapioca Flour

A bit*

*Isn’t it annoying when the recipe calls for ‘a bit’ of something? Lol


Method (No step by step picture instructions):



  1. Take off the skin of the pork belly and ground it down to fine paste. Add egg whites (2 eggs), spring onions, ginger, 5 spice powder, soy sauce, salt and tapioca flour into the mix.


  1. In a different bowl, beat 3 eggs together with a little salt and a little tapioca flour. Grease a very clean wok with a little lard and pour the egg onto it to make a thing pancake. Set aside


[Tip 1: Use low fire to avoid bubbles, but make sure the wok or pan is very hot to avoid sticking. You may use a non-stick pan for this. Teflon pan has a limit to how hot it should be so don’t go over the limit.]


  1. Once the egg pancake has cooled, spread the meat paste generously onto one side of the pancake and roll it up carefully. Steam over high heat for 20 minutes, seam side down and leave it to cook under residual heat.


  1. In a dry wok, place some wood chips at the bottom of the pot and light it up until it’s smoking. Smoke the steamed Rolled Tips for about 10 minutes before taking it out. While still hot, brush sesame oil over the Rolled Tips, slice, and serve.


[Tip 2: To protect your wok, spread an aluminium foil at the bottom of the wok to protect it against burning wood chips. If you have a proper smoker, you may use that too.]


Note: I’ve looked up a few recipes, the smoking is optional, you can eat it after steaming, or freeze it for later use.


The original recipe can be found at meishij.


This recipe is mentioned in The Feast, Chapter 103.


Have fun cooking and eating!





Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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