Fine Food Broadcaster – 0035 – The Broadcast Has Started, Why Are You Still Blanking Out?

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0035 – The Broadcast Has Started, Why Are You Still Blanking Out?

Chapter 35: The Broadcast Has Started, Why Are You Still Blanking Out?


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As noon crept closer, everyone grew more and more excited/anxious.

“Xiao Min, you go and ask Deity Ye, see if you can get him to reveal what he’s broadcasting today.” Liu Ping urged, his hands never stop tap-tapping away at his computer.

The rest of them stared hopefully at Tang Xiao Min.

Tang Xiao Min was dumbfounded, “I know already, I’ve already spoke to Ye Fei. His answer is still the same as yesterday. He said he didn’t know what today’s topic will be.”

The news depressed the entire room of people. This again, why is it this again?

Deity Ye, can’t you just give us a little hint? Do you know that other sections have sent out their Silver Star horses out into the race, ah? This is no joke, you know? All of them were backed by powerful fanbases, at least 10,000 strong each. You still say that you don’t know what you’re broadcasting today, how are you going to fight against them, ah? We at the Fine Food Section, millennials and Baby Boomers have united and placed all our hopes on you, ah. Otherwise we’ll be stuck in a really awkward situation, ah.

Feng Tian Lai too was very anxious. He could barely lift his feet off the ground when walking, so depressed was he.

“We’ve done all we could, let’s not crowd against each other and go back to your positions. Ye Fei’s broadcast is about to begin. Tang Xiao Min, you’re in charge of Ye Fei’s statistics, make sure to log his audience count. Liu Ping, you’re in charge of logging all the rewards and Pockface (Pockface works the day shift), you keep an eye on that King of Sketches’s movements…”

After the arrangements were set up, Feng Tian Lai finally collapsed at his seat, hands on his forehead as he fervently prayed.

Even as Fine Food Section made what preparations they could, King of Sketches had begun his broadcast.

“F*ck, surely this is wild even for King of Sketches, right? Look, the number of viewers have already reached 30,000.”

“How can this be? He’d just started, what the hell’s going on?”

“Looks like having the QQ Platform personally announce you as the first act really pulls the crowd, ah. I’m sure lots came just from the announcement.”

“30,000 viewers, ah. If the numbers keep increasing, do you think King of Sketches will experience a breakthrough?”

“It’s possible, ah. Someone like him should have no problem breaking through.”

“You guys are over thinking it. A Silver Star Level 2 has 20,000 more fans than a Level 1. No matter what, that’s still quite a gap to overcome.

“On the other hand, quite a lot of the viewers here are none Language Section specific, so he should have a chance.”

“Heavens! Someone just bought a luxurious plane, and so early in the game, ah.”

“The f*ck, who is it? 10 motorbikes just passed by the screen, that’s a total of HX$10,000, ah. That’s equivalent to a whole cruise ship, you know?”

“King of Sketches’s has a good rhythm going on, ah.”

“Other sections will have trouble keeping up now.”


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Backstage at the Fine Food Section.

As the person in charge of monitoring Sketches King’s movements, Pockface was on the verge of crying. Surely this guy was just too excessive, right? The broadcasting had barely started, and he’d already garnered so much attention.

“Manager, the opponent is too fierce. If I watch anymore I’ll start cursing. They really have no intention of giving us a a way out, ah.”

“What’s the situation now?”

“I don’t have the specific numbers for the rewards, it’s impossible to count small items like flowers and claps, but the King of Sketches had just received 5 luxury planes and no less than 30 motorcycles. That’s a total of 50 or 60 thousand dollars.”

“En, alright, continue to monitor.”

Pockface, “… …”


Feng Tian Lai looked perfectly calm now. In fact, the more anxious the people around him became, the calmer he looked. Actually, he had already resolved himself to depend on one crucial fact. No matter how many experts they brought in, Fine Food Section would not take last place.

Whatever, as long as we don’t take last place.


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At the main office.

The happiest people within the company were the statisticians for Languages Section.

“Haha, the number of viewers collected by the King of Sketches have just reached 350,000.”

“The f*ck, so much? When I glanced at the screen just now it was 300,000, ah. It’s already reached 350,00 in just a couple of blinks? Has someone set a rocket under these numbers?”

“Reporting on rewards collected by the King of Sketches. The total is now at HX$86,530.”

“Enough already, can’t you give us a way out? It has only been how many minutes and he’s already collected over 80k?”

“We’re finished, we can only settle for number 2 now.”

“Are you joking? Though we have no Golden Deity today, we still have other powerful broadcasters on our side. Don’t even bother trying to aim for number 2.”

“Hei, hei, I’m just saying.”

“King of Sketches’ rewards have gone past HX$110,000, the number of viewers is now over 360,000.”

“What the… this is crazy, crazy, ah! King of Sketches is on a roll, ah. Don’t you think he’ll breakthrough to Silver Star Level 2 soon?”

“It’s possible. He has built up a great momentum.”

“Harmonious Music is even more intense compared to yesterday, ah. There are already 50,000 viewers already. If he’s able to maintain this pace, he’d probably break into the Bronze Star level.”

“That’s right, moreover, his rewards already reached HX$60,000.”

“By the way, has someone injected chicken blood into our Outdoor Sports Section Mister Beckham? He’s picked a really good shooting location, and his reward points already hit pass HX$50,000.”

“Our Fitness Section’s Little India has gone all out today. Her yoga skills are just too incredible, look at her, this… are her arms made of noodles? Just how did she managed to do that? F*ck, a plane? Someone just bought a plane!”

“Hey, are you done? Can’t you be more sensitive to other people’s feelings?”

“What are you talking about?”

“While you’re busy being happy, you should also keep in mind the feelings of the people from the Fine Food Section. Don’t you know that aside from them, the rest of us have godly broadcasters representing us?”

“Pu~~ the Fine Foodies? Don’t they have a deity on their side? That Ye Fei guy, hey. Where’s Ye Fei?”

“Ye Fei? No news from him, hasn’t started broadcasting either.”

“Hey, hey, let’s make a bet. Everyone, guys from the north, girls from the south, all the singers and dancers and players here, everyone take a guess. How many spectators will Great Deity Ye have in his broadcast?”

“Haha, Ma Tao you tease. Be serious and don’t hurt your comrade’s feelings.”

The Fine Food Section had been monitoring the in-house forum as well, and knew these people were making fun of them. It really pissed them off, but it was not like they could say anything in rebuke.

In the end, what they all said were true. All these major and minor sections have all sent out powerful representatives to fight for them. Even the second last place Fitness Section had dredge up their Silver Star Level 1 Little India to bully them.

“These bunch of bastards, have they not a single decent cell between them? Just because we lacked talented individuals doesn’t mean they should bully us like this, ah.”

“Our most powerful broadcaster now is Greedy Little Cat. Though she’s a girl, her strength is not low. She’s managed to collect up to HX$80,000, almost HX$90,000 now.”

“Great, King of Sketches surpassed that amount in just 10 minutes, ah.”

Everyone in the room sighed. Suddenly, Liu Ping shouted, “Look! Ye Fei’s broadcast has started.”

They all gathered to stare.

At the moment, the camera showed Ye Fei sitting in his sofa, staring blankly at them through the monitor.

Everyone was stunned.

“Erm… Deity Ye doesn’t seemed to look good, ah.”

“What happened? Aiya, Deity Ye, please don’t scare us, ah. We have a desperate battle to win, ah.”

“”Haloo? Deity Ye? Please wake up, it’s time to broadcast.”

“Finished. We’re all finished. We’re going to finish last today, ah. Deity Ye’s situation is…”

“Just what is going on? What should we do? Someone please tell me?”

The people in the office were on the verge of collapsing. All hopes had been pinned on Ye Fei, but now at the most important moment, he was just sitting there like an idiot.

Just as they were about to explode from despair, Ye Fei suddenly blinked. Then, he slowly stood up and stretched. The camera panned to follow him as he made his way to the kitchen…



[Gumihou: Deity Ye, what are you going to make today? I’m excited, but yet dreading the flowery descriptions I have to translate…]






Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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