Fine Food Broadcaster – 0034 – A Great Deity Has Come

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0034 – A Great Deity Has Come

Chapter 34: A Great Deity Has Come


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The QQ Platform launched the new message at 10 o’clock: In order to promote the broadcasting culture. A famous great deity will be performing at noon today. Don’t miss this super rare opportunity!

The message was quite short. It’s not like the King of Sketches needed a long introduction anyway.

The King of Sketches’ career started out from QQ Platform, the man slowly made his way up to Silver Star Level 1. He was the most well known broadcaster within the Language Section. In fact one might even consider his name synonymous with the Language Section.

King of Sketches’ performances were not only funny, but provocative too. It was because of this talent that he build up a good fanbase during his time at the QQ Platform.

Who would have thought that QQ Platform would one day invite him back to give a performance?

Actually, anyone with eyes, ears and a working brain could tell that King of Sketches had been invited by the Languages Section. The reason behind this was simple, it was to stomp on Ye Fei.

Ye Fei’s performance yesterday had generated too much waves, his charisma too strong. The Languages Section had felt the incoming waves and knew there was a tsunami brewing behind them and had invited King of Sketches to mitigate some of Ye Fei’s influence.

Having the King of Sketches over was like having a king or general riding in front of the troops, just the sight of him was enough to boost moral and attract reinforcements.

“King of Sketches has arrived, ah? How amazing, to think that QQ Platform has invited such a great deity to come.”

“I heard that King of Sketches was currently busy with important work. QQ Platform must have forked out a lot of money to entice him over.”

“Hey, upstairs, don’t you know the King of Sketches loves money the most? As long as you are willing to pay the price, he will come.”

“That King of Sketches is not as legendary as you described. While I concede that he’s pretty famous, he’s still just a Silver Star Level 1 Broadcaster. If he’s really all that great, he would have levelled up to Silver Star Level 2.”

“Yi~~ brother, it looks like you don’t think well of King of Sketches, ah. You’re a fan of which section?”

“I support Song & Dance, why?”

“F*ck, a shrimp from Song & Dance dared to come and make a scene here? Let me tell you, if you dare make trouble, this uncle will crush you with my brothers, see if you dare make a peep in the future.

The shrimp said nothing else, but left a little smiley face before disappearing.

In reality, the person sitting behind the computer chuckled to themselves, “Deity Ye, you must defeat this King of Sketches. For your sake, we are now sowing discord between the two most powerful sections.”

For Silver Star Level 1 King of Sketches to come to the broadcasting stage was just too mind blowing. The moment the 10 o’clock message was put up, a lot of people camped themselves in front of their computers, waiting for the King’s live broadcast. This guy’s charisma was no joke.

Anxiety began to brew among Song & Dance section’s fans.

“F*ck, the Languages Section really wants to cause waves, ah.”

“Your sis[1], to send out King of Sketches at this point. Isn’t it a little overboard?”

“King of Sketches is at the top of the food chain in the Silver Star Level 1 group. I heard that he’s just a step or two away from becoming a Silver Star Level 2. If he really did broadcast today, he’d probably take the number 1 spot.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, what about our Entertainment Section’s great deity? Please come out, ah. Otherwise we’ll eat a big loss today.”

“Harmonious Music still has quite a lot of followers.”

“You kidding, right? Harmonious Music might be a top performer among Iron Star circles, but he’s nothing compared to a Silver Star performer like King of Sketches. Moreover, there’s that incredible gap that’s the Bronze Star between them. The fan based more than doubled in comparison.”

“King of Popularity and Sound of Nature is only a step away from reaching the Silver Star level anyway, if these two were to perform today they could stand shoulder to shoulder King of Sketches.”

“Hey upstairs, are you shitting me? While both are good, you must know that the number of fans is the major indicator of levels here. The more fans you have, the higher your level. That’s why, no matter how much reward you collected, people without fans would not amount to much. Also, I heard that neither of them reached HX$100,000.”

“That’s not necessarily true, the number of fans is not in proportion to the amount of reward you collected.”

“What are you talking about? If you have a lot of fans, the amount of money you get can’t be less.”

“Hey, didn’t that Iron Star Level 1 guy, Ye Fei, managed to score HX$200,000 just yesterday? I heard he crushed a whole bunch of Bronze Star Deities in the process”

“… hey upstairs, why are you bringing this up now? Can’t you talk about something more cheerful?”

“That’s right, that Ye Fei had just encountered some great luck these past two days. Moreover, who could say that he’ll keep getting lucky? Let me tell you, he could be planted by the platform to stimulate newcomers to work their assess off.”

“You there, the one kissing up to Ye Fei’s ass, which section are you from?”

“I… I’m from the Languages Section, why?”

“Bastard, don’t get cocky just because you have a Silver Star Deity representing your group. Let me tell you, this uncle will not watch King of Sketches broadcast. Brothers, let’s all swear not to watch the King of Sketches.”

“That’s right, we’ll all ignore him.”

Back in reality, the person behind the computer pumped their fist happily, “Yes, got rid of another bunch.”

After awhile, this guy rubbed his hands and went off to cause trouble at a different forum.

While everyone were getting excited in their own way, QQ Platform blasted out another earth shattering message: Song & Dance Section’s Silver Star Level 2 Deity Golden Voice will be performing at noon the day after tomorrow.

The reaction this time was even more explosive than King of Sketches’ introduction. The Song & Dance fans acted like they just had a shot of chicken blood.

“F*ck, I knew Song & Dance Section won’t let us down. As expected, we have a master to represent us, ah.”

“Golden Voice, ah. I heard that that this guy’s reward never dip below HX$500,000. This guy is a true badass.”

“This guy is really amazing, when it comes to singing, he’s even more amazing than those second or third rate idols and celebrities.”

“Our Song & Dance Section will definitely crush all opponents in his way and bring glory to us.”

“People from Languages, we’ll concede today to you, but tomorrow will be our day.”

Meanwhile, other sections also brought out their big guns into play, and all of them just happened to be scheduled to broadcast these next few days.

To the audience at home (or at work) this was a great news. Why do people watch live broadcast? It’s to see these great deities perform, compete and polish themselves against each other.

Now that these people have all appeared, it was like seeing various martial schools sending out their best experts to do battle against each other. How thrilling.

Amidst the excitement, the fans of Fine Food could barely stand it anymore.

“Your mom, do these people still want their faces, ah? Do you really need to send out so many experts just to step on our Ye Fei?”

“That’s right, no integrity at all.”

“Aren’t they all Silver Star broadcasters? Even the lowest deity was a Silver Star Level 1. My heavens, you all just want to crush Ye Fei, don’t you?”

“No way, Great Deity Ye Fei is not someone who can be bullied by ordinary people. You guys keep calm. I, for one, will sneer at these people for Great Deity Ye Fei.”

“Brother, there’s no need for you to reassure me. No matter how amazing Great Deity Ye is, he’s still a Bronze Star Level 2 broadcaster. Moreover, he’d only gotten that level recently. There’s still a great gap between him and these Silver Star Great Deities.”

“F*ck, have some faith, man.”

“What does faith have to do with it? It’s all down to the broadcaster’s skill and charisma, as well as the fan base.”

As more and more rarely seen great deities appeared, many of the spectators grew excited, even as others tipped over to anxious.

It was the same within the QQ Platform.

The group of statistician in Fine Food Section could only stare vacantly as messages kept popping up. Hey, you guys from other sections, must you really do this to us? We have waited for a long time before a great deity like Ye Fei appeared, you know? Just because he happened to occupy the number one seat just once, you guys can’t sit still anymore? Also, to specially invite senior, experienced great deities over to bully our deity. You guys really don’t want your faces anymore?

Feng Tian Lai and Zhao Sen were busy trying to come up with countermeasures.

“Director, the other sections are just too much, ah. Nothing like this had ever happened before.” Feng Tian Lai said, pulling a bitter face.

Zhao Sen rubbed his own gloomy face, “Old Feng, it’s not like we can do anything about it. It’s too bad that we have nobody we could call on to represent us. We can only watch over the situation for now.”

“Should we get Unending Appetite to come?”

“Unending Appetite is busy with something outside, if we really want him to come, we’ll have to fork out quite a bit of money.”

“But he’s our one and only Silver Star Deity, ah”

“That’s true, however, when people reached a certain level, they have different expectations.”

Feng Tian Lai sighed, “Then, what should we do about this? Do we just let our hard to obtain talent trashed by the opponents? I can’t bear it.”

Zhao Sen said comfortingly, “Well, maybe it won’t be that way. This Ye Fei is no ordinary character. Nobody could say that a miracle can’t happen.”

“That’s just too difficult, ah. These are all Silver Star Deities from other sections, ah. Their fan base is at least 10,000 strong, as for rewards, if just one fan donated HX$1 they’d reach HX$10,000. If just 1% of their fans start throwing money around, the record that Ye Fei set yesterday could be demolished just like that.” The more he spoke, the more depressed Feng Tian Lai became.

Zhao Sen could only shrug helplessly and patted Feng Tian Lai on the shoulder, “Old Feng, we can only blame our bad luck as the ones in charge of Fine Food Section. There’s no point talking about it now, we can only leave our future in the hands of fate. Come now, there’s no need to be so pessimistic, let’s just wait and see, alright?”

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While majority of the world celebrated, Ye Fei was also quite excited. That’s because the reward he had received from the System, Thousand Mile Fragrance, was just too amazing. He really can’t wait to check out how effective it was.

“It’s almost noon now, just 10 more minutes.” Ye Fei muttered to himself as he stared at the clock at the lower right corner of his laptop.



[Gumihou: One of the most interesting bit about translating this novel is all the modern Chinese terms and slangs, lol] [Gumihou: I really don’t know how the writer tops this, but the chapters have already hit over a thousand and still on going…]


[1] Your sis – variation of ‘your mom’



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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