Fine Food Broadcaster – 0032 – Deity Amongst Deities

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0032 – Deity Amongst Deities

Chapter 32: Deity Amongst Deities


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Finally, Ye Fei managed to get his hands on his ‘haul’. He was so please that he immediately opened up his PP account. Just like yesterday, notifications from QQ Platform blinked countless unread messages at him.

He briefly scanned through messages from the few people he knew, majority were congratulatory messages. Hmm, looks like he was getting quite popular as a broadcaster at QQ.

Feng Tian Lai, who had been poking gloomily at his computer blinked at the cheerful chime from his PP account, announcing that a friend has appeared online. When he saw it was Ye Fei, he flew into excitement.

With a series of clickity clacks, messages were shot into space like rapid fire bullets.

[Deity Ye, you’re finally online] [Deity Ye, your performance today was unbelievable] [Did you know? You’ve broken a whole bunch of our Platform’s records] [Deity Ye, you are now Public Enemy Number 1 to other broadcasting sections. They will now aim to defeat you] [Deity Ye… Deity Ye, are you there?]

Feng Tian Lai sent out a bunch of messages, none of which Ye Fei returned. This made Feng Tian Lai even more frantic.

Didn’t you just get online?

Then you should be in front of the computer, ah.

So, why aren’t you answering me?

Exchanging online messages won’t get you pregnant, so please answer my messages, ah.

This guy really made me want to scratch my cheeks in frustration.

Ye Fei looked at the string of messages from Feng Tian Lai, tapped his keyboard twice, and sent one word.


Feng Tian Lai who was almost glued to the computer was stupefied.


Just what is ‘En’? Great deity, was the only line you’re only going to give me?

[Hehe, is Deity Ye very busy now?]

Ye Fei: [En]

Feng Tian Lai, “… …”

[I know that Deity Ye is a busy man, so I shall not take up too much of your time. I just want to know what time you plan to do your broadcast. Also, what is the topic of your broadcast.]

Feng Tian Lai was currently trying to secure information on this two important points. He noticed that he was unable to get Ye Fei to chat normally with him, forget normally, just an exchange was already too painful, ah.

Ye Fei: [I haven’t decide on the time, yet. Also, I don’t know what the topic is going to be, hehe.]

Feng Tian Lai was once more struck dumb.

He stared at the final two words on the message, ‘hehe’. He too went ‘hehe’.

Haven’t decide on time?

Don’t know what the topic is going to be?

Brother, your answer is no answer, ah!

Though Feng Tian Lai felt gloomy, he knew that Ye Fei was not actually playing around with him. He had precedence for this, the last time he tried to get information from the man, he had gotten the same answer.

[Deity Ye, if you do this, the QQ Platform won’t be able to help you with publicity. Other broadcasters would give us their broadcast title and schedule so that we could spread it via our website and other social media]

Ye Fei: [No need]

In truth, Ye Fei was also unhappy about this reply. It’s not like he was deliberately holding back information. He, too, did not know the answer, ah!

When Feng Tian Lai saw Ye Fei’s blunt reply, he was speechless. Privately, he thought: A great deity is really a great deity, ah. Unlike regular humans who jumped at the chance of more publicity, look at how he just spurned additional help. As expected of someone who is more than human, ah.

Somehow, Ye Fei’s reputation had gone up even higher within Feng Tian Lai’s heart.

[Since Deity Ye is so busy, I shall not disturb you anymore. However, I must relay some important news. As far as we can tell, several great deities from other sections saw you as a threat. You must be careful, these people are at least a Bronze Star Level 5 broadcasters. Each of them as a unique appeal in their respective sections] [Bronze Star Deities? Your platform has a ranking system for your deities as well?]

Actually, Ye Fei did have some impression that there were some kind of ranking system from his time surfing through the internet. Quite a lot of people had thrown in random prefixes in front of whatever Great Deity they were talking about. Could it be possible that there’s a fixed ranking system for popular broadcasters?

Feng Tian Lai: [Of course there are differences between deities. Even if there are two broadcasters at the Iron Star level, the more popular more would be considered a god, the less famous one an ordinary man. Iron Star Deities are considered lesser than Bronze Star Deities, because the difference in levels in the number of fans following them. However, a peak level Iron Star Deity has at most 6,000 fans, whereas a the lowest level Bronze Star Deity has 8,000 fans. Therefore, if an Iron Star Deity’s performance is popular, they could quickly outstrip a Bronze Star Deity.]

Ye Fei considered Feng Tian Lai’s words, and thought it made sense.

Well, it could be said was like comparing chicken’s head and phoenix tail. The difference was nearly non-existent.

There are cliques within broadcasters too, just like light novel writers. Regular writers tend to stick with each other and glare enviously at the next level of writers above them. Top level platinum writers would band together to sneer down at other writers. The broadcasters at QQ Platform are split into different circles, but once a deity graduated to Bronze Star, they’ll be treated like scum, an outsider with no ties to their circle.

Now that he understood this point Ye Fei asked: [I’ve just taken a look at the QQ Platform’s website. It seems that I am now a Bronze Star Level 2 Broadcaster. Does this mean I’m just a regular broadcaster?]

Feng Tian Lai stared at this line of sentence for a long time. Brother, you have leapt from Iron Star Level 1 to Bronze Star Level 2 in just two broadcast. If you’re still a regular guy, who are the rest of us, ah?

[Deity Ye is different from the rest. No matter where he goes, Deity Ye will create a great impact. By becoming a Bronze Star Level 2 Broadcaster in such a short time, you have already caused a great upheaval among the other Bronze Star broadcasters. They are all observing your every movements now.] [Oh? Is that so?] [That’s right, ah. Oh yes, Deity Ye, you really haven’t decided on the time? And the topic as well. If you let me know even a day earlier, I can help blast out the information.] [The time, will be noon, I guess~ but I really haven’t decided on the topic yet.]

Feng Tian Lai was already overjoyed getting the time out of Ye Fei and did not pursue the other matter. Since he already did his best, he could only treat it like a big mystery event. Hmm, that’s a good pulling strategy too.

[Then, it’s decided. I shall not bother Deity Ye anymore.]

With that, the conversation between Ye Fei and Feng Tian Lai was over. Ye Fei settled down to lose himself surfing the internet.

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Presently, loud thumping sound was heard. No prizes for guessing who was coming.

As expected, half a minute later, Ma Cui Hua banged loudly at his door and yelled.

“Ye Fei, open the door for this auntie. It’s too bloody hot.”

Ye Fei, “… …”

F*ck, she sent food again? By the way, this landlady had been acting awfully weird this past two days, ah. She knows I have no money, but why is she still sending me food? Did she really want me to be her gigolo?

En, I’m fine being a gigolo.

He quickly opened the door, and was shocked.

Held in Ma Cui Hua’s hands was large steaming bowl of Tomato Egg Noodles[1].

Ye Fei looked Ma Cui Hua up and down, and asked, “I say, just how did you knock on the door just now?”

Ma Cui Hua crowded past Ye Fei, placed the bowl of tomato egg noodles on the table, before lifting her foot at him, “I used this.”

Ye Fei, “… …”

Okay, Auntie Landlady, you’re more skilled than I thought. Luckily the door was made of solid stuff, otherwise it might just collapse under your kick.

“Eat while it’s hot.” Ma Cui Hua said, pointing at the bowl of noodles.

Ye Fei nodded obediently, sat down, and began to shamelessly gobble the up the noodles. A few mouthfuls later, Ye Fei lifted his head to ask, “Sister Ma, why do you treat me so well?”

Ma Cui Hua sat beside him and smiled, “You really want to know?”


[Gumihou: … I really want to know too…]


[1] Also, Tomato Egg Noodle. I’ve never seen it before, but it seems to be really popular. To the point that there are lots of videos and webpages on how to make it. Here’s one. It’s in Chinese, but the steps are really clear and looked like what I imagined Ma Cui Fa would cook!

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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


This site now runs on ads, do click on a few whenever you encounter any  ^_^

Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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