Little Cooking Saint – 0037.2 – Matsutake Meat Roll

Little Cooking Saint – 0037.2 – Matsutake Meat Roll

Chapter 37 – Part 2 – Matsutake Meat Roll

Translated by Gumihou

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A the words ‘Spring of Life’, the crowd broke into a loud chatter.

“That’s the legendary water that could recover a man’s youth, how could we not know about it? Are you saying that the Old Man Shen now has this treasure?” The a few people around them suddenly burned with fire.

“That’s not likely, right?” There were more who believed that this news was probably fake. “Only high level geniuses from the Upper Level World would have access to the Spring of Life, right? How could it just appear like this? And to present it so generously Old Man Shen. It has to be lies!”

“Moreover, it’s very difficult for Upper Level World people to travel down to the Lower Level World. Miracle medicine that could regain one’s youth could be sold for loads of money to the nobility, what idiot would just gift such a treasure to some stranger?”

The group of people continued to chatter, each eager to put in their two copper coins. However, majority of the people soon concluded that what Old Man Shen possessed was probably not the true Spring of Life water. Otherwise, his luck was just too good, right?!

Finally, the more argumentative people slammed their hands crossly on the table, and announced that they’re all going to check things out at that particular lane.

Shiyu was quietly elated, rich, she’s rich! However, she was still troubled. Self protection was number one, how could she sell this miracle thing without being exposed?

While she was debating bitter sweetly with herself, someone came through the wooden doors of the tavern. When the waiter spotted the newcomer, he called out enthusiastically, “Esteemed customer, are you here for a meal or stay?”

The stranger answered the inquiry with a question of his own, “Did a girl with a good appetite came to stay here about half a month ago?”

Intimidated by this customer’s imposing manner, the waiter did not dare tarry and quickly answered after some thought, “I do believe there is. Is esteemed customer looking for this person?”

At this answer, a small smile graced the man’s face. He handed a silver ingot over and said, “That’s right, bring me to her.”

After searching for over half a month, he finally found a lead.

The waiter also smiled happily, and was about to lead the man to his target when someone came over, “No need to come looking, I’m here.”

The man turned, and saw Shiyu beaming up at him, “Feng Luo, it’s been awhile.”

After exchanging the usual greetings, these two acquaintances sat down at a corner table with a few plates of snacks.

After not seeing him for half a month, Feng Luo looked much thinner.

“I’ve sent out a lot of people to look for you but with little result. I just happen to overhear some classmates said they saw you near our school entrance.” Feng Luo laughed and shook his head, “I really hadn’t expect the person I’ve been searching for to be so near.”

Shiyu frowned, “Have you and Meng Li reconciled?”

Feng Luo’s eyes dimmed, “No.”

Shiyu felt that she really shouldn’t touch on the matters of the heart too closely, and changed the subject, “Then, do you still want the lotus thing?”

“Of course!” Feng Luo suddenly looked excited, “have you met with your friend?”

“En, the item is with me. Oh, right, do you know what’s the Spring of Life water?” Shiyu asked.

Feng Luo misunderstood her line of inquiry, “Does your friend wants the Spring of Life water in exchange? That thing is pretty rare, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hand it over.”

Shiyu couldn’t help but laughed out loud at his serious frown, “Hahaha, the matter is exactly the opposite.”

Feng Luo, “… …”

Feeling his heart picked up pace, Feng Luo said, “You mean to say…” then he lowered his voice, “if he really has it, no matter the cost, our Feng family must have it.”

Another rare and valuable item.

Just what kind of person was Shiyu’s friend, and just how did they get their hands on such rare and sensational treasures?

Feng Luo began to have some suspicion towards the identity of Shiyu’s backer.

“No problem,” Shiyu answered happily.

Since the most important matter had concluded, the two friends started to chat idly.

After some small talk, Feng Luo suddenly asked, “Have you come to the city to enter the Society of Godly Chefs?”

At this unexpected information, Shiyu blurted out, “There’s such thing?”

“You don’t know about it?” Feng Luo was even more surprised, “I thought, since your cooking skill is so good, you’re here especially to join this society.”

“This is the first time I hear of this. Quick, tell me more about it.” Shiyu said excitedly.

Society of Godly Chefs, even the name itself was inspiring, ah!

“Actually, I only heard some rumours about it.” Feng Luo felt a bit embarrassed. “The society was a secretive lot. Only great chefs at the peak of their field could join it. The chefs summoned to participate the Imperial Capital Feast, if they managed to stand out among the invitees, would have a smooth entry into the society.

As for what happens after you joined the society, I really have no idea. However, I remember that about 10 years ago, a chef from the Society posted an announcement asking for a Thousand Year Fire Ginseng. He declared that he’ll be the chef of whoever gave him the ginseng for a month. My father was curious about this society and sent the fire ginseng over. In the end, once the month was up, he never had a fulfilling meal for the rest of his life.”

“… …” Shiyu was stunned by this story, this Society of Godly Chefs seemed a little different from what she had imagined. “Well, could you introduce me to someone from the Society?”

Feng Luo said, “A lot of the Society’s big shots were rather low-key individuals, even if I were to introduce you, they might not be willing to meet with you. There’s only one sure way for you to meet them.”


“The Imperial Capital Feast!”

Shiyu suddenly understood the reason behind the Imperial Capital Feast. The best of the best chefs were all invited to this Imperial Feast, therefore members of the Society of Godly Chefs would definitely come. Even cooks like Chef Liu could only join the feast as a competitor for the right to cook. Just what kind of background do chefs from the Society were like?

“If you really want to go, I’ll take you there, ba!” Feng Luo invited. “Actually, you probably won’t need my presence to enter at all. As long as you can bring out treasures of similar value like the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus, you’d be treated as an honoured guest. Only, this way is would be too dangerous.”

Shiyu nodded in agreement, after all, the envy of others could translate into trouble for her.

“I understand, I’ll have to trouble you.”

Once they had finished their meal, Feng Luo invited Shiyu to stay at the Feng House, to which Shiyu readily agreed.

Well, it was called a ‘house’, but the expanse of grounds the house covered perfectly illustrate the power and status of the Feng Clan. Shiyu picked one of the quietest corner in the Feng House, where a little bamboo house surrounded by a little bamboo forest was situated. The house was quite comfortable and elegant.

After settling down, Shiyu handed over the Lotus Petal and a small bottle of Spring of Life to her host. She was tempted to give them a little more of the Spring of Life water, but gave up the idea as being too conspicuous.

It looked like she made the correct decision. Feng Luo actually stood there in a daze, just staring at the precious treasures in front of him. Finally, as though afraid that others might spot the items, he quickly tucked them away into the magic space in his ring.

“I’m going to back to Feng City right away.” Feng Luo appeared quite agitated, it looked like he could only calm down once he delivered the treasures to his grandfather.

Shiyu had no problem with this, only, she once again pressed him to never reveal that he had gotten those items from her.


[Gumihou: Stay good, Feng Luo. Also, I’ve basically re-translated the first 20 plus chapters if anyone is interested in reading them. Fufufu]



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