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Little Cooking Saint – 0037.1 – Matsutake Meat Roll (1)

Chapter 37.1 – Matsutake Meat Roll (a)

Translated by Gumihou

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This sudden development turned the whole shop upside down, more than a few people rushed over just to see what was happening. The truly concerned people ran off in the other direction to report to the officials.

At first, Shiyu also wanted to have a look, however, seeing the crowd of people jostling for a view she felt that going over would only cause trouble for the boss. Poor man, having his hand chopped off was just too cruel.

Instead, she quietly stuffed a banknote into the chopstick container and left the place with a heavy heart. The boss of this store was a mere commoner, therefore it’s unlikely that he would be able to do anything against this kind of treatment.

If not for that Imperial Capital Feast thing, this family would probably be living happily on their good reputation for many decades to come. However, once their existence had been exposed to the world, they will have to work hard to resist the malicious intentions that came with it.


Shiyu sighed under her breath as she went down an alley.

After a light rain, the air felt clean with a slight nip. Even though this world was fictional, not everything was perfect.

Night fell, and Shiyu was quietly sneaking through the alley once again. There were some things in this world that, when encountered, one could not simply avert one’s eyes and not help.

She had no intention of disturbing this family in their times of trouble, she only wanted to have a look and see how the old injured uncle fared.

However, when she heard ‘aih!’ interjected through the conversation within the house, she could not help but guessed that the situation had to be bad. It looked like old Chef Liu’s hands had somehow been reconnected and he was currently resting to recover his strength.

However, there was no way that he could exert the same amount of strength through that hand. It would already be a small miracle if he could recover the use of the hand. There was no way it would ever return to its original form.

To heal his injury, the Shen family had spent nearly half of their family fortunes to hire a doctor from the Capital. Moreover, they still have to pay for each successive visits from the doctor for follow up treatments. All that cost money and they were currently in the middle of discussing whether to increase the price of food at their restaurant.

Shiyu stared at the old man laying on the bed looking pale and weak. Without saying anything, she placed all the silver banknotes she had on her person on the window sill, as well as a bottle of spring water she had taken from her hidden space. Then, she rapped her knuckles loudly against the window and left as swiftly as the wind.

The last time her body had been re-forged from eating the Fire Seed, it was the spring water within that kept healing her over and over again. Therefore, it was reasonable to assume that the water was not something ordinary.

As for the money…

Shiyu once again experienced the feeling of a light money pouch, however, her heart overflowed with satisfaction.


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The next day, she continued to set up her stall near the entrance of the College. However, this time she encountered some familiar faces. Well, it’s not like this was completely unexpected…

From the way Mo Yin snuggled up against Liu Yi, it was clear what their relationship with each other was like. Shiyu did not like this herd of people, however, this was a public area so she could not protest against them coming over to her stall.

“Look who that is! Liu Yi, your rescuer is doing something incredibly common like the rest of the commoners here,” hanger on Fei Yue said excitedly. This mob character number one’s face was filled with glee.

Mo Yin and Liu Yi also caught sight of Shiyu. Compared to Liu Yi’s slightly depressed expression, Mo Yin’s eyes were disdainful and a little provocative.

Meanwhile, Shiyu contemplated the wok in her hand, she was weighing the pros and cons of throwing it into that nosy woman’s face and was calculating the odds of getting away with the act.

However, after properly thinking about it, Shiyu decided to give up this plan and temporary flash of foolishness.

Mo Yin sneaked a look on her lover’s face. When she saw that he did not have any special expression on, she said to Fei Yue, “Little Yue, she’s still an acquaintance of ours, so let’s help out in their business. 10 silver tael for one, right? Just give her 10,000 taels and buy 1,000 portions.”

Mo Yin’s manner of speaking was light, but it drew the ire of the people around her.

“What nonsense is this, first come first serve! Those who came later should line up from the back!”

Mo Yin’s face grew ugly when the people around her began to mock and curse.

At this point, Shiyu quipped, “Everyone, relax, I have no intention of doing these people’s business. What is 10,000 silver taels? Even if they give me 10,000 times more I won’t serve them.”

Shiyu really did not give face with this statement, Mo Yin’s face grew red.

“You’re too much.” Liu Yi frowned. He had no intention of sticking his hand into this, but Shiyu was being too overbearing and he could not pretend he did not see anything.

As for Shiyu, she hadn’t even bothered to look at this person, his words might as well be the sound of random farts.

When Mo Yin realized that Shiyu was ignoring them, she grew even more furious, “You little thief! I still haven’t settled that matter about you stealing my Cinnabar Fruit. To think that you still have the guts to spout such nonsense.”

Shiyu’s busy hands paused, she felt the eyes of all people on her and said, “Those who dare to speak must take responsibility for their words. Do you dare to swear on the name of the Imperial College that the words you’ve just spoken are the truth? If there is even a trace of falsehood, you will never breakthrough past the Basic Level, do you dare?”

“Why should I be afraid?!” Mo Yin immediately retorted, even though her face suddenly went from red to pale with unnatural speed.

“If you’re not afraid this, then swear!”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“Well, if you don’t swear, that means you’re spreading lies and defaming my reputation. According to the law, that is also a crime,” said Shiyu.

All gazes switched over to Mo Yin, more than a few eyeing her suspiciously.

“You want me to swear, I’ll swear!” Mo Yin gritted her teeth and recited the whole oath. After all, she was close to breaking through already and did not believe that this kind of oath swearing would have any effect. 

Shiyu nodded and continued to cook for her customers.

Silence fell, the oath had been sworn, so… why was this weird stall owner not reacting?

“Oh, that’s right. Since you’ve accused me of theft, then you should show everyone the evidence for this crime. Otherwise, it’s just entrapment, you making a false accusation against me.” Shiyu said as she suddenly lifted her head, her gaze piercing as she stared directly into Mo Yin’s eyes.

… …

Everyone around them suddenly understood. Surely this was the work of some white-eyed wolf intending to ruin someone’s reputation?

Liu Yi also noticed everyone’s expression and felt ashamed by their gaze. He pulled Mo Yin along, “Those are all things that happened in the past, it’s not good to bring up old matters. Let’s go!”

Fei Yue and the rest of the people from the same herd all left together, but not before casting hateful glares at Shiyu.

Shiyu’s expression was fairly neutral. They were the ones who behaved aggressively towards her first. If they treat her badly, she had no compunction about paying them back several folds.

The next few days were fairly calm, but one small gossip gripped her attention.

The inn she was staying at was fairly well connected, so plenty of news and gossip passed through it.

“Have you heard? That old man who makes air-dried ham at Liu Che Alley encounter some incredible luck. Have you heard about the incident where his hands were chopped off? Well, a few days ago some mystery person gifted a precious treasure to them. Right now that entire street was surrounded by rich nobility, trying to buy that treasure!”

Shiyu’s heart shook, surely they’re not talking about…

One of the crowd asked, “To attract the attention of the nobility, just what kind of treasure is that?”

The storyteller laughed as he reached the climax, “Do you know the Spring of Life?”


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