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Little Cooking Saint – 0021 – Spiritual Snow Rabbit (1)

Chapter 21 – Snow Rabbit Meat (Part1)


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Re-Translated and Edited by Gumihou


Human beings are competitive creatures by nature, and though every received the same amount of salary, it still did not prevent the people from jostling for the best position.

The chefs were the same. Though they might strive towards a common goal, they could not help seeing their fellow chefs as rivals for the precious bonus, and more importantly, bragging rights.

As the list continued, some wore broad smiles, while others looked crestfallen.

Unsurprising, since everyone had to work under the same conditions, some managed to hit 300 orders, while others barely made the 100 order mark. With the price of dishes taken away, the only thing that differentiated everyone’s dishes was their popularity.

If you think about it, anyone would be depressed and ashamed if their hard work did not come up to par, right?

“All things considered, today’s result is not bad. However, since we didn’t charge any money today, everyone might as well have treated today’s food as free meals. But, tomorrow will be different.” said Shiyu, “I trust everyone will work hard from now on and improve! Therefore, I will give everyone three days. If in three days’ time the restaurant is not as busy as today, I shall be forced to hire new people.”

She had generously promised incredible benefits to retain her people. Now that they’re convinced that she has the ability to pay out, there was no way they were going to let go of this golden opportunity.

“Three days, ah… that’s too short, right?” some of the chefs muttered.

“Then, how many days do you need?”

“At least half a month.

“No, five days.” If she had to wait for half a month for the restaurant to become popular, what was the free meal promotion today for?

After some thought, Shiyu took out a few pieces of paper and said to the chefs, “These are the dishes you’ve all made today, I’ve made some suggestions for improvement. I’m going to leave them here, you make take them and have a look later. If there’s nothing else, we can all go home now.”

A restaurant is a money making venture, however, she cannot be the only money generator here. Otherwise, it would all collapse without her! Therefore, she had to create a system that would encourage people to work hard, and continue to work hard while weeding out the useless ones at the same time. Other restaurants depended on one or two signature dishes to keep their customers, however, she intended to make use of these regular chefs to make money for Heavenly Fragrance. At least, until Xiao Wu has grown up a bit more.

In the coming days, after completing her 100 dishes limit, Shiyu would continued to guide the chefs, giving them small tips and hacks that would either speed up their cooking, or improve taste and texture. Thanks to this, though their skill might not be up to her level, everyone pretty much levelled up thanks to her guidance.

The days passed by busily, with the restaurant gathering more and more customers. Conversely, Shiyu would appear less and less in the kitchens.

There was a reason for this. Lin Fan had informed her that he had gotten wind of a Fire Seed being auctioned off at the Qing Shan City Auction. Shiyu was so excited that she could hardly sleep. However, when she opened her purse, it was completely empty.

Right now she had to work hard and earn money! With that resolved, Shiyu decided to take some risks…





Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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