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Little Cooking Saint – 0017 – Stinky Tofu (2)

Chapter 17 – Stinky Tofu (Part 2)


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Re-Translated and Edited by Gumihou

Shiyu was not at all surprised by Lu Yan’s appearance. As one of the many female leads, her brain will go offline when it came to anything regarding Lin Fan.

“Who are you?” Lu Yan fixed her eyes at Shiyu.

The curious thing was, the longer Shiyu stared into those brown pupils, the sleepier she gets. It was at this moment that a sudden coolness flared in her belly, waking her up from this strange stupor. The sleepy feeling also vanished.


Shiyu was a little annoyed, she felt that she not done any harm to Lin Fan that would court this kind of treatment. Lu Yan was too much.

“So you really do have secrets,” Lu Yan said, certainty deep in her tone.

Shiyu’s cheeks felt cold, “Everyone has secrets. Isn’t Miss Lu the same? A young lady of a prominent family, possessor of a god level bloodline and the hope of the Lu Clan wasting time trailing after Lin Fan for scraps of attention. It would not be long before the Lu Clan sends for you. Is Miss Lu so insecure that she’s afraid that Lin Fan will be snatched up by other women?”

At this, Lu Yan’s eyes went another degree colder.

“Are you not afraid that I’ll drag you into the Lu mansion?”

“Go ahead! You should know that Lin Fan hates cruel and scheming women. No matter what kind of excuses you make, you’ll never be forgiven.” Shiyu has the confidence of a transmigrator welding prior knowledge. Who ask that chauvinistic Er Gou to turn all women, no matter how clever or brilliant, into blabbering idiots as soon as they enter into the male lead’s circle of influence? She was only the first of many.

One solid fact of this world was this: All female characters will feel attraction towards the local male lead, and eventually fall desperately in love with him; all men in this world will be attracted to the female lead, and fall hopelessly in love with her.

The moment that all fans were eagerly waiting for was the future encounter of the male and female lead. Would they fall for each other? If so, there should be a good show waiting to happen.

Lu Yan’s cold expression warmed a little, “I’m fine letting you off, but you must leave for the Imperial Capital and never travel together alone with Brother Lin Fan.”

A man and a woman together on the road, who knows what might happen?

“Don’t worry about that. The Lin Clan competition will be held in three months time. I only need one month to reopen the shop. Once that is done, I shall leave.” Even one month was too slow, she really want to leave for the Imperial Capital immediately.

“As long as you spoke the truth, I too shall spread the word among my people to look after your family.” said Lu Yan.

This Lu Yan better mean ‘take care’ in the most literal way possible and not be making an unsubtle threat.

Shiyu really hadn’t expected this Lu Yan to be so petty. In the future, when Lin Fan is loaded up with a dozen over wives, would her lungs explode from fury?

Whatever, this has nothing to do with her.

“You came here just to say this?” Shiyu asked.

“Of course.” Lu Yan seemed satisfied after getting in the last word and left without further comment.

Well, it looked like one really could not judge a person by their appearance. In the  original novel, Lu Yan was described as sweet-tempered, gentle and virtuous. However, the reality turned out to be a little vinegar pot[1].

In truth, Shiyu’s own thoughts were just overly complicated. Lu Yan was a young girl at the cusp of woman, and though she and Lin Fan adored each other, neither had taken that vital step towards each other yet. In Lu Yan’s heart of hearts, Lin Fan still did not belong to her, and therefore all women who tries to get close to him were all evil vixens.

Moreover, Lin Fan had again and again gotten involved with Shiyu over various matters, causing her insecure heart to shake, which culminated to this confrontation. In Lu Yan’s heart, Shiyu was the bad person, and it is rare creature indeed who could be pleasant in the company of someone they disliked. Moreover, how could she, the eldest talented daughter of a distinguished family clan, bear it?

The moment Lu Yan left, Shiyu got on to the bed, and once more entered the pocket dimension. As before, the place was shrouded in mist. Luckily, having read the novel, she knew that this place could be used to grow crops and store items, in addition as an escape route. In short, this was her incredibly useful portable, luggage and living space tool.

The question now was whether she could cultivate or not. Her thoughts drifted back to how tough that piece of spiritual meat was and how not even fire could even blister the meat a little. Even if she managed to get hold of spiritual meat, it would be awkward if she couldn’t even sear it.

She was just pondering over these things when suddenly, a book appeared in the space above the jade table. Without prompting, the book slowly opened itself, and settled onto a page. Shiyu approached the book and read:

“Common Item: Fire Seed. If refined, could replace spiritual attribute.”

Within this vast world, the number of people who could cultivate were few, and dependent on this spiritual attribute or talent root. Without this vital talent, no matter how one meditate or train, they would forever be an ordinary person.

However, if knowledge that something could be refined into the body to replace this spiritual attribute were to leak out, who knows what kind of chaos would happen.


To verify this information, Shiyu choose the simplest step and approached Lin Fan the next day to ask, “What’s Fire Seed? Do you know it?”

“Fire Seed?” Lin Fan looked puzzled, “I’ve never heard of it.”

“You wish to know about Fire Seed? This old one have heard of it.” the one who spoke was an old man who had been sweeping the floors next to them. He straightened from his bent posture and said, “I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere in the Pavilion of Knowledge. It is said that when the world explode into life one day, Fire Seed was one of the spiritual items that was created. Only, this thing was not very useful, fire attribute cultivators could refine them and even then, the only thing it is useful for was some small fire tricks like lighting lamps.”

“… …” Shiyu was speechless for a moment. “Since no one wants it, it should be easy to get hold of, right?”

“Though it is not very useful, it’s still a spiritual item and not a common cabbage.” the old man rolled his eyes and went back to his sweeping.

Lin Fan finally had some idea what Shiyu was going on with this line of question, “You want to a Fire Seed?”

“That’s right,” Shiyu did not bother to hide her intention. Though the male lead was a lusty stallion, he’s still quite upstanding in other ways.

“Very well, I shall keep an eye out for you!”

“Many thanks.”

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For the next few days, Shiyu busied herself getting the new restaurant ready. Since they had signed an agreement with the Lin Clan, the Lin family quickly made arrangements to secure an excellent location along the main street of Qing Shan City. With money and connections, the renovation was done quickly and soon it was Shiyu’s turn to show her skills.

If this was still the early days, Shiyu would have approached the task with the confidence of a noble among country bumpkins. However, ever since she realized that her skills was far from being the best in this world, she took her job seriously. Who knew what kind of crouching tigers or hidden dragons [2] could turn up to challenge their restaurant?

With this in mind, Shiyu decided that it was better to over prepare and not be careless.




Horray, this chapter is back to ‘normal’. Maybe the author is having a writer block in the last chapter and could not write so good or was sick. He is human too. Forgive his lapse.

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[2] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragons – Hidden masters

[1] vinegar pot – a jealous person





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