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Little Cooking Saint – 0016 – Stinky Tofu (1)

Chapter 16 – Stinky Tofu (Part 1)


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When the contract was sighed, Shiyu finally felt like she could breathed properly.

Their whole little family of misfits were almost killed earlier. If not for Lin Fan’s timely appearance, their fate would have been sealed as the original text had intended.

Worried about the reappearance of the Zhao Clan, Lin Fan urged them all to come with him to the Lin Mansion. As for the burnt out shop, according to the contract, if Shiyu were to open a new shop anywhere, it was Lin Clan’s obligation to pay for its construction. Shiyu’s part of the contract was to provide manpower and cutting edge recipes and both parties would share the profit equally.

Shiyu had no objections to the terms. Her main concern was the safety and happiness of her little family.

“Alright.” As she slide the contract over, Shiyu said gratefully, “We’re very lucky that you arrived when you did, otherwise… I really don’t know what to do.”

Without the necessary power and strength, she has no way of protecting her family on her own.

For now, she’d have to depend on connections. But, it would be best for her to gain power on her own.

Her thoughts unerringly went to the spiritual meat they’d had for breakfast that morning. Once she started cultivating, she should be able to cook her own spiritual meat, right?

After a short discussion later, Shiyu made her excuses, letting Lin Fan leave the room graciously.

As soon as Lin Fan was gone, she hopped onto the bed and sat cross legged on it.

She was filled with expectations with the thing occupying her lower belly.

However, after a long while, she still could not detect it.

Has it somehow gone missing? Thought Shiyu, but no, that can’t be, ah. This thing could only be used by her. Therefore, unless she died, there was no way someone else could have taken it.

But, if that’s the case, why can’t she feel it?

Curious, she opened her eyes, and nearly leapt up in shock. She was no longer in her room! This was clearly somewhere else. Somewhere strange!

A thick fog covered the entire place, the floor beneath her was made of earth. There was also a table made from something that looked a lot like jade.

On the table was a floating wooden box. Shiyu approached the box, reaching out to touch it when her fingers encountered an invisible barrier. No matter how hard she tried to push, she couldn’t reach it.

Giving up, she turned her attention to her surroundings instead.

Right now she should be in some kind of pocket dimension space thing within that magical artefact thingy, ba!

After some consideration, Shiyu concentrated, her vision blurred out and she found herself in her room.

She tried moving back and forth a few times before feeling reassured. Looks she has an additional safety measure. If an enemy tries to attack her, she could hide within this space.

She was feeling quite cheerful when a knock sounded from her door.

“I’m coming in!”

The door opened, and in came Lu Yan…



This chapter is short. There is no mistake. So, here’s a youtube video of an American attempting to make Stinky Tofu, enjoy!



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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