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Little Cooking Saint – 0015 – Fragrant Roasted Spiritual Meat (3)

Chapter 15 – Roasted Spiritual Beast Meat (3)


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The spiritual beast meat was indeed a high quality ingredient. The meat was firm and chewy, its juicy without being greasy and when eaten on a lettuce leaf, created the most wonderful balance of sensations.

Shiyu tried the meat when everyone was served. She was stunned… she took a peek at Lin Fan and Lu Yan[1]. They, too, looked very shocked.

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At the Lin Clan hall, Clan Head Lin Zhan, who was consulting with the clan elders over something when a tantalizing fragrance floated in. It smelled so good that none of them could focus on what they were supposed to be saying.

“This smell…” Lin Zhan sniffed the air, and turned to the grand elder next to him. “Don’t you think it’s rather familiar?”

The grand elder was surprised too, mostly by Lin Zhan’s attitude. For many years the two of them had worked together for the greater good of the clan, and their interaction had always been rather cool due to their disagreements over clan matters. For Lin Zhan to address him so warmly made him a little uncomfortable.

He was still distracted over this matter when Lin Zhan got up. “I still remember that time you escorted me to the Imperial College. That was the time when you brought me to eat the very best roast meat I’ve ever tasted. It’s been so many years since then. Time sure flies quickly.”

The grand elder was baffled..

Was it for Lin Fan’s protection that these words were uttered?

If this was true, the grand elder had to admit he was a little bit moved.

“Let’s go and have a look, ba!” Lin Zhan was already making his way out.

It was not far to Lin Fan’s personal courtyard. Once there, they could clearly see the scene of a group of people enjoying a barbecue. So, the smell really did came from here.

“Father, grand elder.” Lin Fan stood up and greeted. “These are my friends, Shiyu and her family.”

Lin Zhan’s gaze fell on Shiyu, which made her squirmed a little.

Luckily, Lu Yan approached them with a plate of the roasted meat. “Uncle, please try some. Shiyu roasted this meat, it’s quite delicious.”

Since Lu Zhan had came here precisely for the roasted meat, he immediately took a bite and began to chew with relish. A faint sense of disappointment appeared on his face, “Though the flavour is not bad, it’s not the same. If you were to hawk your wares at the Imperial City, you could surely claim some small fame for it. Your ability to push the flavours of this ordinary spiritual meat to this point could be considered not bad.”

Shiyu smiled, “Are there lots of delicious things at the Imperial City?”

“Of course. Countless have tried the food there once and remembered it for life.”

Shiyu’s eyes widened slowly. She never had any good opinion of this world’s gourmet food, nothing in Qing Shan City actually tempted her appetite after all.

Looks like it was not that there was no fine cuisine, it was just not found here.

Though this roasted meat was not some fine gourmet, it was already the best thing she had ever created in this world. To think that this best flavour could garner only a ‘little fame’ at the Imperial City…

Just what kind of place was this Imperial City?

Since Lin Zhan had just arrived, he decided to stay a little longer. It was rare for him to enjoy a little food and wine together with the grand elder. Thus, they decided to stay here as Shiyu continue to roast more meat for them.

Outside Lin Fan’s courtyard, Lin Clan’s other lower disciples stuck themselves to his main door and silently howled their grief.

That seductive scent! How they wish to eat some. But no one dared to voice this desire, even without the clan head or grand elder there, not a single one of them have the ability to lower themselves to beg food from someone they had just insulted.

As a result, they could only swallow and channel their frustration into their training…

By the time Lin Zhan and the grand elder left, most of the roasted meat were eaten. Shiyu herself was not really strong, when the shut behind those important people, she collapsed to the ground, “How dangerous!” she gasped, fanning herself.

“What are you going to do from now on?” Lin Fan asked, looking straight at her.

Shiyu gave a bitter smile, “I guess I won’t be able to cook anymore spiritual meat in the near future.”

Who would have guessed that the cooked spiritual meat would still contain such a lot of spiritual energy? When regular people ate this meat, grandpa for example, their cheeks turned pink with health. When a cultivator ate this spiritual food, the spiritual powers entered their meridians directly through their bodies. In fact, one could say that eating spiritual food was equivalent to swallowing magic pills. No, it was actually even more beneficial than magic pills. Though magic pills have all kinds of effects, it also has all kinds of side effects. Moreover only high level pills could have similar effect to eating high level spiritual dishes. Additionally, the high level dish Shiyu made was actually created from a low level beast, ah!

If this was known by powerful clans, they would probably lock her up and force her to cook for them.

Which was why Lin Fan swapped out the low spiritual meat earlier for a high level spiritual beast meat.

“With your cooking skills, I expect you’d soon be quite famous. When that time comes, if someone were to ‘invite’ you to cook high level spiritual dishes for them, how are you going to escape them?” Lin Fan blurted out his worry.

“No problem, I too will slowly gain more strength.” said Shiyu. “That’s right, what will you do after the clan competition? Will you go to the Imperial College?”

Lin Fan nodded, “Yes, my parents actually met there.” Since his mother went missing nearly immediately after he was born, he wished to try and find out everything he could about her.

“Is that so.” Shiyu nodded back, her gaze shifted towards Lu Yan. “Then, you should treasure the people close to you, ah. The time you spend together will soon disappear.”

Lin Fan thought she was talking about his family in general, he smiled, “I will, don’t worry about it.”

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It was noon before Shiyu managed to leave the Lin Clan with her family. She had already spoken to Lin Fan about the shop as well as Xiao Qi and Lao Er’s decision. The only thing that’s left was for Lin Fan to formally inform his family and before officially entering the Lin Clan as disciples.

When they reached the Crayfish Diner, they were horrified to find that it had been reduced to ash. Curious onlookers were muttering and pointing at the spectacle.

“Curse that Zhao Shangqing!” There’s no need to ask who the culprit was.

“Let’s go, we should take a look at our house.”

They hurried home, and found that their house had been wrecked too. The large tree in front of their shop was scorched black, its leaves curled up from heat. It looked nearly dead.

At this horrible sight, Shiyu’s body trembled. Her eyes grew bloodshot with emotion.

The home that she had worked so hard to create, the business she had built with her own hands had been ruined just like that. Moreover, she had no way to avenging herself.

If she and the rest had not been staying at the Lin Clan Mansion, they would all be blackened corpses today.

“Zhao Shangqing!” Shiyu gritted her teeth. She cursed the fact that she could not flay the skin off his flesh. She turned away from their ruined home, and caught sight of her family’s vengeful eyes.

“This isn’t right, we should go back to the Lin Clan now!” Shiyu said suddenly.

Zhao Clan’s influence within Qing Shan City was quite strong. If Zhao Shangqing really wanted them dead, they’d be targeted the moment they set foot out of the Lin Mansion.

As expected, they had only taken a few steps when a herd of sniggering people appeared. When they looked back, another group of people had closed in, blocking their way.

Were they really going to die here? Could it be that those who should die could never escape their fate?



[1] 陆烟 – Lu Yan, seriously, who are you?

She appeared as Lu Mo 陆墨first before her name was changed to Lu Yan.

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