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溜肉段 – Sweet & Sour Pork Strips

Sweet & Sour Pork Strips – 溜肉段

 – (Liū ròu duàn)

“Sweet and Sour Pork Strips is a Manchurian dish that’s a favourite among young and old. When I was a child, we were not very rich. Father would only cook this dish during Chinese New Year for us. Therefore, we really looked forward to New Year! Naturally, when father cooked the new year family dinner, I am sous chef for the day. Thanks to him, I learned all kinds of dishes from him this is one of them.”



Makes one dish





Potato Starch


Large Chilli





1 inch

Small Onion


Green Bell Pepper


Soy Sauce

1 tblsp


1 tsp


1 tsp


To taste

Method (The numbers are according to the pictures in the original site):


  1. Place the potato starch in a bowl


  1. Add water to the starch, about 1 cm above the starch line, steep for half an hour


  1. Pour out the excess liquid. Be careful not to pour out the starch


  1. Slice the pork into strips


  1. About 2mm thick


  1. Mix the pork strips into the starch


  1. Use your hand to mix the pork strip in with your hand. Drizzle a bit of oil on over the pork and mix again


  1. Chop up the ginger and small onion


  1. Slice up the carrots and bell pepper


  1. In a small bowl place the soy sauce in


  1. Add one capful of vinegar


  1. Add sugar


  1. Add salt


  1. A table spoon of potato starch


  1. Mix everything together with a bit of chopped ginger and onion


  1. Deep fry the pork. Place the pork oil into the oil one by one, otherwise it would stick together


  1. Once the pork has turned a light yellow, remove from oil


  1. Increase the heat and fry the second time to make it crispy


  1. Once the bubbles have decreased and the pork have taken on a bright golden colour, remove quickly


  1. Remove all the oil from the wok, stir fry the chopped ginger and onion


  1. Once everything is nice and fragrant, fry the carrots and bell pepper


  1. Add the fried pork


  1. Pour in the prepared sauce


  1. Stir fry everything until the pork is covered with the sauce


  1. The successful dish should sparkle with the bright sauce, but not dripping wet. The pork should still be crispy under the sauce



The original recipe can be found at meishichina, here you can find picture instructions for your convenience.


This recipe is mentioned in The Feast, Chapter 94. Even the emperor loves it!

Have fun cooking and eating!






Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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