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拔丝山楂 – Candied Hawthorn

Candied Hawthorn  拔丝山楂  ( sī shān zhā)



Sister Yuan Yuan’s personal recipe!

Now that fresh hawthorns are everywhere, it’s time to take advantage of the season. Hawthorns are good for blood circulation, blood pressure, and strengthening the heart. It’s also good for stimulating the appetite, aids in food digestion and a wonderful medicine to fight phlegm and good for the spleen as well. The best thing about this is that it’s also a very delicious treat, so I’m very happy to share this recipe with everyone!


Makes 12



Hawthorn fruit (fresh)






Method (The numbers are according to the pictures in the original site):



  1. In a heavy bottom pan, pour in all the sugar in and cook over low fire


  1. Measure out the precise amount of water and pour into the pan


  1. Clean and dry the fruit properly


  1. When the sugar starts to bubble, lower the fire and watch it with an eagle eye


  1. Once the sugar is at the right colour, pierce one of the fruits with a fork


  1. Coat it with the bubbling sugar. Make sure the fire is switched off and work quickly!


[Tip 1: If you stick a bamboo skewer into each fruit, you can work extra fast!]


  1. And it’s done!


[Tip 2: If you want the spun sugar effect, use a fork to gather some sugar and flick it lightly over the little pyramid of hawthorn fruits]


The original recipe can be found at Sister Yuan Yuan’s page, here you can find picture instructions for your convenience.

This recipe is mentioned in The Feast, Chapter 92. Imperial Concubine Jing’s favourite!

Have fun cooking and eating!





Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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