Fine Food Broadcaster – 0031 – Abrupt 7 Rank Rise

Chapter 31: Abrupt 7 Rank Rise


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At the upper right section of the QQ Platform homepage was a small section dedicated to the announcement of the promotion of various broadcasters. Though this area was not large, it still attracted a lot of attention. Because whenever someone liked a broadcaster enough, they would of course be gratified to see their favourite anchor rise in ranks.

“The f**k, Harmonious Music sure is amazing, ah. He’s only been with the QQ Platform for a few days. This should be the third time we see him here, right? To think that he had risen up from a Iron Star Rank 1 to a Rank 5 now, how amazing, ah.”

“That’s right. To be a Rank 5, you must have at least 6000 fans who have rewarded you at least once, ah. To think that he managed to gather 6000 fans in just a couple of days, this guy’s charisma is too powerful.”

“Gold will shine no matter what. I believe that Harmonious Music is made of a pure gold, he shines in all four directions.”

“Haha, our Gift of Gab is also really amazing, ah. You guys look, this guy has only been showing his talent for a few days, but he’s already a Rank 5 broadcaster.”

“These two guys are crazy, surely this kind of astronomical rise is too amazing, ba? I can still remember the time when this kind of scary rank rising happened, it’s been such a long time. I never thought I’d live to see this happen twice.”

“Looks like there will be two more great deities joining QQ Platform’s rank.”

At this point, somebody put up a laughing emoji, “Surely you meant three, ba?”

“Hey, upstairs. Who else is there?”

“Have you forgotten already? Didn’t Fine Food Section just put up a new guy? It’s some guy called Ye Fei, now that dude’s super crazy. Managed to strike 20,000 on his very first broadcast, I have a feeling he’s going to blow our minds again today.”

“Ye Fei? Oh, I know that dude, he’s the one who did a cooking show thingy, right? En, I’m not really interested in FF Section, and didn’t watch his broadcast, so don’t know what happened there.”

“Haha, watch a Fine Food Broadcast? Unless my brain melts out of my ears. It’s just like watching a bunch of hungry ghosts there. What’s the point of seeing greedy idiots stuff themselves silly?”

“That’s right, I still think Song & Dance is much more interesting. Singer King’s ‘Little Sister Don’t Go’ is very popular now, too enchanting, ah. Especially that high note at the end, it really draws you in. Even I nearly cried, ah.”

“Aih, too bad Sound of Nature’s performance of ‘Back to My Arms’ and ‘Love, Snatch You Back’ has some flaws in them, but it’s still not bad.”

“That’s right, they are all great deities in the making. Harmonious Music really deserves his promotion, people with talent and drive should naturally be rewarded.”

“Gift of Gab also has plenty of followers.”

“Yi~~ what’s this red alert?”

“The f**k, what’s this red alert thing? Surely only something really important or bad deserves a red alert? I wonder what kind of news it is.”

“This alert…”

“Pu– Mother! My god in heaven!”

“I eyes, my poor eyes, ah. What has this senior just laid his eyes on?”

“How could this be? Has the Platform somehow made a mistake? I don’t believe it, I don’t f***ing believe it, ah!”

“Ye Fei was… about to rise to the heavens?”

“Just what has this bastard done now? How did it get to this stage?

“7 ranks? This bastard actually blasted through 7 levels of promotion? Is he still human?”

The when the grand announcement went online, people were only mildly surprised. However, when they read the actual content, everything went nuclear.

This was how the announcement appeared. First, a red banner would roll onto the screen only to stopped when it reached the middle of the homepage. Next, black words scrolled onto the red banner.

Senior viewers of the QQ Platform all understood this form of announcement. It was to make sure that no one have any chance of missing a big reveal.

Thus, when the red banner stopped, they all settled down in tensed anticipation. This was the grand announcement: Congratulations to Fine Food Section’s Ye Fei for Achieving the Bronze Star Rank 2 Broadcaster Status.

Because of the limited word count, the announcement was very simple.

However, the power of these few words were like throwing a hand grenade at a crowded area.

Ye Fei?

That Iron Star Rank 1 noob from Fine Food Section?

That dude had only broadcasted twice and was now a Bronze Star Rank 2 broadcaster? Your mom, that’s 7 levels of promotion, ah. Just what had that person broadcasted to strike the heavens, ah? Surely this was too scary, ba?

Iron Stomach really felt the pain right down to his gut when he saw this announcement.

“Bronze Star Rank 2? 7 levels? Ye Fei you show off, can you please be a bit more normal? Old me has already swallowed down 7 to 8 jins of pizza, ah, but barely able to touch Bronze Star Rank 3 level. To think that you’d actually jumped 7 levels just by making tofu, is there any justice left in this world?”

Iron Stomach was so pissed off and exhausted that he really didn’t know what to do except to fume uselessly in place.

Compare to this guy, Eat The Mountain& Sea was in worse situation. Though he was praised as a deity once, he was only a deity at Iron Star level. For the sake of breaking into Bronze Star status, he’d forced down so much hamburgers and chicken nuggets that he could barely moved. For his trouble, he had been awarded the Bronze Star Rank 1 Broadcaster status.

But, Ye Fei?

That brat made tofu and jumped from an Iron Star Rank 1 to Bronze Star Rank 2 status. This guy’s level was even higher than his, ah. How could he even think about living now, ah?

“Monkey, I feel sick.” After a long time, Eat the Mountain said to his companion.

Monkey opened his mouth, but had no idea how to reassure his friend. This announcement was just too overwhelming, even he was still trying to recover from the shock.

However, what could he say?

Don’t worry? Trust your own strength and you’ll beat Ye Fei?

Even Monkey himself could not trust these words. He knew that the broadcasting business was getting more and more competitive. Because every few months, the number of fans required for an upgrade kept increasing.

Eat the Mountain has roughly 8,000 fans, and was now a Bronze Star Rank 1 broadcaster. However, what he really wanted was to become a Rank 2 broadcaster. To achieve that he would need at least 10,000 fans. Don’t look down on this 2,000 fans gap, even if Eat the Mountain eat himself into a coma for a month, he might not actually achieve it.

Therefore, Monkey could only pity Eat the Mountain quietly in his heart: It’s not that you are weak, it’s just that the other guys is too strong, ah. You just have to consider yourself as unlucky for meeting such an OP crazy powerhouse.

Song & Dance’s Harmonious Music was so gloomy that he was on the verge of spitting blood. His goal for today was to not only grab the overall top reward for Iron Star rankers, but to also break into Bronze Star status.

But now, the rewards he’d collected was no different from what Gift of Gab had achieved. Though both had leapt into Rank 5, and to be fair is still a great promotion, it was nothing compared to Ye Fei’s flying achievement, ah.

“What kind of dog shit is that? Just how did that scoundrel manage it? It’s not like there’s anything really interesting about his broadcast. It’s just, cooking, cooking, cooking, what’s so interesting about it? Just how did he managed to get so many fans?

“En? No, no, not right?”

A sudden feverish glow suddenly appeared in Harmonious Music’s eyes. He cried out, “Ye Fei, amazing, you’re really amazing, ah. To think that your killer move is this. The ingredients you used are the best of the best. Rose oil, legendary tofu and some kind of weird cola, you really know how to play the viewers, ah.”

Gift of Gab found himself floundering for words. He sat still in front of the computer, his scholarly fan long since chucked away in a temper at QQ Platform’s grand announcement. His face so twisted that you’d think he had just swallowed two houseflies.

“It’s the winds of change, the winds of change has come. Fine Food Sections has really changed their tune, ah. So, Ye Fei, I see you’re planning to take over the broadcasting world, ah.”

At the same time, other broadcasters were also talking about Ye Fei. Whether in jealousy or awe, the forums were buzzing with nothing else.




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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


This site now runs on ads, do click on a few whenever you encounter any  ^_^

Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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