Fine Food Broadcaster – 0030 – Countermeasures From All Sides

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0030 – Countermeasures From All Sides

Chapter 30: Countermeasure From All Sides

Translated by Gumihou of

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At this moment, Director Hong Shuang Xi of the Song & Dance Section sat in his office, facing his personal computer screen where the broadcast of young man cooking was being shown. The longer he watched, the deeper his frown. Finally, he switched the computer off , leaned back in his chair and sneered.

“230,000 reward, ah? He got all that just from this kind of performance? Only a ghost would believe it. Though the dishes he made looks good, but who knows what it actually tasted like? This guy probably paid off a bunch of people to make up the bulk of the rewards. Young people nowadays really go overboard for the sake of becoming famous, ah.”

Seated not far from him, an incredibly attractive woman gave an elegant little snigger, “Director Hong, regardless of what kind of tricks he might have used to gain this kind of reward, having Ye Fei on our broadcasting platform is a good thing. The company will still gain 30% of that reward.”

Hong Shuang Xi said, “My dear Head Manager Jing Ya, surely there’s no need to worry about this kind of person? Even if he managed to gain this kind of reward, do you really think he could achieve this kind of result everyday? Unless he’s a filthy rich billionaire, but the chances of that is low. Would a billionaire ignore his own real work and play around like this? Surely such a bored person can’t exist!”

Jing Ya said, “Hopefully this Ye Fei person is just a fluke, otherwise… ah, just thinking about this matter gives me a headache. To think that we and that Languages Section who occupied the first and second places would one day fall to this guy. How unexpected.”

Hong Shuang Xi pressed his hands together, and stuck his index fingers under his chin, saying, “How did Harmonious Music and the other major deities did in this broadcast? Could their combine rewards beat Ye Fei’s result?”

At Hong Shuang Xi’s question, she nearly cried. Today was just too shitty, ah. In order to even match this Fine Food newbie, the Song & Dance Section had to master a whole troop of their major deities. Since when did Song & Dance Section became so miserable, ah.

“Harmonious Music managed to obtain 100,000 reward. His performance today was not bad, this guy’s strength is very strong. As long as we properly nurture his talent, he could become our next top-notched great deity. Sound of Nature’s performance was a little lacking today, only managing to gain 90,000 reward. On the other hand, bronze star, rank 5 Singer King managed to gain 80,000 rewards. Other smaller deities managed to collect seven or eighty thousand reward points between themselves.”

“Enough, surely there’s no need for you to go on? You’re worrying excessively. No matter how much more outstanding this Ye Fei is, he could only gain HX$200,000 on his own. Our section’s small and mid range deities’ total rewards could easily sweep them off the table. The Song & Dance Section is still number one. In the end, though Ye Fei is a powerful character, the best he could do is pull Fine Food Section out from its last place position. There was no way he could threaten our position.”

Jing Ya answered with a little ‘en’, and said, “If our silver star great deities like Golden Voice and Sovereign Songs came into play, I believe that we could still gain a great result. Additionally, quite a few strong deities came to test their talent today and were all beaten out by Ye Fei by quite a mile.”

Hong Shuang Xi thought for a moment, then said, “How about this, I’ll handle Golden Voice. He’s busy with an advertisement job right now, so I’ll talk to him personally when he has the time. Once I have his answer, you can post out the message.”

Jing Ya immediately smiled at the news. Golden Voice fame was all down to Hong Shuang Xi’s support. There was no way that person could refuse a request from their patron. It would it be great if they could get Golden Voice to represent Song & Dance Section.

However, since they hadn’t managed to get him on board, it’s better not to count their chickens before they hatch.

After chatting idly with Hong Shuang Xi on other work related topic, Jing Ya left.

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At the same time, at the Languages Section area, Director Lu Wei and Manager Pan Wen Cai were currently discussing the Ye Fei situation.

“Director Lu, what you’re saying is really strange, ah. Just where did this Ye Fei character popped up from? He must have gotten a shot of chicken’s blood or something equally amazing, today’s collected reward is HX$230,000, ah. To be able to gain such a result from his second broadcasting was just… to be honest, only an experienced great deity should be able to reach this kind of result.” said Pan Wen Cai.

Lu Wei smiled, “It’s really too difficult to guess the people’s desires nowadays. To think that the Fine Food Section would have such a fine time of it now. I’d believed that the audience wouldn’t be interested in broadcasts from that section anymore. This Ye Fei could be considered a pioneer, a forger of paths who could draw the interest of people onto the Fine Food Section again.

“Hey, you’ve seen his broadcast, too. It wasn’t anything too interesting, he was just making food in front of the camera. To tell the truth, even I could make that tofu dish. The only thing he did was threw out some cheap tricks, what rose oil or special Cola thing. The only thing that excited the audience were the ingredients. Only a ghost would know whether those were even the real deal, I had a feeling that he was just stirring up interest unnecessarily.”

Pan Wen Cai sniffed disdainfully at Ye Fei’s astronomical rise to popularity.

Director Lu Wei said gravely, “Pan Wen Cai, don’t speak this way. The ingredients that Ye Fei used were quite unique. To be honest, I too am quite interested in gourmet food, and would look up information on special ingredients on my free time. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I’ve actually come across this Spring Snow Tofu. I’ve also studied Ye Chui’s ingredients very closely on his broadcast, and could say that it certainly matches all descriptions of the legendary Spring Snow. Especially that little detail about the soybeans originating from Bai Ma River. Not everyone has access to this information. From what I can see, there’s a high chance that it wasn’t a bluff.”

Pan Wen Cai’s lips twisted as he stared up at his manager. He really hadn’t expect his manager to defend Ye Fei’s win.

“Director, surely that can’t be it, right? If he really could get his hands on the real goods, that kind of guy didn’t lack money even if he lacks brains. Why would he mess around doing broadcastings, ah?”

Pan Wen Cai smiled, “When people reached a certain economic level, their lives will suddenly feel empty and would strive to find new things to test their skills on. Even if this Ye Fei is filthy rich, there’s no rule that says the rich can’t broadcast, right?”

“That makes sense. Humph, I don’t like this Ye Fei anyway. Whatever, now that we know his background, I have a feeling his popularity is just a flash in the pan.”

“I know you can’t bring yourself to accept this, but no matter what it’s still quite impossible for them to surpass us, the Language Section. That’s right, in order not to lose against Ye Fei, I’ve already made spoken to Paragraph King. He’ll come over tomorrow to do a broadcast. You send the message out, let everyone knows what’s happening.”

Pan Wen Cai was shocked. “Manager, you called Paragraph King back? For Ye Fei? He’s just an iron star, rank 1 broadcaster, do we really need to go that far?”

The director[1] smiled, “An iron star, rank 1 broadcaster you say? With the amount of rewards he collected, the number of fans he gathered should be enough to break past the iron star grade.”

“Impossible, such speed?” Pan Wen Cai, shaking his head in denial.

“As to what level he could be, all we have to do is study the statistics in detail to get it. Very well, you may leave now. Go and let the others know, there’s no need to worry too much about it. Ye Fei may be incredible, but there’s no need to loose heart. They should know that this broadcasting platform still depend on us, Languages and Song & Dance Sections.”

Once Pan Wen Cai left, the manager picked up his phone and called the Paragraph King’s number.

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At this time, nearly every section were trying to come up with ways to deal with this development. Because Ye Fei’s rise to power was too abrupt, nobody could afford to sit on their hands on this.

As everyone was cracking their heads over this, a major alert advertisement appeared on QQ Platform’s homepage. Moreover, the news was written in flashing red ink, which made extra eye catching.

People who were randomly skimming QQ Platform’s webpage immediately saw this alert, and an uproar erupted.


[1] Director Lu Wei was never mentioned again after this and was replaced by Hong Shuang Xi. However, since they’re still chatting about Languages Section business, I guess this is a mistake on the writer’s part.




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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