The Feast – 071 – Lacking Ambition

Chapter 71: Lacking Ambition


Translated by Gumihou

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“No, no, you’re just being over-sensitive.” Su Nuan Nuan declined with righteous indignance. “How dare you judge a noble character with such pettiness. My lord, really, such injustice is unbecoming of you.”

Si Ping could not resist squinting his eyes at this, could first madam’s face be any thicker? How did you managed to say all those things without even batting an eyelid? Your face don’t lose of our master in thickness, ah.

Duan Tingxuan was looking at his beloved wife with a suspicious eye. Finally, he gave a cold laugh, “Me, unjust? Surely not? What was it you called me? A lord? Just when did you turn into such a virtuous woman anyway?”

“Do you know the origin of this cock?” without bothering to answer Duan Tingxuan, Su Nuan Nuan threw this curious question at him.

“Hmph! What’s so great about its origin?” Hmph! Hmph! Want to change the subject? Too gullible, show me what you’ve got. The little marquis straightened his sleeves and narrowed his eyes.

“After my lord granted me this warehouse key, your Madam Yun suddenly decided to pay a visit to the kitchen. Where she then forcefully transferred Ms. Xia to the laundry house, and had some people sent me this marvellous rooster. Naturally, in view of this rare generosity, I had my people investigate into the matter, and it turned out that this gorgeous cock had soundly fed Madam Yun a great defeat. I really hadn’t expect my lord to fall prey to this rooster as her, even when caught off guard.”

“Ran Yun made trouble at the kitchen?” Duan Tingxuan frowned, and slowly tugged at his sleeves. He heard all that was unsaid: Your stinky second wife tried to mess with me by sending this creature, hehe, but the one who suffered was you. How could he miss such an obvious message?

“Surely it’s not making trouble, right? After all, she has the right to inspect the kitchens. Ms. Xue had been looking after the kitchen for so many years without any major incident, for her to be transferred away so suddenly, who would accept it lying down? Naturally, she has to go and do this dirty job herself.”

Su Nuan Nuan’s voice was perfectly calm. She turned to Hong Lian and Xiang Yun, “You two, go with Si Ping to Mei Yue Lou. Kill and dress a few roosters, make sure you get rid of all excess fat before bringing them over.”

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun answered quickly, gave Si Ping a glance and trotted out of the kitchen. Si Ping was about to follow when the little marquis said sourly, “Bring this beast with you. Didn’t you hear your madam? This fellow is a protector of the nest, how could you just leave it here to waste away? Idiot.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Si Ping hurriedly picked up the basket and jogged off, buttocks bouncing from his enthusiasm to get away. Su Nuan Nuan eyed the little marquis’ sorry figure, and felt the anger in her heart disappeared with a sigh. She made her way calmly to the stone bench under the grapevine arch, and ordered Cong’er to bring some tea and snacks over.

Just what manner of intelligent man was Duan Tingxuan? How could he not know that this wife of his was angry with him for dragging her into the inner court power struggle? Only, she was a harmless, if greedy glutton who would not be able to resist the warehouse treasures, especially with the permission to do as she like with the contents. He was fairly sure that this would be the last time she vent her displeasure at him over this matter. To be honest, being clawed up a bit by a rooster was nothing compared to what he had gained. He and Su Nuan Nuan were now much closer via their shared ownership of the warehouse.

“If Ms. Xue had been doing a good job all this while, why was she sent to the laundry house? Ran Yun’s action was just too biased. I shall speak to her and make her transfer that woman back.” said Duan Tingxuan as he sat down next to Su Nuan Nuan. Though she had made a fool out of him, at least she hadn’t thrown him out. The much abused little marquis felt incredibly contented with this latest development in their relationship.

“That’s a good idea, ah.” Su Nuan Nuan smiled sincerely at him, satisfied with his reply. What a clever solution, she’ll just throw every little conflict at this man to solve. So what if these women all flocked together against her? I have this wonderful little marquis to be my meat shield. After all, it’s his job as husband to protect me while I enjoy a good life and delicious meals… Phew! Ah, life is so sweet and wonderful!

“Ahem…” Duan Tingxuan coughed exaggeratedly. He really hadn’t expect Su Nuan Nuan to use him so callously. In truth, a smart man avoids the inner palace conflict at all cost. Also, Nuan Nuan, even if you plan to use me, you should least pretend to decline first, ba? How could you just accept my aid so calmly? Don’t you want to stabilize your own position and status in the mansion? If you need my help for small matters like this, what would people say? Was she expecting him to handle all conflict on her behalf? Surely this wasn’t right, ba?

After some thought, however, the little marquis finally understood.

Lacking ambition. This was a saying that he had known since young, however, this was the first time he had ever seen a live example of it. Su Nuan Nuan was the perfect representation of someone who lacked ambition. To this woman, the marquis house was nothing, to her, being sent out from the house would be seen as an opportunity to explore the boundless world.

Starving would be impossible with her cooking talent, right? The old madam and himself were ready to shed tears of gratitude that she consented to stay within this mansion. In the end, they were the ones who could not live without the White Sealed Meat, White Sugar Cakes, Smoothies and other assorted delicacies they were now addicted to. Not to mention all those other incredible delicacies he haven’t tasted yet.

As for him, the husband, heh heh! That Su Nuan Nuan already dismissed him as a slag male, would a woman who had dismissed his existence care about ‘husbandly affections’? She deigned to treat him as a friendly associate only because of his efforts in securing her parents’ safety. Perhaps she had once valued status and power, enough to try and establish her position through inner court struggle. However, after returning from the dead, she had undergone an incredible change, gain some kind of enlightenment that allowed her to not care one bit about status or power. As for the Ms. Xue matter, if he were to ignore it, there was no real reason to think that she would actually do anything about it.

The only thing Su Nuan Nuan valued was a happy and relaxing life. Also, that Ms. Xue became unlucky because she got involved with Su Nuan Nuan, he had to make sure nothing happen to that woman or his wife’s status would decrease even more, ah.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Nuan Nuan eyed the deeply thinking Duan Tingxuan with some curiosity, at her question, her husband looked up and smiled, “Nothing, nothing, what are we having for dinner?”

“Didn’t I just sent Hong Lian and Xiang Yun to kill some chickens? We’re having Beggar Chicken tonight. I guarantee you haven’t had this before, I’ll send one to old madam later…”

“Elder madam loves chicken best.” Duan Tingxuan was quick to interrupt, doing his best to help her to gain an advantage via her cooking.

Su Nuan Nuan smiled at the eager little marquis and drawled, “Oh really? If remembered correctly, the last time I made stewed pork shoulder, you said the elder madam loves pork best.”

The little marquis was someone with astonishingly thick face, but even he had to cough behind his fist and flashed his fan out to hide the red tint on his cheeks. He laughed loudly, “Nuan Nuan, there are some things that though we both know, but can’t be said you know? A ha ha ha ha…”


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Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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