Fine Food Broadcaster – 0029 – Thousand Mile Fragrance

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0029 – Thousand Mile Fragrance

Chapter 29: Thousand Mile Fragrance

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Ye Fei was really curious about the special skill from [System]. After a quick deliberation, he said. “I accept the reward.”

[Fine Food Broadcasting System], “Very well, granting reward… reward granted.”

The moment the [System] finished speaking, lines of words appeared in Ye Fei’s mind:

Thousand Mile Fragrance – A wonderfully crafted dish has to be appreciated via colour, fragrance, and flavour. As an influential Fine Food Broadcaster, it is not enough to merely create pleasing dishes that only appeal to the eyes. In order to truly charm your audiences, you must be able to target their sense of smell. The Thousand Mile Fragrance technique will help the host solve the issue fragrance. The smell of your cooking will enter your audiences’ room and into their nostrils, allowing them to further immerse themselves in the experience of cooking.

“Ye Fei, “… …”

The f***, what kind of s*** is this? This kind of skill was too miraculous, ba.

Ye Fei reread the details for the Thousand Mile Fragrance and sat there stupidly for a long time.


That’s right, in the eyes of Ye Fei, this kind of skill was just over the top. After all, no matter how wonderful, delicate and beautiful your cooking was, you can only depend on the sense of sight and hearing to lure the viewers in.

Basically you’re just like the picture menu in a restaurant, depending on blown up photographs and smart angles to give good impressions.

However, these were might as well be paper tigers, a silver gun, a waxed dummy, sight alone was not enough, the most important thing was for the food to taste good, otherwise, no matter how pretty it looked, customers won’t come back for it.

Ye Fei knew that his cooking was the result of the [System]’s] instructions and, of course, majority of the interest was generated by the special ingredients provided by the [System]. The live broadcast was a virtual world where the viewer could only see and hear what was going on, as for the smell, well, there was really no way for them to really appreciate it.

However, if his viewer could actually smell the fragrance of his cooking, they would be that much closer to understanding the delicacy he was making.

On the other hand, this was clearly easier said than done, it’s not like he could invite them over to his house to have a sniff.

Now that the [System] had offered this Thousand Mile Fragrance skill, he would be able to capture even more audience through their sense of smell. This skill was just too super amazing, ah, the best, the most awesome type of skill ah!

“Now this is TMF best type of godly skill, ah!” Ye Fei declared passionately.

With this skill, the amount of rewards he’d collect would not be limited to just one or two hundred thousands, for him to be able to reach this kind of level was something he dare not even believe.

“[System], if you happen to be a girl, even if you look like a pig, I’ll definitely marry you. Moreover, I’d never throw you off for any other girls or concubines, our love shall be set in stone, we will grow old together, see the sun rise and set, the autumn of our lives will be…”

[Fine Food Broadcasting System], “… …”

Ye Fei was so happy that he had gone beyond waxing poetry into nonsensical babble.

When people are happy, their spirits would be high, Ye Fei felt like he was about float away from happiness alone. His future looked brighter than ever, if he did not use this chance to make money it would be such a waste. He wanted to start broadcasting as soon as possible.

“[System], can I start broadcasting now? I want to cook something, I want everyone to know that my dishes don’t just look good, but smells amazing as well.”

[FFB System], “The host may only make one broadcast a day.”

Ye Fei, “But why? [System], if you do this we can’t be friends any more.”

This was too depressing, ah. How could you just bait me with this Thousand Mile Fragrance skill and not let me use it immediately, ah.

[System], “It’s the principle of the thing.”

Ye Fei, “… this great one hates your principle.”

This time, the [System] did not even deign to answer Ye Fei. Left to face the computer alone, he opened up a webpage. Three seconds later, that webpage was shut down, and he opened another page again. This trashy male spent the rest of his day surfing through various sites. Well, it can’t be helped, fortune came upon this guy too suddenly, he still haven’t properly processed it.

While Ye Fei was still floating about in the wake of his success, situation at the QQ Broadcasting platform was quite unsettled.

Feng Tian Lai was walking about with his nose in the air and a spring in his step.

He knocked upon Director Zhao Sen’s office, and called out in a cheerful voice. “Things are about to change for Fine Food Department, Mister Director, sir.”

Zhao Sen also looked to be in a good mood, he laughed heartily, “Good work, Old Feng, very good work indeed. Who would have thought that this Ye Fei would be the one to bring things around for you guys. Not bad, not bad.”

Awkwardness seeped into Feng Tian Lai’s heart, hey, that guy’s appearance and talent had nothing to me, okay? It’s all on him, he came like the storm and practically blew the rest of the competition out of the water without our help, okay?

“Director Zhao, Ye Fei’s performance broke all kinds of records today. According to our company policy, record setting broadcasters should be rewarded. Perhaps you could help us look into this matter?”

Zhao Sen looked surprised for a moment, before gathering himself. “Oh yes, we do have this policy. Since Ye Fei did so well, we must reward the Fine Food Sections for its efforts, I shall look into for you.”

This was Feng Tian Lai’s main reason for coming, now that his goal had been achieved, he practically floated away.

Zhao Sen was not idle either, he quickly put in the application for the bonus reward. Within his laptop were data, of major and minor significance, looking at this collection of data, Zhao Sen found himself hesitating before the empty word page, unsure how to start.


Because the records broken by Ye Chui was too many, and by too large a margin.

Take the QQ new broadcasters record for example, even broadcasters who eventually become great deities tend to fall into a certain average. Achieving HX$57,000 by the third day was an important sign, for example.

As for Ye Fei? It was only his second broadcast, but he had already exceeded HX$230,000, this was too amazing by far, ah.

According to the company’s rules, newcomers who exceed the record by  HX$10,000 would receive a reward of HX$2,000. If they managed to achieve HX$20,000 above the record, they would receive HX$4,000 and so on.

What Ye Fei had actually achieve was a staggering HX$180,000 over the current record, that means a total of HX$36,000 bonus in the shortest time ever. And this was only the first bonus. Promising broadcasters would also be given all sorts of assistance to encourage their achievement. There was also a special newbie bonus for those who managed to receive any of the luxury reward items (Luxury Air Planes, Luxury Cruise Ship, Aircraft Carrier, and Spacecraft, all items above HX$5,000). This Ye Fei actually managed to break at least five or six different records here. Moreover, it was all major record breaks.

Zhao Sen carefully calculated all the bonuses and, wow, it looked like this department will be receiving a cool HX$60,000 in just bonus alone.

The people from the FF Section as well as those backing Ye Chui’s success were thrilled by these numbers, but of course, there were those who were less than happy…


[Gumihou: Apologies for the lateness in putting up this chapter, modern Chinese actually has its own challenges…]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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