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The Feast – 031 – Detective Work

Chapter 31: Detective Work



Translated by Gumihou

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And so, faced with such a tearful beauty, Su Nuan Nuan could not bear to hit or kick her. She could only wave her hand back and forth, saying, “Fine, fine, aren’t I in excellent condition? What are you crying for? If you’re really that worried about me, where have you been these past few months? Why haven’t you visit me then?”


Xue Zi Lan answered with a choked voice, “This little sister who has offended elder sister, there’s nothing I good can say for myself. You know that I’ve always been too meek. Ever since elder sister left the inner court, all matters had been left in the hands of Madam Yun. This little sister has to live under her pressure, and thus…”


“Nothing to say but still end up saying a whole bunch of things.” Though she could not physically strike a beauty, Su Nuan Nuan has no intention of controlling her tongue. As expected, this single line of hers has awesome killing power. It immediately cut off whatever tender speeches that Xue Zi Lan has prepared.


“Did the Lord brought these for elder sister?” there was no way that Xue Zi Lan was going to just retreat like that, dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief, she cleverly switched the subject and pointed towards the ingredients.


“Oh yes,” Su Nuan Nuan happily admitted. She watched as Xue Zi Lan curiously bent over to inspect the ingredients. Her cute movements and expression set off her peerless face even more, nearly making her shine with brilliance. Her contempt for Duan Tingxuan grew even more.


That slag male, that slutty man whore, such a great beauty is not enough to slake your lust. Still want to collect women like pokemon cards[1]. You already have how many children? Were you a stud horse[2] in your past life? God in heaven, you tell me honestly, have you prepared yourself for the five coloured thunder-god[3]? A slag male who do not know how to appreciate good things must be struck by lightning at least a couple of times, otherwise there would be no justice in heaven, ah.


She allowed this Xue Zi Lan into her house, all the better to study her. Su Nuan Nuan found that although this woman was enchanting and glamorous, she did not have Madam Ran’s kind of aura. She sat there like a mistreated little wife, her voice was soft as she inquired after life in Mei Yue Lou. Has Duan Tingxuan bullied her recently? When will she come back to the inner court? Finally, she brought up a request to learn some cooking skills.


Though Su Nuan Nuan liked to look at beauties, her common sense remained and she stayed vigilant. She ignored Xue Zi Lan’s request to learn cooking. An anxiously hovering Hong Lian finally managed to relax at this. It was close to dark before Xue Zi Lan excused herself and left after a heartfelt farewell.


“Hehe, when we’re in trouble at Mei Yue Lou, just where was this Madam Lan? Why did Missy even bother to speak nicely with her? Did Missy really thinks that she’s a warm and kind person, the type that could be squashed by mere unkind words?”


“Am I such a stupid person in your heart?” Su Nuan Nuan rolled her eyes at Hong Lian. “Civility, this is called civility, understand? Since she’s such a beauty I don’t mind enjoying her presence, she’s the perfect eye candy. However, that flower like face hides a heart filled with scorpions and snakes. Relax, I’m not like that slutty rascal Duan Tingxuan, stunned by a mere beauty’s presence.”


Hong Lian finally fully relaxed. In the past, though Su Meng Nuan was bossy and domineering towards everyone including Xue Zi Lan, she never bothered to guard herself against that woman, believing her to be warm, gentle and good hearted great beauty. It was after they had been cast out into Mei Yue Lou to fend for themselves, that Hong Lian finally realised that this woman was no ordinary creature. When she saw that Su Nuan Nuan’s attitude towards Xue Zi Lan did not change much, her worry became almost unbearable. The mistress from before was not a good person, however the person from before and the person now was different. Hong Lian really loved this sassy and good hearted mistress, and did not wish to see Su Nuan Nuan carelessly eaten up by that cruel and merciless woman.


“Actually, the master won’t necessary be stunned by Madam Lan or Concubine Jing. In this maid’s eyes, ever since the master came into this Mei Yue Lou, the master found it difficult to stay away from this place.” Hong Lian cheerfully said, only to see Su Nuan Nuan waved a disdainful hand,. “A dog can’t help eating shit. Your master is just intrigued by my unusual cooking, once he had had enough then that’s it. Therefore while the effect is still fresh, we must blackmail everything we can from him…wait, no, hmm, extort, that’s not right either, that is…the point is to grab as much edible things as we can from him. It’s best if we can get silver or something, the future is uncertain after all, we must be prepared. Oh yes, must learn more kungfu from him. As long as I have kungfu, what I need to fear?”


“If the master heard Missy’s words and knew that you have such plans, he would be even more reluctant to teach you kungfu.” Hong Lian felt her mistress’ words were really odd and funny.


Su Nuan Nuan retorted, “Hong Lian, why do you keep thinking that your master would have feelings for me again? Don’t you know the expression ‘in times of hardship feelings become thin’? Furthermore, he and I never had strong feelings in the first place. We are now distant in feelings and apart in manner. We take what we need from the other without need to give face. This is good, a slutty rascal and a poisonous wife, this is how it should be. I advice you not to hold out dreams of your master and I joining together to form a whole mirror, otherwise the ones with shattered hearts will be you.”


She had hardly finished speaking when they suddenly heard Duan Tingxuan’s loud voice howling from the yard, “Oh yes, one more thing. Nuan Nuan, you prepare a few more roasted ducks for me. Just like the ones from a few days ago. Make more of those Lotus Leaf Bread[4]. I need to bring some to the East Palace tomorrow.”


“This rascal is getting too much, it’s not enough to just eat here, you want to take my food away too?” Su Nuan Nuan made and angry ‘Humpf!’ and stood, rolling up her sleeves she angrily stomped to the entrance, gritting her teeth and muttering, “Greedy, hope you get struck by lightning, just because I let you take some leftovers back you treat me like a pushover that you can order around.”


Hong Lian was stunned for a moment, and was a moment too late to pull her mistress back. A loud scream came from the yard, by the times she made it outside, Duan Tingxuan was being chased by Su Nuan Nuan as he dodged into the kitchen. He emerged with two Sugared Fried Dough[5] in his hand, before he could run, Su Nuan Nuan managed to beat his leg with a broom.


The master’s level of kungfu was powerful, and therefore was not at all bothered by such minor injuries. Clutching the two pieces of Sugared Fried Dough, he made for the entrance, aiming to escape with his prize. Seeing Su Nuan Nuan standing at the balcony and huffing with anger, he dared to laugh. “If you’re tired, two roast ducks would be enough, can’t be less. The guy’s still a crown prince after all. Just bringing one duck would make me look miserly, especially if I eat half of it, wouldn’t that be too stingy? Good Nuan Nuan, considering all the high class ingredients I’ve brought over these few days, you should at least give me some face. When hunting season comes with autumn, I’ll bring in all kinds of deer meat[6] for you.”


“Pei!” Su Nuan Nuan spat on the ground. How could this be considered a kindness? This rascal thinks she doesn’t know the real intention in his heart? “You don’t need to bring me any game, after I’ve slaved over them, those things would just ended up in your stomach.”


“Don’t say it like this, ah. Though some will enter my stomach, surely some would be eaten by you? We have such a perfect arrangement together, and you’re so clever, surely you can find a way to profit over this? Right?” Duan Tingxuan’s smile filled his face, as he waved the Sugared Fried Dough in his hands. “Well, I still have some business, don’t forget about the ducks.” So saying, he turned and was about to leave when he sensed a great force of wind surging his way. He ducked in the last minute, a small stone had just whizzed past his ear.




Author’s Note: The first book is almost finished, so there’s no need to get tickets. But, it looks like a great fight is brewing in the next few days…



[Translator’s Note: Haha, I wonder who chucked that stone.]







[1] Sorry, the translator added that, couldn’t resist…


[2] It was originally written as ‘Are you an ancestor?’ but translator believed it’s a typo since horse ‘马’ and question marker ma ‘吗’ only has one single difference. Also, it made sense if it’s ‘horse’ rather than just questioning his ancestry in general.


[3] Five coloured thunder-god – Can’t really find reference to this, but sounds awesome and dangerous…


[4] Lotus leaf bread


[5] Sugar Fried Dough – Tang You Ping


[6] He actually named the species of deers: Muntjac, David’s deer and roe dear, which I think meant little to us regular readers, lol.



Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com

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