The Feast – 004 – Havoc in the Kitchen

Chapter 4 – Havoc in the kitchen


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Actually, Su Nuan Nuan was not quite as confident and self-assured as she appeared.

As the receiver of Su Meng Nuan’s memories, she was quite clear what sort of poisonous person the original owner of this body was. As for the handsome to death, possessor of a face that could launch a thousand battleship Duan Tingxuan, high birth, talented, not to mention incredibly rich and charismatic husband, if they really had to sit down and calculate who had really wasted their youth to the other, it was still unclear who should pay who.

Therefore, in order to properly motivate herself, she had to have some excuse to set out on this outrageous mission. It really didn’t matter whether the reason was real or not.

“Missy, this is … not proper, ah.

No matter what you’re still the first madam, with your status, if you stoop to quarrelling with the kitchen hands. This… this just can’t be done, ah. It will lower your social standing…so, so why don’t you just let this one go, ba. Alright? Would Missy please just wait for this maid’s good news…” Hong Lian saw that Su Nuan Nuan really was going for real, she immediately rushed to stop her, “Missy, as representative of Duke Ping, as his precious daughter, you must not trample on your noble family…”

“If I don’t demand my rights, I shall be their precious dead daughter. Moreover, whatever lofty pride or status of the Duke of Ping had is all gone now. Our family are all slaves, so what is there to worry about?” Su Nuan pushed Hong Lian away. “If you’re really afraid of losing face, just stay here and watch the house.”

How could Hong Lian or Xiang Yun dare let their mistress out of their sight? They both knew their mistress’ stubborn streak very well. Since they could not change her mind, they could only pray that Missy would be mindful of her status as the first wife and not create too big a scene. Otherwise, they would be the laughing stock of the entire mansion.

The distance between Mei Yue Lou and the kitchen was about 2 li* away. On route, Su Nuan Nuan managed to work up a good head of very angry steam. Thus, by the time she reached the kitchen, her face had set to a very fierce mask. Like a tigress bearing down on some hapless passing goat.

*(1li = 500meters)

“Ma…. madam….”

The head of the kitchen, a Ms. Xue, blinked at the sight of Su Nuan Nuan striding over with a murderous look on her face. Was she hallucinating? Was that a faint image of a tiger behind tha- tha- that… why is what woman here? Has she forgotten her status as a well-bred daughter of a duke? Just… what is going on?

Hong Lian and Xiang Yun dared not meet the eyes of the curious kitchen staff. Their foreheads almost touching their chest as they did their best to avoid everyone’s gaze. On the other hand, Su Nuan Nuan was perfectly shameless. Food was the ultimate right of all. I shall do battle with anyone who dares to cut off my food supply, humph!

Since she had rolled up her sleeves, revealing pure white arms that did little work more strenuous than wearing lots of expensive jade bracelets. The effect was very bold, noble and aggressive.

“Oho, so you still know to address me as madam.” The brilliant smile was like a slash on her face, a smile so sharp that it might as well be a naked blade. She drawled, “May I know why, when my Hong Lian came to the kitchen for food, she brought nothing back? Well? Now that I have fallen out of favour, even kitchen slaves like you dare to step on my head?”

Ms. Xue grew gloomy at this accusation. Can you please stop saying that you’ve fallen out of favour? From your fierce and haughty stance, just what part of you actually acknowledged being out of favour, ah? If you have the guts, go and confront Madam Yun, why are you pestering us shrimps here?

However, these were words that she dared not give voice, could never give voice. Instead, Ms. Xue smiled, “Madam must be joking, how could we ever dared such things. It’s just, the kitchen ingredients are all limited. Moreover, the master mentioned that he wished for madam to spend some time on quiet reflection in Mei Yue Lou…”

“The lord may have ordered me into quiet reflections, but he did not order you to starve me, did he?” Su Nuan Nuan was too lazy to debate nonsense with these women.

She had already talked herself into an advantageous position, it was now time to press her advantage. A cleaver caught her eye and she expertly picked it up. After hefting it in her hand she hacked it into a nearby chopping board with a loud thunk. “I shall say this first, the food you have sent over these past few days barely filled my stomach. If I had to depend on you people, I shall soon starve to death. If you feel that I, your madam, is creating trouble here. Go and make your complaints to Su Ran Yun and Duan Tingxuan. Tell them, if they have the guts, to take back what I’m about to seize here,”

“Madam… this… you….”

Ms. Xue eyed the cleaver embedded deeply in the chopping board, and felt wronged. She was stuck in a very awkward situation, just what should she do now? Just then, Su Nuan Nuan jerked her chin at Hong Lian and Xiang Yun, “What are you waiting for? There, grab those bags of flour and rice. Isn’t there are a cart outside? Put them there first.”

Since the situation had deteriorated to this point, whatever face they might have had were all gone. Hong Lian and Xian Yun decided to just follow Su Nuan Nuan’s instruction and raided the kitchen for ingredients: Rice, flour, eggs, meat, salt, oil, soy sauce, tea, sugar… as soon as their eyes set on it, it was moved to the cart.

As expected, there’s no stopping a shameless person.

Looking at the stunned and helpless women who could only stand there and watched as red faced Hong Lian and Xiang Yun moving things onto the cart, satisfaction warmed Su Nuan Nuan’s heart. Yes, this is how it should be, as long as there’s food, who needs face? Dealing with people like this was easy, just grab hold of your starving belly and throw away your face.

When Su Nuan Nuan saw that most of the food had been carted off, she eyed the knife in her hand and smiled sinisterly, “En, this cleaver looks like a really good knife. I, you madam, shall borrow it. Oh, right, Hong Lian, when we came in earlier, I saw they have a few baskets of roosters in the yard. Take two baskets.”

“Madam… madam… you shouldn’t do this, ah. How should this one explain to Madam Yun, ah…” Ms Xue wailed, casting a look at Hong Lian who, in addition to the two baskets of roosters, also placed two baskets of ducks onto their cart.

This proved to be the last straw as the woman literally threw herself at Su Nuan Nuan’s feet, her face covered in tears and snot as she tried to reason with this crazy woman.

“Just tell her I’ve taken them. If Madam Yun has anything to say about it, tell her to come and find me.” Su Nuan Nuan gave a cold snort. She was not at all afraid of this second wife. Even the idiotic Su Meng Nuan could battle that woman on equal grounds. Though Su Meng Nuan was finally cast away by Duan Tingxuan, it was mostly due to her own fault for being too domineering and bossy. Who told her not to know when she should pick her fights and play the gentle lady in front of that slag male?

As Ms. Xue stared at the three person pushing a fully loaded cart away, she collapsed to the ground with an audible ‘pu tong’. Then, she turned her face the heavens and began to wail against an unjust world.


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“Master, terrible news. It seems that first madam had gone to the kitchen and created a scene. The news have already reached the ears of old madam and elder madam.”

Duan Tingxuan had just returned to the mansion when the normally cool study servant, Shuang Xi, ran out from the study in a great panic.

“Oh? So she created trouble in the kitchens? Do you know why?”

The little marquis was not someone prone to panic. He went strode past the anxious servants, washed his hands, leisurely dried them, before absent mindedly uttered these words. He accepted a cup of tea from the study maid Cai Yun, slowly took a sip before waiving for Shuang Xi to continue.

“Madam said that she hadn’t had enough to eat these few days…” Shuang Xi kept an eye on his master’s face as he reported his news in a small voice. He hadn’t quite finished then master spat a mouthful of tea into his face.

“Ke, ke, ke, cough… not… not enough to eat?” the perfectly calm face suddenly turned grim, Duan Tingxuan’s cheeks twitched. He snapped his sleeves in anger, “What happened to her hunger strike? Why is she complaining about a lack of food now?”

“This… this servant doesn’t know, it’s possible that… madam has decided to stop her strike?” Shuan Xi said cautiously, his voice even lower than before.

Duan Tingxuan waved his hands impatiently. “Enough! What happened after the scene in the kitchen? What did she do next?”

“This one heard that… that she raided the kitchen and took away nearly half of the ingredients. Even… even the kitchen cart was… was used to move everything away. Ah, also… the cart hasn’t been returned.” Shuang Xi wiped a forehead full of sweat. This madam, could it be that she had created all this havoc just to get master’s attention? Who knows whether master would take the bait.

“Trying to get my attention, is it?”

Duan Tingxuan smirked to himself as he stroked his chin. He paced around his room a few times and said, “Very well, I understand. As long as she doesn’t bother the inner court, she can go bother the kitchen, the laundry area. If she likes, she can even go make scenes at the chicken coops and pig pen, if she’s not afraid of losing face, we’ll just ignore her.”

“But, master. The… the Marquis of An Ping, the marchioness…” Shuang Xi said despairingly, could it be that this master did not feel shame even though this news had spread like a spring breeze through the mansion?

“The old marquis doesn’t care about this kind of thing. As for the marchioness and old madam, I shall speak to them personally. Isn’t her causing trouble already the norm? Why are you making a mountain out of a molehill this time?” Duan Tingxuan sneered. “Leave now. In the future do not disturb me with such tiny matters.”

Tiny matters? Who was the one who spat tea over such ‘tiny matters’ just now? However, Shuang Xi would never dare to let such opinions leave his lips, and quietly backed away.


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