Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0173

Chapter 173 – Curtain Drop

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com

Notes from Gumihou at the end of this chapter, please read.


“It really is Miss Sally, word has it that she had passed through Chaos City half a month ago, and the bounty hunters were now heading south of  Chaos City. I never expect to see her here.” Facker said to himself from a corner of the restaurant.

That Miss Sally ran away to Chaos City was a two week old news. As a daughter of a powerful family, there was naturally a big uproar when people found out.

Moreover, thanks to Queen Helena’s latest royal decree, this noble daughter favoured by Princess Irina was suddenly the most eligible young elf girl among the noble families.

However, for some unknown reason, this wild elf girl suddenly took it into her head to run away from home, following the princess’ footsteps moving southward away from the Windstorm Forest.

The matter had been hushed up by the upper echelons, but those in the know have orders to look out for her. Aside from the bounty hunters, there was also a discreet reward whispered round for anyone who found Miss Sally. Facker’s heart quickened, maybe this was his great chance to return to Windstorm Forest.

He scooped up a spoonful of [Sweet Beancurd] into his mouth and allow the delicious flavour to melt in his mouth. Fake nodded to himself in satisfaction, this restaurant’s boss was certainly someone who pursues the ultimate when it comes to deliciousness. Looks like his luck was not bad.

“Boss Mike, bill please.” Klaus declared as he stood up with a smile.

“The total is 8 gold coins.” Mike smiled at him, he was actually really grateful that Klaus and Julian did not use their age, strength and influence to make trouble for him, otherwise this whole matter would be even more difficult to resolve.

“I have already found a magic workshop, it’s Room 3, Building 3 at the Chaos College. Please send Amy over at 6:30 am tomorrow.” Klaus did not hurry to pay. Instead, he smiled and said, “When the time comes, could I trouble you to bring me a [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and a [Sweet Beancurd]? I won’t be coming over for a takeaway, but would you deliver it?”

“The Chaos College?” Mike was astonished, he really hadn’t expect Klaus to secure a location in Chaos College. This way, Amy would also be able to play with her little friends too. He was actually really happy, then, an odd expression overcame his face.

“Could this be the beginning of an other world delivery service?” Mike frowned, he hesitated for a moment before holding his hand out for the 16 gold coins from Klaus. Well, he still had to respect Klaus in his capacity as a grandmaster wizard. It’s one thing for Amy to act naughty in front of her teachers, but if he were to act too wilfully against them, that would surely send the wrong message.

“I leave Amy in your good hands.” Mike said with a serious nod.

Klaus, who had been prepared to argue with the was a little taken aback by Mike’s respectful attitude. He watched as Mike put away the money and smiled gently at Amy, “Well, she is my only disciple after all.”

A sincere smile bloomed across Mike’s face, this phrase meant more to him than all the promises in the world.

When Klaus left, Julian settled his bill with Amy, and he too left.

… …

After tasting the actual [Beancurds], the rift between the Sweet and Savoury Factions grew more aggravated. The air fairly crackling with tension.

Sally and Luna set their spoons down at the same time with a satisfied sigh. They had never eaten such a delicious thing in their entire life. More expensive and more exotic food, yes, due to their wealth and family status, but none could be compared with this [Beancurd].

Both privately decided that the [Beancurd] they had was the best and that the other party’s [Beancurd] did not look as good as their own. However, while there was some tension in the air when their eyes met, both were too well bred to start a quarrel and stood up to leave.

“Amy, be good and listen to your dad, alright?” Luna said, as she stroked Amy’s head. Then she smiled at Palmer, “And Palmer, you should be proud of yourself. Everyone already recognise you as a math genius, so you shouldn’t feel discouraged. A man should stay hungry for success, always.”

“En, I understand, Teacher Luna.” Palmer nodded, a little flame igniting in his eyes.

“Come again, Teacher Luna, daddy can make lots of other delicious things. So there will be more and more other yummy things to eat.” Amy was a little reluctant to part with Luna and was prepared to stretch the truth to get her to come back.

“En, I’ll be back again.” Luna smiled down, she was actually looking forward to it.

“Even more delicious things?” other customers all looked up at this declaration. The three items that Mike came up with were already outstandingly delicious. Could Boss Mike actually surpass himself and create something even more spectacular?

Most were doubtful about this claim, but even more were looking forward to it.

Pablo waddled about with Little Ugly Duckling in his arms, but ended up giving it back to Amy after a short while as he was still too little and lost strength easily.

Soon, Harrison and the group found their seats and made their order. Harrison, Jacques and Pablo all ordered [Sweet Beancurd] while Palmer stubbornly chose [Savoury Beancurd], he also had a [Juicy Burger] and everything was so delicious not even stubbornness could prevent a smile from blooming across Palmer’s face.

“Goodbye Mushroom Head. Goodbye uncles Blue Fatty and Grey Fatty.” Amy waved at them from the door, Little Ugly Duckling clutched in her arms.

“Little elder sis, Fatty Kitty, bye-bye.” Pablo waved back, his eyes remaining on cute Little Ugly Duckling’s person even as he was lead away by Jacques.

“Goodbye Little Boss.” Jacques and Harrison smiled. In Jacques hand was a takeaway container of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“Why did you not say goodbye to me?” Palmer halted his steps to stare mulishly at Amy.

“Because I haven’t thought of a good nickname for you.” Amy answered seriously.

“Goodbye!” Palmer turned abruptly and stomped away.

“Goodbye.” Amy nodded, then returned to the dining hall. She looked like she was in a good mood.

“Boss, everyone is eating this [Beancurd] thing, how about we try some too?” at a table near the entrance, Kiel suggested after looking about himself curiously.

“Tell me again, the reason why we earn these coins?” Sargerass eyed the two.

“For [Juicy Burger!]” Kiel and Misty howled reflexively.

“Eat!” Sargerass waved a generous hand over the 15 [Juicy Burgers] in front of them.

The night rush went on until 9 o’clock, and Mike had to start declining customers with his courtesy smile. When he finally closed the door in the face of the last protesting customer, he sighed with relief.

This was just a little taste of the other world Sweet vs Savoury faction battle, he reckoned, it was even more brutal than he had imagined.

“Daddy dearest, today we have sold 512 [Juicy Burgers], 90 rainbow rice and 240 [Beancurds], so… that’s 175,480 copper coins. I can change dragon coins and gold coins to copper coins now, you know.” Amy beamed cheerfully over Little Ugly Duckling’s head.

“Our family’s Amy is getting more and more amazing, how wonderful! I guess you must be a girl genius in math, right?” Mike smiled down at Amy, and also planted a kiss on top of her head, perfectly generous with his praise.

With the added 1740 gold coins, he only need another 1,000 gold coins to hit the 10,000 gold target. Moreover, there were twice as many customers today, so his new customer target had reached 880/1,000.

“The [Yellow Stewed Chicken] should excite attention on chicken meat soon. Once I’ve purchased the 0.5 Fitness Points, my body would be at a normal person’s level. I wonder, should I get a sword when the time comes?” Mike thought to himself, feeling very positive about his future.


Notes from Gumihou:

While Mike’s future may be looking up, I’m afraid I can’t explore it further with you guys. This will be the last chapter from me…

The Qidian International had put out a DMCA on Daddy Fantasy World, this means I’m not allowed to translated it anymore because Hanyee Translations will be doing it now.

Though, it’s still at 0 chapter…

While it is quite upsetting, I find the chapter title quite ironic. I guess it’s curtains drop for this novel on my side. It’s been a great journey everyone, and I appreciate every comment, donation and Ad clicks everyone gave me.

While I can’t translate this anymore, I still have access to the other novels, and have yet to decide which to main yet. So, consider this your chance to make a change.


Lots of love,



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

For anyone who wants to chat with me, do come over to discord !


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