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Reborn-Super Chef – 032

Chapter 32 – The Feast Begins


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Ye Chui drove Cao Kang’s car and sent Lin Wei back to the city.

Yu Yan rode the motorcycle he had rented and the basket containing the chickens. After they reached the city, Yu Yan returned the motorcycle. Then he entered Cao Kang’s car.

Yu Yan will return the car to Cao Kang, and come back later to get his vehicle.

“Help me thank Cao Kang for his generosity. This car is quite comfortable.” Ye Chui smiled as he handed over the keys to Yu Yan.

After he had waved goodbye to Lin Wei, he brought the three chickens into the roof of his apartment block. This area is quite isolated, and few people ever come here. There were various things scattered around this area. Ye Chui could use this place as a temporary place to raise the 3 chickens. His apartment is really too small to accommodate 3 chickens.

As well, Ye Chui does not want his two sisters to have contact with these chickens. After all, he will be killing them for their meat. This is considered very cruel by the girls. That is also why he did not allow Lin Wei to watch him kill the chicken earlier.

After he had carefully placed a makeshift fence around the chicken, he called Qin Feng. Qin Feng quickly arrived at his apartment with the mutton. Ye Chui immediately taught Qin Feng how to marinate the mutton as well as how to put the mutton into sticks.

Qin Feng was a bright student and learned very quickly.

Yu Yan sends Lin Wei home first, then he drove the car towards Cao Kang’s house.

This morning, Cao Kang was splattered with black ink after being tricked by Wang Shiyu. He was also tricked by Ye Chui to loan Ye Chui his car. At this time, he was fuming at home. When he saw Yu Yan, he had no choice but to smile, and act nonchalantly as he asked, “Oh, I have some matters to settle and could not join Lin Wei. Did she had a good time?”

“Yeah, she was very happy.” Yu Yan grinned.

Cao Kang was wooing Lin Wei, and Yu Yan could see this.

Regarding the matters of the heart, Lin Zhengdao will not interfere with his daughter’s choice. He was pretty open-minded, and will not stop his daughter from dating. After all, he dated Lin Wei’s mother himself when he was only 16-17. They got married a few years later.

Lin Zhengdao was only worried that his daughter will be bullied or threatened. That is why he sent Yu Yan to protect her. As for matters of the heart, he is pretty cool about it.

But Yu Yan had worked for the Lin family for a long time, and he regarded Lin Wei as a baby sister. He had watched her grew up from a little girl to a woman. Regarding her suitors, Yu Yan was more protective of his ‘baby sister’. Like Lin Wei, he does not like Cao Kang.

So when he handed over the car keys to Cao Kang, he bluffed, “Young master Cao, Ye Chui asked me to thank you for the car. Without the car, everything will not be so smooth.”

“… …” The veins of Cao Kang’s head almost burst with rage. He voice shook as he replied, “I was thinking more about Weiwei. If she rides with Ye Chui on a public transport, it will be less comfortable.”

“Yeah, Ye Chui thank you on behalf of Lin Wei.” Yu Yan continued to dig at Cao Kang.

“… …” The veins on Cao Kang’s head grow even bigger and clearer. Thank him on behalf of Lin Wei? Who does he thinks he is? He shakily asked, “Then did Weiwei have anything to say to me?”

“Of course!”

Yu Yan grinned evilly, “She says she want to thank you on behalf of Ye Chui.”

Cao Kang could not bear it any more. The car is his. Instead, he ended up making them closer. He felt that he was too hopelessly stupid. His mouth moved, but he could not say a single word. He just angrily stomped into his house. He had no mood to be polite to Yu Yan any more.

Yu Yan was not angry at this rude behaviour. As he watched Cao Kang stomped off in anger, his face continued to smile, only this time his grin was even wider. This tall, bulky man may look very sweet with his ever smiling face. But he was quite evil at heart, and will not miss the opportunity to torment the Lin Wei’s suitors that he does not like.

Time really flies very quickly. In a short while, it is time for Ye Chui to entertain Elder Han.

Early in the morning, Fang Tao was waiting at the foot of Ye Chui’s block with his car. Tian Xiaoduo was seated beside him, and anxiously looked out of the car window.

This is about 7 am in the morning. Fang Tao was very impatient as he told Tian Xiaoduo, “Shifu, why don’t we go up and get him? Why are we waiting here?”

“It is all right. We just wait here for him.” Tian Xiaoduo shook his head. He will not let anyone know that he is scared of meeting that little devil Wang Shiyu.

At this moment, Tian Xiaoduo’s eyes suddenly lit up. He finally saw Ye Chui. Ye Chui was carrying a basket of chickens and several bags of ingredients. Tian Xiaoduo quickly got down from the vehicle and rushed up to help Ye Chui to carry the stuff. At the same time, he looked around behind Ye Chui. Luckily, that little devil did not come out with Ye Chui. Tian Xiaoduo finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Inside the plastic bags were several vegetables and some seasoning. In the large basket were 3 chickens 2 short-legged chickens and 1 black colour Tibetan chicken. After being imprisoned for so many days, the Tibetan chicken is still as wild as ever, and continuously slam against the basket was it tried to get out.

Tian Xiaoduo asked in curiosity, “What dish are you cooking today? Why did you prepared the live chickens?”

When Ye Chui mentioned that he will prepare the ingredients, Tian Xiaoduo thought that he will prepared the chicken that had been killed beforehand. Never did he expect that Ye Chui will bring out a live chicken.

Ye Chui smiled, “If the chicken are killed just before we cook them, they are fresh and more tender. These 3 chickens have been kept for a few days and their meat is top graded.”

Fang Tao also got down from his vehicle. When he saw that Ye Chui had live chickens, he was very unhappy. He was worried that the chicken will s.h.i.+t on his car.

But looking at how happy his shifu was, he dare not voice out his displeasure. He opened the door and allowed Ye Chui to enter. Tian Xiaoduo also got in after Ye Chui, and the car made its way towards Wan Lai Fu Restaurant.

“Mr Ye, do you know how to kill a chicken?” Fang Tao could not help asking. His eyes were looking at the chicken cage through the mirror. He wanted to prevent the chicken droppings from reaching his car’s seat.

Ye Chui smiled, “A good chef must know how to kill. Be it chicken or fish, these are just the basics.”

These words only made Fang Tao feel annoyed. He does not like Ye Chui’s attitude. He had worked as a chef for many years, but he had never killed any livestock. All these livestock were already dead when he handled them. Does this mean that he is not a good chef?

Tian Xiaoduo nodded his head, “That’s right. A chef must learn how to handle these food.”

Fang Tao does not want to say anything else. He despise his shifu more and more. At first, he respected Tian Xiaoduo. But ever since his shifu had met Ye Chui, Tian Xiaoduo seemed to have become a totally different person. Right now, he hardly respects his shifu.

– At the same time

In front of the entrance of Wan Lai Fu restaurant, Manager Yang and several senior staff were waiting outside the restaurant. Yang Yong viewed the matter of entertaining Elder Han as very important. He even closed the restaurant for one day just to entertain this VIP. As well, he did not forget to inform the reporters so that the restaurant has maximum press coverage.

Of course, Yang Yong has been very careful. When he called the reporters, he did not mention that Wan Lai Fu restaurant is entertaining Elder Han. He said that Tian Xiaoduo, the five-star chef, will be entertaining Elder Han. If Elder Han is displeased, Tian Xiaoduo will be blamed. If he succeeds, everyone knows that Tian Xiaoduo is the head chef of Wan Lai Fu restaurant.

He was anxiously waiting. Suddenly Yang Yong’s eyes lit up. He saw a black colour expensive car that was heading towards this direction. This car is very special,but looks quite ordinary. But for those in the know, this car is specially ordered, and it is specially designed. It is bulletproof, and even if a bomb goes off nearby, the car could protect the people sitting inside.

The car stopped outside the entrance of Wan Lai Fu restaurant. Then a door opened, and an elderly man stepped out. He had a walking stick with him.


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