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Reborn-Super Chef – 031

Chapter 31 – Invest in a Chicken Farm


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Ye Chui was going wild with his imagination, thinking all kinds of stuff, when the growling sound rang out again. Ye Chui immediately defensively stood in front of Lin Wei, as he shouted, “Who’s there?”

There was no reply. The gra.s.s appeared to be quiet. But a few plants did move. There is definitely something hiding among the shrubs!


Ye Chui suddenly becomes worried. Don’t tell him that there is really a predator in this farm? He gripped the knife with his hand tightly.

At this time, the growling sound rang out again. Ye Chui immediately threw the blade in his hands towards the bush, where the sound is coming from.

“d.a.m.n it!”

From the bush, a surprise cry sounded out. Ye Chui was dismayed. This is a human being and not a beast. It is likely that he had been injured by the knife. Ye Chui is a chef. Most of the chefs have strong arms to hold heavy wok and food. After he had transmigrated into this world, Ye Chui had been training his arms as well. Therefore, the force of his knife throw is fairly strong, and is very dangerous.

With a ‘Shua la’ sound, the knife effortlessly cut through the bush. The that are half a meter in height were immediately mowed down.

‘Bang!’ The knife landed on a large branch of a nearby tree. With a ‘Ka Cha’ sound, the thick branch suddenly crack and dropped onto the ground. From this, you could see how powerful the knife throw was.

If it landed on a human, the human will be seriously injured.

Ye Chui was very worried. Just now, he had heard someone cursing. Please do not let the person that was hiding in bush be injured. He silently prayed.

He was about to go forward to check. Then from the bush, the figure of Yu Yan, the gorilla leapt out. He was blazing with fury. On his head, a patch of hair is missing. It was like someone used a lawn mower and mowed down a patch of his hair.

“Hahaha. How come it is you?” Ye Chui could not help bursting out in laughter. He had never antic.i.p.ated that the one who was hiding in the to be this bulky man. He was laughing in relief.

This was really dangerous. Just a few more cm, and the knife would have sliced off Yu Yan’s head.

Lin Wei was also surprised at this sight. She ran over and checked to make sure that Yu Yan was uninjured. Then she suddenly flared up, “Brother Yu, why are you here? Did you secretly followed us?”

Yu Yan felt the patch of hair that was missing from his top. He angrily glared at Ye Chui, before he smiled and replied to Lin Wei, “This is the boss’s order. I do not have a choice, as I am working for the boss.”

“Just now, you almost frightened me to death!” Lin Wei unhappily scolded.

“I am the one who got frightened to death.” Yu Yan looked the knife that was still embedded in the bark of the tree. “If I were to be just a bit slower, my life would be gone!”

Ye Chui just smiled, and walked towards the tree to pick up his knife. After wiping it clean, he noticed that the knife is not chipped. Ye Chui heaved a sigh of relief.

All chefs valued their knives a lot. It is a part of them, and what they use to cook with every day.

Seeing that Ye Chui was more concerned about his knife than him, Yu Yan was unhappy.

He pointed towards the patch on his head as he roared, “Could you show some concern for me?”

“Your new hairstyle is very nice!” Ye Chui walked towards Yu Yan. Then he asked, “You have been following us the whole time? What were you doing in the gra.s.s?”

“What could I be doing? Just now an insect crept into my s.h.i.+rt. It was so itchy and I could not resist scratching. That is how I revealed myself. If not for this, as a member of the special forces, you will not spot me if I chose to hide myself!” Yu Yan proudly replied.

Then he glanced towards the Beggars Chicken, “The chicken smells very good!”

Ye Chui suspected that Yu Yan could not resist the smell of the chicken, and that growling sounds he heard are the rumblings of Yu Yan’s stomach. That is how he revealed himself.

The three of them find somewhere to sit down. Lin Wei was very unhappy. This delicious chicken that she had waited an eternity for now have to be shared with one more person. And this Yu Yan is a big eater! For someone like her who loves to eat, this is something to be depressed about.

Ye Chui noticed her mood swing and immediately consoled her, “In future, if you want to eat good food, just find me. We can always come back again and cook Beggars Chicken. Other than Beggars Chicken, I also know how to cook a lot of other chicken dishes. What do you think?”

“That’s great!” Lin Wei immediately smiled.

Yu Yan rolled his eyes- Ye Chui used the same method to lured Lin Wei into a date. But he had to admit it, this method is the best way to date a foodie like Lin Wei.

Yu Yan finished half of the chicken by himself. The other half is for Lin Wei. Although Lin Wei is slim, she can eat a lot. She is the type that could eat, love to eat, but will not grow fat.

After eating this meal, Ye Chui brought the 3 chickens that he had captured down the hill. Yu Yan was curious as he asked Ye Chui, “I heard that these chickens are to be used to prepare a feast to entertain Elder Han. But there are still 5 to 6 days before the event. So why did you purchase these chickens so early?”

“It is important to choose the right ingredients for each dish. I will first keep the chickens at home for a few days and fatten them up so that their meat is tender. In this way, I can maximise the taste of the chicken.” Ye Chui smiled as he explained.

One of the dishes that he will be preparing for Elder Han required a very special method of preparing the meat. Before you kill the chicken, you need to use special ingredients to feed it for a few days so that the taste of this dish is maximised.

Yu Yan grinned, “You are so dedicated to making the best food! I think that Elder Han will definitely love the food you cooked.”

“Of course he will! Ye Chui’s cooking is the best!” Lin Wei giggled as she stood up for Ye Chui. She is now the number 1 fan of Ye Chui’s cooking.

The 3 of them joked and chat as they made their way down the hill. After meeting Manager Chen, Ye Chui paid for 4 chickens – 3 live chickens plus the one they had consumed.

Just when they were about to leave, Ye Chui suddenly asked, “Manager Chen, I want to discuss a business proposal with you.”

“Business?” Manager Chen’s eyes immediately lit up, “Mr Ye, what type of business proposal do you have?”

Yu Yan and Lin Wei were also surprised and curious about this. Ye Chui wants to discuss a long-term business with Manager Chen?

Ye Chui looked at the hill, and continued, “I want to invest in your chicken farm, and build a large chicken coop. What do you think?”

“Building a hen house?” Manager Chen was surprised at this proposal. He frowned, “Mr Ye, didn’t I make it clear earlier? It is very hard to make a chicken coop. I do not have any experience in this. Not just me. Very few people have experience in doing this. We can use a chicken coop to keep a few chickens. But we have so many chickens, and it is hard for us to manage.”

“Not a problem! I can pay for the construction of a chicken coop. All you need to do is to build it accordingly to my design and specifications. I think that your farm is large, and you have sufficient manpower. Just build the chicken farm at the bottom of the hill. Whether it works or not, all you have to do is to give it try. After you succeeded, you can build even more chicken coops.” Ye Chui smiled as he explained.

Manager Chen was quite sceptical. But when he heard that Ye Chui will absorb all the cost of building the chicken coop as part of his investment, he was interested. All he needs to do is to provide the manpower. He had nothing to lose. Manager Chen agreed.

Ye Chui and Manager Chen proceed into the office, and Ye Chui drew up the design of a large chicken coop.

This first henhouse is a smaller building designed to handle up to 500 chickens. Ye Chui had designed this chicken coop with the short legged chickens in mine. These chickens are more tamed, and easier to handle.

After working out all the costs, all he needs to do is to invest $20,000. A chicken only needs 2 months to grow from a chick to an adult. This would make it easier to catch and control the chickens.

Of course, Ye Chui had no experience in keeping chickens. But he had visited many chicken farms in his past life and has a general understanding of chicken coops. He does not have 100% confidence that his plan will work, but he is willing to give it a try.

As first Manager Chen was sceptical. After he saw the designs that Ye Chui drew for him, and Ye Chui’s explanations of how this will work, he was amazed. In the end, he was respectfully nodded his head as he thought, “I thought that he is just a rich man’s son, and is fairly useless. I guess I am wrong, this young man seemed to be very capable.”


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