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Reborn-Super Chef – 029

Chapter 29 – Maybe I Could Build a Chicken Farm



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Cao Kang’s sports car was speeding along the road leading to the suburbs. But seated within the car is Ye Chui and Lin Wei. Just now Cao Kang had loaned the car to Ye Chui, and took a taxi home despite his face and clothes being stained with black ink.


From his actions, you could tell how much he wanted to leave a good impression on Lin Wei.


He did manage to leave an impression on Lin Wei. Just that the impression is not what he had expected.


This is because Lin Wei was still furious at Cao Kang for frightening Wang Shiyu! To her, how could Cao Kang be so fierce to a cute and adorable little girl like Wang Shiyu? Wang Shiyu is only a tad naughtier, but which child had never been naughty before? A gentleman should not take out his frustrations on a kid! But Cao Kang did not understand this, and he was so fierce! Lin Wei’s mind was filled with the cries of Wang Shiyu as she cried in fear. This is really unforgivable!


If Cao Kang knew what Lin Wei was thinking, he would have vomited blood.


“Little Rain is so pitiful! Ye Chui, in future may I take Little Rain and An Jing out to play?” Lin Wei was totally deceived by Wang Shiyu and did not suspect a thing. After learning that Ye Chui, An Jing and Wang Shiyu are orphans, she was filled with love and care for these two girls.


“That would be wonderful! I am usually working most of the time, and have very little free time to take them out to play. If you can take them out to play, I will be very grateful to you.” Ye Chui smiled as he replied.


In his heart, he was thinking, “I did not expect that Little Rain is so smart and knows how to get rid of Cao Kang. Just her performance today alone is worth a feast! I will definitely cook something delicious for her to reward her!”


Although he had said that taking the public transport to the suburbs allows one to enjoy the scenery, having a car is so much better! Credit for this also goes to Wang Shiyu.


Ye Chui was driving the car. In this world, the age to apply for a driving license is the same as in China on Earth – 16 years old. Of course, Ye Chui did not have a driving license. Luckily the route leading to the chicken farm is quite isolated, and there are hardly any roadblocks or policemen patrolling along this road. Therefore, Ye Chui took the risk and drove without a driving license. He was very confident of his driving skills, having driven on Earth in his past life.


Lin Wei was very excited to travel away from the city and constantly looked out of the window. From her voice, you could tell that she was highly excited.


Ye Chui took the opportunity to strike a conversation with her: “Oh yes, your family and you were from Beijing. Why did you choose to come to Xizhou?”


“Oh, that is because my mum had recently fallen ill. She is from Xizhou. To make sure she is more comfortable, my dad immediately moves and change the headquarters of his business to Xizhou.” When she said this, Lin Wei face revealed how worried she was about her mother. It looks like her mother is really ill.


“Your father must love your mum a lot.” Ye Chui smiled. Lin Zhengdao’s business empire is very large. If he moved the headquarters, it will definitely require a lot of monies and put a dent in the profits. But just to ensure that his wife is more comfortable, he is willing to accept the costs and took the risk. Ye Chui really respects this love.


“Yeah! Dad really loves mum.” Lin Wei nodded her head, and her face showed her girlish fantasy, “In future, I will find a man that loves me as much as my dad loves my mum.”


Ye Chui immediately followed up, “You definitely will!”


These words seemed to imply something, and Lin Wei’s face turned red as she stared out of the car window.


Ye Chui smiled, and quickly changed the topic. This is their first date. Even though he had successfully asked her out, right now their relationship is nothing more than friends. The most he has a bit of goodwill.


He should not rush, least he frightens her. After all, there is still time. He immediately turned the topic around, “Oh yes, may I enquire what illness is your mother suffering from? I know to how cook some dishes that have mild medical properties. It may bring her some relief.”


“Hehe.” Listening to Ye Chui’s words, Lin Wei immediately giggled. She looked at Ye Chui with a weird expression on her face, “Maybe you really could help my mother.”


“Why did you say that?” Ye Chui was curious.


Lin Wei smiled as she said, “I will not tell you at this time. It depends on your future performance!”


Depends on my future performance?


Ye Chui could not understand what Lin Wei is trying to say.


If you take public transport, the journey to the chicken farm would take 30 minutes. But with a car, the journey only took a mere 10+ minutes.


The chicken farm that Ye Chui was looking for is called “Feng Ye Shan Chicken Farm.” Feng Ye Shan is a small hill, and are a lot of wild grasses and plants. The chicken farm owner had purchased the entire hill and put a large fence around the perimeters. Then he released the chickens into the hill. This method of breeding chicken is common in this world.


Because the country is re-introducing meat as a food that is safe to consume, the owner was able to purchase the land at a low price to raise chickens.


Although there is a carpark at the chicken farm, you still need to walk for a good five minutes after parking your vehicle. Without a vehicle, it would take much longer to walk in from the public transport stop.


At this time, Ye Chui counted himself as lucky to have a vehicle.  As he had called in advance, the boss of the chicken farm,  Manager Chen had already waited for him outside. When he saw the sports car that Ye Chui drove in with, he was all smiles as he greeted them.


“Good day, Mr Ye! A warm welcome to my Feng Ye Shan Chicken farm!” Manager Chen is a skinny middle age man. When he saw how young Ye Chui was, he was very surprised. Curious, he asked, “Mr Ye, I did not expect that the one buying chicken is such a young man like yourself. How many chickens do you want to buy?”


“I need 3 chickens.” Ye Chui evaluated this place as he replied.


“3 chickens?”


Manager Chen was astounded. He comes all the way here from the city just to buy 3 chickens? There are countless chicken stalls in the city and this figure does not includes the supermarkets.


Manager Chen looked at the car and look at Lin Wei. Suddenly he did not feel so good. At first, he thought that he will have a big business. Right now, it is more like this young man just brought his girlfriend here to have some fun.


Regardless of how small the order is, he could still earn a bit of money. He immediately forgets all the unpleasant thoughts and smiled as he said, “I have all kinds of chickens. There are short legged chicken, Beijing oil chicken, and Tibetan Chicken. What type of chicken do you want? Let me know and I will assign someone to catch the chicken for you.


This method of raring chicken is to allow the chicken to roam in the hills. When he needs to kill the chicken for its meat, Manager Chen will assign someone to go up the hill to catch the free-roaming chickens.


While Manager Chen was saying this, Ye Chui noticed that there are a group of men returning back to the camp with a large basket. Inside the basket are several live chickens. Each of them also has a large net for catching the chicken. Some of them have scratches on their arms and face. Looking at this scene, Ye Chui was sweating buckets of perspiration.


This chicken farm allowed the chicken to roam free in the hill. Each day, the business must assign someone to go up the hill to catch the chicken. This is too much of a hassle.


And looking at the scratch marks, it is also very dangerous. Roosters are highly aggressive creatures and will attack if you attempt to catch any chicken.


Manager Chen also noticed the group of men returning back to the camp. He immediately greeted them and said to Ye Chui, “Mr Ye, we have freshly caught chicken from the hill. You want to come and pick the chickens from this batch?”


“….” Ye Chui could not help but sigh. Looking at the chicken catchers that look so miserable, he asked, “Boss, this arrangement is not very efficient. Every day you need to assign someone to go up the hill to catch the chickens?”


“Yeah!” Manager Chen sighed, “And catching chicken requires great skills. This task is very hard. It is not only tiring. If you are not careful, you will get scratch or peck by the rooster. No one could work here for more than 2 months. If this goes on, I will have to close down the farm.”


Ye Chui asked, “Why don’t you build a place for raring chickens, say a chicken coop, and make it easier for yourself?”


The method of allowing chickens to roam freely in the hill is to increase the quality of the chicken. The free roaming chickens can drink fresh water from the stream, eat insects and plants and move around. This makes the meat more tender, and each chicken can fetch a higher price. But this chicken farm did not even care about the quality of the chicken meat. Therefore there is no need for them to have wild chickens.


Manager Chen sighed again, “The chicken coop is not so easy to build. I have heard that people used to keep chickens in chicken coops in the past. If I have only 10 chickens, it would be suitable. But there are thousands of chickens on this hill. It would need a massive coop. I have no idea how to build such a massive chicken coop. ”


After listening to Manager Chen, Ye Chui turned silent. In this lifetime, he did not pay attention to the breeding of animals. It seems that there is a massive gap in raising animals in this world as well.


Due to the vegetarian movement, all animals’ meats were poisonous. As a result of this, animal husbandry is basically extinct as no one buys meat. After 80 years, the newer generation of breeders has lost all the knowledge of the best practices in animal husbandry. It will take many years to redevelop it.


Although Ye Chui did not own a chicken farm before, he had some understanding of how things work – he often visited his suppliers to choose the best chicken for his dish in his past life.


“Maybe I can build a chicken farm.” Ye Chui thought, as he looked at the vast Feng Ye Shan area..






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